30 Bananas a Day!

i wanted to see if any body had any before and after photos to inspire us. they could be before and after 811, before and after going raw, before and after a special training program, before a 10km run and after the 10km ANYTHING!!

next month i am going to have a hair make over. i will be working as a model of a loreal competition i promise to post pics of that.

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oh my holy !!!! hes HAWT:D very nice work :D 

Amazing transformation! SO inspiring!!
Before 80/10/10 and raw foods

After a low fat raw vegan life

wow! that should be motivation right there to keep or start exercising!
you look amazing! great job!! :)


You are clearly lovely even in the first photos pre-811... But now?


you look absolutely amazing! you glow :) good for you!!!

Wow! Stunning!

Wow I would love to hear your story

My most recent picture taken today on my 9 month mark of 811 after drinking my morning smoothie :)
7 large bananas
2 mangos
6 dates
2 cups spinach
1 litre of water

I have experienced amazing side-effects of 811 over these last 9 months. I LOVE this lifestyle!
yea, Tarah, that is SO inspiring. Rock it.
WOW I was so disappointed that there was no more " next" button to press! I am so amazed by all the transformations, what a great inspiring thread, and such support from everyone :) I'm new here and sooooo happy to be a part of all this. It looks like LFRV is the fountain of youth... Everyone looks beautiful n refreshed, glowing EYES and flawless skin! UGH I can't wait for mine! I have acne, cellulite and oh so much I want to change and these posts are def inspiring. I will look at it again, ESP when it gets tough :)



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