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Hey guys! So I just recently made the transition to the HCLF, raw till 4 vegan lifestyle. As in, it's been maybe two and a half weeks or so. My previous diet before this was already vegan and very clean, but of course it was almost entirely cooked, and I was eating a little more fat/protein.

I've been following all of the food combining rules really well but I've still been experiencing SO much gas and bloating. It's better on some days and worse on others, but. I just feel like I get this way too often, when I feel a lot of discomfort and even pain in my abdominal area, and my tummy extends to the point where feels like it's the size of a balloon. 

Did anyone else experience this at an early stage? Any tips on how to relieve it? I'm really struggling with this :( 

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Hello Carolina,

 Before really trying to eat VHCLF I had been vegetarian then vegan then raw and I would have these issues a lot... I dabbled with this way of eating in the past but experienced a lot of gas and stomach issues. I don't advocate anything harsh like colonic or laxatives. 

But what did work for me was a good herbal cleanse & also a parasite cleanse... you'd be surprised. It's very common for people to have them and when you start eating a great diet like this... parasites don't like it

Not eating tooo late (but not going to bed ravenously hungry either) and really focusing on the mono meals. I would say the mono meals have worked nicely.

Keep listening to your body and tuning in...

what was your parasite cleanse?

Yes! The exact same thing happened to me, on and off for the first 3 weeks, some days I looked 5 months pregnant with abdominal cramping. 
In the beginning I believe it was all this new nutritious food running into all the slower digesting stuff still in my colon, then my body adjusting to the fiber and water. What helped the most was water and A LOT of it. Instead of drinking 2L a day I doubled it to 4L. You might have to pee a ton but it was well worth it. :)

You know what helps? 

Yoga poses! Stretching!

Really makes a difference and helps food pass quicker thru your digestive system! 

yes... i started this HCRV diet yesterday... i have been soo gassy... i scared my boyfriend with my loud farts while i was asleep... i just hope i don't fat at work... i would run away outta embarrassment ...  :(

It's 2 weeks since I'm on HCLF, RAW till 4. And the same thing, bloating, gases. I hope my body will adapt soon.

Too many dates/dried fruit can cause bloating and gas.

Their fructose to glucose ratio is very high, and can cause the fructose to pass undigested to the intestines causing fermentation and the consequent bloating.

If you eat a lot of dried fruit, try replacing it with more water rich fruits or starches. It makes a big difference.

I experienced the same thing and drinking A LOT of water helped! it may feel unnatural at first to drink 3-4L of water a day, but your body will soon get used to it.  Water helped with the gas pretty much within 1-2 days and it took a little longer for the bloating to go down.

Also try mono-meals for your fruit meals, as this will make digestion easier.

Stick with it as things do get better, it just takes time :)

One of the best tips ever that I picked up was from PlantBasedAthlete on Youtube, and that is to CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIES. I know that sounds strange, seeing as how when most people think of a smoothie, they think of drinking it, but do remember that that is still food. It is a ton of fruit, and sometimes veggies/greens, with a lot of fiber, and you are probably drinking it way too fast and just gulping it down without realizing it, if you're anything like me. Drink your smoothies very slowly, and chew the smoothie while its in your mouth. Take a gulp into your mouth, chew it a bit, swallow a little, then chew some more, then swallow the rest. This doesn't have to apply to just smoothies. If you aren't chewing your greens well enough, that can contribute to it as well. Really chew your food. I found that ever since I started doing this, along with drinking a full liter of lemon water 15-30 min before each meal, that I have no more bloating, when I used to get bloated every single day. I also lowered my sodium intake GREATLY, and stopped adding salt to my meals. I also started drinking a hot cup of water every morning with half a lemon squeezed in and a piece of ginger thrown in, and it works WONDERS for my digestion. It really gets my digestive system going in the morning (along with the liter of lemon water) to really prepare my body for all of the fruit I'm about to put into it. Last, but definitely not least, I started paying attention more to food combining. Think of it this way: fruit digests the quickest, followed by veggies, then wheat products, and lastly is protein and animal products. If you have veggies or wheat products, then follow it with fruit, the fruit runs into that stuff because it wants to digest quicker, and the veggies/wheat products block its way. Then, you have massive bloating. No fruit after cooked food, and no watermelon unless it's eaten alone and preferably your first meal of the day.

All of these little things add up to make a HUGE difference. Good luck!



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