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Begun reading "The 80/10/10 diet" ...Inconsistant arguements? ...


Please please keep in mind that I am not in anyway "knocking" dr graham or 80/10/10 in anyway...Im am honestly just confused by the lack of obvious validity I am seeing in his arguments in chapter one.


If you guys could help straighten me out I would greatly appreciate it, Im really confused.


1 - Could you do it without the use of a tool



I noted that Dr Graham seemed to base quite a few arguments on the "Could you eat it in its natural state without the use of a tool,container,heat etc etc. 



 - Maybe I am misinterpreting it...and I hope I am...but ...if we aren't supposed to eat anything that doesn't require a tool of one type or another...then.. we shouldn't be eating nuts with shells on them, or pineapples, or cantaloupe, or watermelon....etc etc....because we can't get into these things without a "tool".....


How did you guys interpret this??




2 - Nuts and seeds - Grains? .....



My question is this...Dr Graham defines grains as..seed...grass seed to be exact....why is it that we should eat...flax seed..or chia seed...but we shouldn't eat "grass seed".....and no I am  not advocating eating "Grass seed"(grains)..that sounds kinda nasty


But his statements "for" seeds and nuts...was that..they are hard to digest...but we should still eat them??


I was thoroughly confused about that.... It would make much more sense to me if he said we shouldn't be eating seeds at all..of any kind(nut,fruit seed,grain/grass seed etc).   But how can he say that we "should" eat seeds and nuts...(but I couldn't find any apparent reason why we should do this)....but we shouldnt eat..."grass seed"




3.  - Using a childs "instincts"


Most of you have read the book and saw the analogy of the child in a room with a goat and a banana...which will he eat and which will he play with....


...If you stick a child in the yard with...grass...dirt...rocks...bugs....and a banana


Which one would you parents bet he would eat?  (My money is on the rock ;))



Frankly...the argument against grains was weak at best.....Again..did I misinterpret it?



Im not knocking what he is saying....but it bothers me that he can take a valid argument..and back it up with an in-valid example...




P.S.  On the plus side...I loved the introduction :) ...and alot of chapter one made alot of sense and just clarified some important things for me :)   Im looking forward to reading the rest of the book...I just feel like I need to solidify these things before I continue reading .....Note..I may just be misinterpreting these arguments :)

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You don't need to "know" from any book if seeds are "healthy." Can you imagine being out in nature and making a meal of them often enough to keep you going? Do they taste all that great compared to your fav fruits? Does a meal of them digest as good as a meal of ripe bananas? Don't be so willing to give your power away to others. Take it back and let your own logic, your tongue and your digestive system do the decision making. This way you won't need the words of another to meet the criteria of a sound argument.
I get what your saying, I should just leave it alone and not worry about it because , I don't eat nuts or seeds anyway because they don't taste good to me, I can't get them raw, and I haven't any reason to think I "need them" My question about seeds was more for curiositys sake :) ...
i sometimes eat nuts and seeds,i either grind them finely or soak them before use.

Read a whole bunch of raw food books it gives you a broad range of knowledge :)
Do you feel like you "have" to ...or do you "want" to...I mean do you like them?
I eat them,rarely when i feel like i need to.It's important to remember it takes a long time to be in tune with your body. I have been eating raw for 7 years.

and yes,when i eat them on the odd occasion,i like them.I won't eat anything i don't like :)
I never understood the tool analogy either. Lots of species of monkeys use something other than their bare hands to get at food, i.e. sticks, rocks, etc.

I just took it to mean "eat what is easiest." Or eat what you could eat with your bare hands. It's always easier to crack open a live watermelon than to crack open a live cow.

And, really, for fruits, you don't technically need any tools. I can crack a watermelon against the ground. I can use my teeth on pineapple skin. I can eat any fruit, using just my hands and teeth. I use tools simply because it's easier, though I don't need them for survival.

I also didn't get the kid thing because I've seen kids stick beads up their noses. Not exactly normal instinct. Plus, to be honest, kids freak me out. I never want any. They put their own feet in their mouth, and slobber over everything, and eat bugs and rocks ... nasty. Plus, they're always sticky with dirt - even just after a bath. Seriously, I can't be the only one who notices this! Sorry ... kids and me just don't mix, lol.

So, I always thought I missed the kid analogy because of my lack of understanding when it comes to children. When I see one, I run the other way.

The grain thing, though, makes sense. Is there such a thing as unprocessed grain? Are you going to go into a grain field and chow down on what is growing there? It's not like a sunflower where you can go into a field and pick out the seeds, eat them. Grain field requires processing.
About the tools and the child analaogy...I thought the argument was weak...I mean...he followed these arguments with 5-6 pages of really good arguments supporting veganism..why did he feel the need to include these to invalid arguments?

I never thought of grains as processed....So If buy a bag of brown rice...it has been messed with?
brown rice isn't processed much. It just needs to pass through a rice huller to remove the outer husk.
Aaah. I see.
Well, I was thinking more of the bread type grains - processed. But, even with rice, you'd have to cook it. I don't know too many people who eat rice raw. Which eliminates it as a source of fresh, raw food.

There is actually a really good book out about grains, and the harm they do. I have to go look up the title, as I can't think of it now. But, the book really goes through, in detail, why grains are harmful. Backed up by studies.
A lot of people have recommened to me .."grain damage"...is that the one?

To tell you the truth....realizing that cooking is just chemical alteration of our food was enough to let me understand that If I have to chemically alter somthing to make it edible then I don't want to eat it. Doing that would go against everything Im striving for...which pretty much solves the grain question for me :)
re: the child's instinct argument the point is we can taste sugar but we can't taste protein (unlike physiological omnivores like dogs or obligate carnivores like cats), or at least only to an extremely limited extent.. out of all 22 amino acids that the human body needs/utilizes we can only taste one, glutamic acid, which is found in fruits and veggies anyways. most people need to be salty and/or sweet seasonings and flavorings on meat in order for it to be palatable. a human child has neither the biological equipment or the inclination to kill, all of which suggests we ain't carnivores.

his argument against grains:

-grains are acid forming and can contribute to health issues (e.g. people on pritikin can cure their heart disease but may still succumb to cancer)
- their fiber is harsh on our digestive tract and they do not digest as well as fruits and veggies
- they're not as nutrient rich as fruits and veggies
- you have to cook most grains to eat them, so they are dehydrated and thus dehydrating foods.
- grains taste bland on their own which suggests we wouldn't be instinctually drawn to eating them unlike fruit.

another good point is that grains contain antinutrients like phytic acid which increases our requirements for certain minerals like zinc. also simple sugars are more efficient fuel sources than complex carbs (starch) because the former can go into our blood stream as is whereas the latter needs 2 enzyme actions to be used for cellular fuel.

re: seeds.. well you can eat grass seed if you want :)

the difference between the edible seeds you find in certain fruits and the seeds you buy in the supermarket is the latter need to be dehydrated to be stored. anything that is dehydrated is going to be more of a challenge for your body to digest. nuts and seeds still have nutritional benefits that can outweigh their cons tho. there's been studies done that show people live longer who eat small amounts of nuts on a regular basis, that may be partly why doug recommends their use in small quantities. it doesn't mean they are biologically necessary for everyone though.



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