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i wanted to see if any body had any before and after photos to inspire us. they could be before and after 811, before and after going raw, before and after a special training program, before a 10km run and after the 10km ANYTHING!!

next month i am going to have a hair make over. i will be working as a model of a loreal competition i promise to post pics of that.

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wow thats a compliment that im happy to accept Adam!! Thankyou! & thanks everyone else, you are all as sweet as the 30BaD logo!
right on Freelea! I love to see before and after pics. The transformation is so amazing. Low-fat raw can make someone who is pretty into someone who is downright gorgeous :)
Gorgeous!!! :-)
Amazing, and beautiful!!

wow! Awesome transformation!

Keep up the great work.
Woah!!! ST this is brilliant!! I wasn't expecting this much gain in such a small time! It is really obvious. So glad to hear you enjoying your workouts now too....isn't this just so important??
What routine are you using for the self resistance portion?
I love those pics. I also find working out now so incredibly easy now. It's just a part of life. I don't even think about it.
AWESOME! You made a lot of gains!!!! Way to go!!!
Great thread!

Everyone - You all look great and you have done so well! :D It's amazing to see the progress people make when they choose lowfat rv.

Moth - Words are redundant - you are a picture of vitality and vibrance :)

Andrew - You give the expression "Ever considered joinning the circus" a whole new meaning. You really could be an acrobat! Great sportsmanship. :)

Free - You look so poised, strong and agile.

Storietime - You debunk the old 'protein'-myth once and for all! Want to get ripped? This is the way to go.
Moth and Freelea... (and Andrew and ST if they don't mind being called pretty :P)

That was my exact facial expression! ;P Incredible. Thank you for sharing your stories. You should be VERY proud of yourselves!



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