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I just finished watching a video by LifeRegenerator where he interviewed Kristina Carillo-Bucaram in which she stated that her eyes used to be dark brown and have turned green and now blue


If anyone here has experienced an eye-color change, can you please post a before and after?  It doesn't have to be a close up of your eyes but at least demonstrate the change. It can just be a picture of you at the beach! It doesn't matter as long as we can see your eyes ok! If you wanna post a close-up pic, the pupil should be dilated to approximately the same diameter too since we all know that constricted pupil eyes appear lighter than dilated pupil eyes.


My hypothesis is that such a change can only happen to those who have been raw for over one year, had light eyes in early infancy that later changed in color, and you have to be 100% raw with no sway from the path.  So far I haven't seen any pics,  only random posts of people on online forums claiming that their eyes changed. 


Show us your eyes! :-)

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Yeah, strange huh?  The other thing I noticed right off the bat is that my hair got ridiculously soft, as if I was using gallons of conditioner.  As a guy neither of those things are too exciting for me (I'm in it for the high energy!), but they're good selling points to get girls into the fruitarian lifestyle - soft hair & bright eyes!  Hehe.

I started on the fruit diet this past May.  I have done 811, 955, RT4, and flexitarian (I'm not vegan).  I do not do organic (can't taste a difference & it's 2 to 3 times as expensive in my area) unless it's on sale or readily available.  Mostly I just do fruit and then do a random dinner with dark leafy greens, nuts, and seeds.  Depends on the day.  Sometimes it's all fruit or sometimes I'll do a cooked meal.  Sometimes I do something like a burger if I feel like it (to get my B12 hit, I guess), but I've found that my body operates a lot better not only off meat, but also off cooked foods in general, which is interesting.  And what's even more interesting is that I actually crave fruits sometimes, especially mangos & sometimes dates.

Anytime, TMI time: I have this diet about 95% figured out - I'm still trying to figure out how to iron out my bowel movements.  If I do pure fruit & nothing else, or pure raw (including greens/nuts/seeds), I tend to get rectal tenesmus.  I've found that eating a solid food for the first meal is better than drinking a smoothie, and that I shouldn't do more than maybe two smoothies a day since the fiber is all smoothed out as it goes through my stomach.  I've also found that eating veggies or cooked food at the end of the day helps kind of solidify my stomach overall, but I don't like the energy decrease that I get from putting "slower" (cooked) food into my body.  My rating scale for my energy levels is basically:

Cooked food = good

Raw food = better

Fruit = best

I don't feel bad eating cooked food (meat, vegetarian, or vegan); I simply feel better on raw food.  It's a noticeable difference going from cooked food to raw food to primarily fruit, especially after three days or so once my body gets completely cleaned out.  I've done raw vegan before & felt great on it, but it was a ton of shopping & really expensive - I felt like it was ten times as much work as just doing the fruit diet (plus more prep work, especially with the food processor, cleaning up, etc.).   So easier, cheaper, and better results on the fruit diet (vs. raw vegan with a focus on veggies instead).

So anyway, I've been kind of bouncing around getting a feel for it.  I do better on fruit/greens/nuts/seeds (Dr. Graham's method) than I do on pure fruit.  I enjoy eating cooked meals from time to time (I ate a warmed-up Thai curry with veggies today that was amazing - totally hit the spot from a yummyness & hot food POV) & I don't usually mind having a bit less energy if it's at the end of the day & I just want to chill out.  So other than the brighter eyes & softer hair, the 3 big benefits I've noticed are:

1. Consistently steady energy levels

2. Sharp mental clarity throughout the day

3. Typically same-day exercise recovery time

I did 100% raw for about a month straight this summer; on meat, it would sometimes take me a few days to fully recovery from say a really long bike ride.  On vegan/raw vegan, usually 2 days max or 1 day on raw.  On fruitarian, it's usually been same day, sometimes next day.  So I can do an intense workout and sometimes feel fine immediately after it instead of sore or exhausted.  I have never eaten a diet that has made me feel this way.  It may be a minor thing to some people, but I like to exercise 7 days a week (mixed weekdays & then light cardio on weekends, partially to keep things moving in my stomach), so it's definitely a nice perk to feel jazzed up after a workout instead of limping around a bit ;)

The mental clarity bit is also really important & valuable to me.  I wish more students who were serious about their studies knew about the fruitarian diet; I've heard it said that you burn more glycogen in an hour at the library than an hour at the gym, and I definitely would hit a wall where I just couldn't process anymore - you know that feeling you get when you're studying & end up just staring at a textbook page blankly for several minutes because your brain is just shot, haha.  Anyway, on fruit, I don't run into brain fog like I used to...I stay sharp for afternoon work meetings, I can study without running out of juice, etc. - it's like a minor superpower!  Some people can stay mentally straight all day but I get brain-fried over time throughout the day, so this is a really great benefit that I have personally experienced.

Anyway, so yeah, my typical diet is non-organic fruit all day, then fruit/greens/nuts/seeds at dinner time.  I do RT4 sometimes, but almost always only for dinner rather than starting earlier.  It's just more convenient to do fruit during the day - no cooking, minimal prep work, fills the hungry itch, done.

Thank you for your answer, Swon, it is very interesting. You are eating very clean, so that explains the change in color and the softer hair. It is good to see that even without eating organic, you can get such great health benefits. I can´t afford organic fruits and veggies either, where I live, it is also very expensive. 

Keep posting your progress!

Hei! do you have a pic of the ''before'' ? like what color were your eyes back then, brown? and now they're so green wow! + how long did it take?

I noticed my eyes change colour from blue/green grey/blue/green to a stunning clear blue.

Within a few weeks and almost fully raw.

But I have had a few bumps and possibly more detoxing my eyes do go dull sometimes.

No pics sorry but i noticed this and got a shock when i looked in the mirror not because i knew this was possibke or happens a lot.
I've read that eyes don't change color but that when one cleans up the body, it clears up the eyes. So just like the skin clears up when the diet is improved, so does your eyeballs.



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