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Hello everyone

So i have been on this lifestyle around one year and a half, i have gained 10 kilos, which is so discouraging, even though i do a lot of exercise i dont see any changes and y feel very frustrated. Recently i started to eat beans and avocado with my salads and almond milk after dinner because i always have the feeling that i want something different than fruit.

Is it ok to eat beans and to drink almond milk? I have these feeling that i should change my diet because i don't see any results. Has anyone have seen results ? need some motivation 

Thank you all!

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In my opinion, beans and almond milk is totally fine! When did you start gaining weight? I have been hclf vegan for a year now and I lost weight in the beginning. People actually said I looked too skinny, which was probably true. Funny enough I didn't change my diet all that much, but I stopped counting calories on chronometer and stopped thinking about the 80/10/10 percentages, and I have gained my weight back and, but Im still leaner than when I was on a SAD diet. I still believe that the fat is the reason why people will gain weight, but there are a difference in the fats. I eat about a half - to a whole avocado a day, and maybe a cup of almond milk. 

Hi. If you are trying to lose weight, I would suggest you refrain from almond milk, avocado and beans. I believe beans and almonds are high in protein and almond milk and avocados are fatty. Protein is a bulk building food and fat can be stored as fat so I personally think it is wise to not eat these until/unless I want to gain weight. 

I have the feeling you aren't eating enough. Remember you can't eat too much fruit! When in doubt, eat 10 mangos while sitting in the sun and then take a nap. Weight loss is all about healing healing healing. 

I've been trying to stay away from cooked starches so for dinner I make a "rawish" tomato soup that totally helps satisfy my savory craving issues. I warm a gaint pot of roma and cherry tomatoes and blend with 5-6 soaked dates or 4 spoons of coconut sugar. It's really yummy yummies. Then of course I carb up on dates or mangos. 

I'm 13 months on HCV mostly HCRV and I am seeing results slowly but surely! The more I eat an abundance and variety of fresh sweet fruits and do my daily bike rides in the sun the better I look and feel.

When I feel discouraged i just watch Harely and/or Freelee and chow down on more fruit. Mostly it is just me not loving myself and not eating enough sugar that makes me feel bad. 

You are not alone and you are doing awesome! 

LOL "When in doubt eat 10 mangos while sitting in the sun then take a nap." Best advice!

Chances are, you are eating a lot of hidden sources of fat and sodium and not realizing it. I've been there!

What kind of dressing are you having on your salads? This is a HUGE newbie mistake. I was putting salad dressings on my salads that had a lot of oil in them, kind of defeating the purpose of a high-carb LOW FAT vegan diet. I was also not reading the labels of the food and condiments I was buying and had no idea that they were LOADED with sodium. I was also still using salt to season my food, which has 2,300 mgs of sodium just for a TEASPOON! Not a Tablespoon—a TEASPOON. I had no idea just how much sodium I was still ingesting when I mistakenly thought I had lowered my sodium intake. That's more than DOUBLE your entire recommend daily amount for a diet such as this, which recommends no more than 1000 mgs of sodium a day.

Salt makes you retain water, and water weight is almost indistinguishable from weight from fat. You will still way more on the scale, your clothes will still fit tighter, and you will still look bigger; bu,t if you cut out most of the sodium in your diet, you will see tremendous results. You'd be surprised just how much of that is water weight.

Also, don't go off the number on the scale too much. What kind of exercise are you doing? Are you using any weights or doing any exercises that build muscle? Gaining muscle can make you weigh more on the scale but that does not mean you're gaining fat. Go more off of how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, your energy levels, etc.

Also, avocados should be eaten in very small amounts. You should only be having around 1 avocado a WEEK (split up over the course of a week.) They are loaded with fat, which is fine in small amounts as we need healthy fats in our diet, but you should be trying to stick to the 80/10/10 ratio as much as possible. Use Chronometer to make sure you aren't eating too much fat on this high-carb low-fat lifestyle. You may be eating/taking in way more than you realize.

