30 Bananas a Day!

Beans , nuts and grains good or bad for optimal health ?

So i knew dr Douglas graham opinion on this , that is that grains , beans and nuts are not that good because of phytic acid but on Dr Greger site (nutrition facts.org), I just found a topic/study resulting on the fact that phytic acid can help f

or the Prevention of Cancer  quote:"Phytic acid (phytate), concentrated in food such as beans, whole grains, and nuts, may help explain lower cancer rates among plant-based populations".

There is video explaining the result of the study .

So what do you think ?

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Well you are on a raw foods site so you know what 30BaD and presumably anyone who joined the site here thinks.  Our natural diet, what humans are meant to eat, are fruits and tender greens and maybe some raw nuts or seeds when seasonably available.  So logic tells us that eating what humans evolved eating will give us the best health. 

Isolating one nutrient and studying it is not the whole picture and I would not base my food choices on one nutrient.  Over all effects of eating something is a better way to reason out what to eat.  Dr. Graham's Nutrition and Athletic Performance is a must read in addition to The 80/10/10 Diet.

So fat is not required? avocado is not naturally there the entire year and don't know about durian never had it and never seen it in real life also not that high in fat though..

You can't eat any food without some fat in it.  Type in a day without fatty foods such as avocado on cronometer to see for yourself.

Hey even alchohol is good in moderation right but can you make it a stable and enjoy optimal health?

theres more bad than good to grains imo. Fruit always optimal, now glutenfree is a hype but all grains contain gluten, glutenfree is not real.

theres more than just wheatgluten- and gluten crossreactions.

Emergency than maybe yess, but fruit is made for us

I would add, this one "but fruits is expensive and grain is more convenient in the winter because its cheaper" is a lie, banana are as cheap as grain but of course grain is addictive so... If you dont like banananas its probably because you are eating unripe ones, ripe is FULL of brown spot and almost all sugar.

30 bananas is about 15 dollars and 3000 cals...... 3000 calories of quinoa (as one example) is much less than 15 dollars. I don't get it?

Wot?! Nanas in UK supermarkets are about 12p (20 cents) each... so 30 would be £3.60 ($5.98)

Quinoa is £2.15 ($3.57) for 300g,  roughly 2.7packets is 3000 cals, so about £5.84 ($9.69). So in UK at least nanas are much cheaper almost half

A very little phytate goes a long ways.  Getting a little bit in the nuts and seeds we consume may provide some benefit.  

But when we start eating beans and grains as staples, they are high in many antinutrients including purines, oxalate acid, and phytate.  These can prevent nutrient absorption such as calcium and iron, and even leach calcium from the body.  According to some nutrition and health science professionals, even though on paper it may appear that some beans and grains are high in some nutrient content, what we actually are able to absorb is little to none.  

They are also low to no in some essential nutrients like vitamin C.  

I believe on RT4, thins like potatoes and sweet potatoes are encouraged, and beans and grains discouraged.  While potatoes are also high in these antinutrients, they are also more nutrient dense with other macro and micro  nutrients.  

Overall though, I concur that eating a high raw diet based on fruits n lettuce n nuts n seeds is our best bet.  

Peace, PK

I put a little flax and bean sprout mix in my banana date smoothies. Thanks for the info on the grains and beans, I think I'll stick with the raw, been going strong 3 months on it so far, and not go back to raw till 4 plan.

Nuts are too high in fat, so I'd say they're better avoided. 

Beans and grains are good in my book, though.



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