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Begun reading "The 80/10/10 diet" ...Inconsistant arguements? ...


Please please keep in mind that I am not in anyway "knocking" dr graham or 80/10/10 in anyway...Im am honestly just confused by the lack of obvious validity I am seeing in his arguments in chapter one.


If you guys could help straighten me out I would greatly appreciate it, Im really confused.


1 - Could you do it without the use of a tool



I noted that Dr Graham seemed to base quite a few arguments on the "Could you eat it in its natural state without the use of a tool,container,heat etc etc. 



 - Maybe I am misinterpreting it...and I hope I am...but ...if we aren't supposed to eat anything that doesn't require a tool of one type or another...then.. we shouldn't be eating nuts with shells on them, or pineapples, or cantaloupe, or watermelon....etc etc....because we can't get into these things without a "tool".....


How did you guys interpret this??




2 - Nuts and seeds - Grains? .....



My question is this...Dr Graham defines grains as..seed...grass seed to be exact....why is it that we should eat...flax seed..or chia seed...but we shouldn't eat "grass seed".....and no I am  not advocating eating "Grass seed"(grains)..that sounds kinda nasty


But his statements "for" seeds and nuts...was that..they are hard to digest...but we should still eat them??


I was thoroughly confused about that.... It would make much more sense to me if he said we shouldn't be eating seeds at all..of any kind(nut,fruit seed,grain/grass seed etc).   But how can he say that we "should" eat seeds and nuts...(but I couldn't find any apparent reason why we should do this)....but we shouldnt eat..."grass seed"




3.  - Using a childs "instincts"


Most of you have read the book and saw the analogy of the child in a room with a goat and a banana...which will he eat and which will he play with....


...If you stick a child in the yard with...grass...dirt...rocks...bugs....and a banana


Which one would you parents bet he would eat?  (My money is on the rock ;))



Frankly...the argument against grains was weak at best.....Again..did I misinterpret it?



Im not knocking what he is saying....but it bothers me that he can take a valid argument..and back it up with an in-valid example...




P.S.  On the plus side...I loved the introduction :) ...and alot of chapter one made alot of sense and just clarified some important things for me :)   Im looking forward to reading the rest of the book...I just feel like I need to solidify these things before I continue reading .....Note..I may just be misinterpreting these arguments :)

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Perhaps because i have heard so many of his CDs and DVDs and read his articles and other books I didn't see "inconsistencies". I understand your thoughts. His point with the "tools" wasn't that you couldn't use them - we all use tools. His point was "what is easiest, what is more natural, what works best overall". I garden and use tools and I don't feel I am not 811. Doug isn't saying that. Let's face it - it is easier to eat a mango, an apple or peach or a quart of berries over digging up roots or hunting an animal - that was his point.
On the grains - there is alot of people who can't buy that. I didn't either at first. Because I wanted to eat grains. But giving them up has cleared my allergies and sinuses and I don't miss them. If you want to eat grains - do so. There is no law that says you can't. Doug has written a book called "grain damage". I don't believe it is the worst thing to eat - whole cultures have eaten them for 1000s of years - but still it doesn't mean that they are better than fruit. Fruit works best. So the point is progressing from acceptable to better and better and best. How far you want to take it and how far you want to go is up to you. No one will condemn you. I believe Doug is trying to get people to think. Let's face it - thinking is not something people do much of these days. They are lazy and don't research and don't think about what they eat - they just cram it in their mouth and hope their arteries don't mind. That is what i think. I am not defending Doug - he's a big boy. But I have heard enough and read enough of his stuff that I think I get where he is coming from. Hope this helps.
I think I understand what your saying about the tools. It makes a little more sense now.

Im not in disagreement with him about weather or not to eat grains..at this point I really don't know either way except from other peoples experience....

wheat in nature is inedible, it has to be processed and ground.
monkeys will eat things like mangos, bananas, and pineapples in nature. they're easier to open with tools, obviously, but you can open & eat them with your bare hands.
no monkey would eat grains in nature, they're nasty.
no flaw in the logic as far as i can tell;) 

One of the best parts about eating this way is that you don't need fancy arguments to justify it. It all comes down to simple common sense. Do cows love the taste of grass or do they hate it? Do you think nature is so cruel that it would require us to invent cooking in order to thrive? Do you think nature is so cruel that we must consume yucky tasting foods like brussel sprouts, flax seeds and dead animals in order to be healthy? Doesn't it make sense that the natural food of a species would be appealing to that species in every way possible? Especially in taste??? Which category of foods given to us by the planet taste the very best in their natural state? It wouldn't be fruit by any chance would it? Yup we're frugivores ;)
BTW, you don't think you could crack open a ripe melon on the ground or on a rock?
..but the rock is a tool....but then again the ground...isn't...heh..You do realize that because you said that I am going to have to go throw a cantaloupe at the ground in the morning hahaa.... ;)
we shouldn't be eating nuts with shells on them, or pineapples, or cantaloupe, or watermelon....etc etc....because we can't get into these things without a "tool".....

Tool is something u make to do a task. A stone doesn't need to made, to be able to smash nuts. pineapples, cantaloupe watermelon, just pick it up and smash on the ground and it will split open.

why is it that we should eat...flax seed..or chia seed...but we shouldn't eat "grass seed".....and no I am not advocating eating "Grass seed"(grains)..that sounds kinda nasty

You can eat chia, flax seed without cooking, other grains needing to be cooked. I don't think he recommended eating flax or chia seeds as well.

Frankly...the argument against grains was weak at best.....Again..did I misinterpret it?
Read grain damage for more thorough understanding of grains.
Im still confused as to weather or not seeds are healthy or ment to be eaten..and he wasn't clear in his book (at least not the first chapter where he addressed the subject) as to weather or not he thought they were.."food".
Haha...wheather.. just call me a FRUITcake
dr d says fruits, veggies, greens are OK. nuts and seeds on moderation, but they are ok as well. by seeds, he means those that can be eaten in their natural state like

I also think Dr. DG mentioned nuts and sedds on moderation. His wife told me their girl (age 5yrs) has a lot more nuts than 8-1-1, and can digest nuts and dried fruit combo very well.
Worth mentioning here, 8-1-1 is not suitable for young children, nursing mothers, pregnant ladies.

there are plenty of pregnant ladies / nursing moms on this forum

Why is it not suitable?


The ratio for children should not be 80/10/10. High carb is great but they can and should have more fats up till around 10 years of age. And many pregnant and nursing mums find they need to add more fats and greens and so the ratios are often not 80/10/10.



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