There is also the possibility that this may just be your healthy weight and where your body wants to be at. Do you weigh an average weight for your height/sex/body type? Do you have realistic expectations? Do you come from an unhealthy past, whether that be eating disorders, a heavy meat-based diet, or calorie restriction? These are all things that can contribute to weight gain with this lifestyle. We definitely need to know more about you to make an accurate judgment.

Definitely use chronometer to get an idea of where your diet is at. That way you'll know what you need to change, if you do.

I would stay away from almond milk and avocado as these are high in fat. Beans shouldn't be a problem at all and are very good for you. I eat some type of bean based soup most every day for dinner and my protein is always under 10%. Usually around 7-8%. Oh, and watch the sodium. 

Personally I think beans are fine and so is a small glass of almond milk a day - that amounts to about 100 calories.

Jeff Novick who works for Dr. John McDougall has a excellent guide on calorie density that may assist you in your choices;


I've gained 40 pounds in a year. It's part of the journey! What was your previous lifestyle like??

Thank you all!

well, I actually have a past of restricting calories and I have gained weight before, but now is just so much weight I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. I do consume salt, but i sweat a looot, I do spinning and an exercise that is like boxing and other martial arts, I also do weight lifting, so salt shouldn't be a problem.  

What I don't understand is why avocado will make you gain weight, i mean, i use less than 1/4 a day, and i thought avocado made fats go away easily.

Thank you so much to all of you! <3 

A quarter of an avocado per day assuming a medium sized avocado would probably have only 5 to 6 grams of fat. That is not very significant. Nothing to worry about and if it's one of the few foods high in fat that you consume daily you will still be close to not exceeding 10% of total daily calories from fat.


The average avocado has 22 grams of fat. Only 5-10% of your diet (depending on if you follow Raw Till 4 ratios—90/5/5, or the 80/10/10 diet) should consist of healthy fats with the HCLF lifestyle, but it's not the end of the world to go a bit over that. And no oil of any kind, including in salad dressings! If you're eating a large avocado, then it may have even more than 23 grams, which is why you should eat them in very small amounts, and on a low-fat diet like this, 1 avocado a week max (spread out over the week). Avocados have a lot of fat, and fat does not get rid of fat.

Also, what kind of dressing are you putting on your salads? They're often a hidden source of oil which has tons of fat. We need a little bit of fat on this diet because a little bit of healthy fats are good for you, but this diet concentrates on high carb low-fat, so keep fat in the lower range and only healthy fats, like small amounts of seeds, nuts, and avocado.

Also, regarding the sodium, just because you exercise a lot does not mean that you shouldn't read the nutrition information on what you're buying or not have to look at sodium, or that you can eat as much salt as you desire. Even if you exercise regularly, you shouldn't be exceeding 1,000 mgs of sodium a day on this lifestyle, and as I told you before, 1 tiny teaspoon of salt has 2300+ mg of sodium! Add that to all of the hidden sodium that is in canned goods, pasta sauces, condiments, etc., and you could be consuming thousands of milligrams of sodium a day and not even know it, which equals major water retention and bloating. Just to sweat out 1000 mg of salt you would have to sweat out an entire LITER of sweat, which is 4 cups worth, which means in order to sweat out the amount of sodium in one tiny teaspoon of salt you would have to sweat out 10 CUPS of sweat (that's well over half a gallon! As in well over half of a huge jug of milk-worth of sweat!) and unless you're sweating that much, which I highly doubt, then you should lower your sodium intake because exercise is not going to get rid of all that sodium, plain and simple.

As for beans, they are perfectly fine, but buy the low sodium beans or make them yourself. Also, they should only be supplementing your meal, not be your meal. Your dinner should consist primarily of carbs such as potatoes, corn pasta, and rice.

Lastly, how much water are you drinking? You should be drinking a liter of water before each meal, so at least 3 liters a day; that's 12 cups of water. You should be peeing clear or almost clear 8 to 12 times a day. I know it sounds like a lot. I used to HATE water and I was always dehydrated. Now I drink like a fish, and my body is seeing such amazing benefits and results because of it, not to mention my skin is glowing and has no more acne.

Cut down on your fat and sodium intake and drink way more water and you should see a tremendous difference. I know I did! Good luck!



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