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i wanted to see if any body had any before and after photos to inspire us. they could be before and after 811, before and after going raw, before and after a special training program, before a 10km run and after the 10km ANYTHING!!

next month i am going to have a hair make over. i will be working as a model of a loreal competition i promise to post pics of that.

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Right on Andrew! Props, with the inversions and all!

you now look healthy and transformed as well and it shows in your writing and zest for raw.

Beating intestinal disease is monumental too. So many in your position @ 17 could of gone downhill very fast on the SAD system, drinking, meat, etc. or just kept piling it up suppressing with meds while the body (attempts) to deal more and more. There are folks on the internet praising nicotine, meat, animal fats for UC. So many will call the medicine poison and the poison medicine.


An old parable, when a child is sick with jaundice, the remedy is something sweet (I have always heard sugar used in this story but am generalizing so fruit fits!) the medicine tastes bitter, but it's medicine and as one is cured, it tastes sweet. Similarly many take poisons that may taste good in the beginning but in the end, destroy.

(Originally that is a story about spiritual consciousness)
Great pics Andrew. What a fox you are! :) I also love your web site
WOW Andrew! Awesome!!!
Annndrew! Way to be a shining light, you totally are representing. We'd be friends in person.
Not to mention, you're hot. Ooh that side crow ...and touching of the head with feet?! I've been working on that move for weeks. killer!

Wow! That’s awesome Andrew.

WOW MOth! I love your after picture. the contrast is almost startling! You have become YOU! I can't thank you enough for sharing!
Wow Moth is right. You look like another person in so many ways. Your life shines through and speaks volumes.

I was so inspired that I just took some bathing suit photos of me as before photos. The scary thing is I know my calves, stomach, and butt are tighter than they were 2.5 weeks ago. I haven't been 100% raw this whole time but I am working on it all. I need some affordable fresh fruit sources right now! Will probably be talking to some grocery stores soon as I have another raw person within 10 miles of me. I am sure there are others out there :)

But it was just amazing seeing your change. thanks so much for posting your photos and story!!!
Awesome Andrew! Wow! I love seeing the improvements....

Moth I am so blown away by your results!!! You are so stunning, absolutely shining with life now...

These are the only ones i have on this computer & for a long time i avoided photos as much as possible.

This is after I was raw high fruit then went back to crackao'd out gourmet raw.

I am happier like this, low fat raw vegan


Aww thanks guys! Moth u are amazing babe & u inspire me daily .
you look beatiful free, wow

You have the best female body I think Ive seen. Well done. You look like a different person.

Take care

Adam x



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