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I wrote to him .... (see my letter below). So far it's been 10 days and still no reply. If you feel inspired, please also write asking him to politely withdraw this material on ethical grounds. If he does not we may need to let him know that it will affect his customer base.

Hi Ted

I just went to your website to check out your products and was getting very excited to order. I have adopted a 100% raw vegan diet for the last 6 months and am anxious to further my health with more exercise.

You cannot imagine my horror when I discovered that you use kangaroo leather in your shoes!! Please go to http://www.stopkangarookilling.org and learn the shocking truth of this industry, the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet. Kangaroos are being killed in such unsustainable numbers they are now on track to extinction at the rate they are being killed.

Here is a really good video to watch and I seriously urge you to view it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUZrKj6ClBg

It is a horrifically cruel industry since the joeys are either decapitated, bashed to death against the truck bars or a tree or left to die alone of starvation, predation or cold. Every day 10,000 of our precious kangaroos are killed for this despicable trade.

Please, seriously think about replacing kangaroo leather with something else. It's well known that kangaroo leather does not last as long as regular leather. Do you really want to contribute to the demise of this species? Of course the Australian government will tell you this is sustainable and numbers are abundant, but their population counts are only estimates and unfortunately we have the worst record in the world for wildlife extinctions having driven 38% of our native species extinct in just 230 years.

I hope you will respond with the highest level of compassion and ethics.


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And here is a letter a friend of mine (who is a foremost kangaroo expert and wrote the #1 Macropod manual for carers:

Dear Ted,
> I am very disappointed that you have decided to use kangaroo leather
> for your sport's and leisure wear shoes, most especially since you
> seem to be a man who cares about the environment and the ecology of
> the planet. It is very odd indeed that you would support such a
> barbaric and cruel industry against the iconic and endemic species,
> the Australian kangaroo; with the kangaroo leather used in your Vibram
> Five Finger Treks and the Performa for women shoes.
> Do you know which species of macropod your leather comes from? If you
> care, you may be interested to know that there really isn't a way you
> can be sure, since whatever is standing in the roo shooter's spotlight
> is shot, too late once it is identified. Not only is a mother roo
> shot, but her joey at foot either gets shot too, or hops off, to
> endure a very slow death of dehydration and starvation. The joey in
> pouch is either trodden on by the shooter's big boot or bashed against
> the truck's fender. This is a horrendous and dirty industry that you
> are supporting.
> Not only are the grey kangaroos killed, but also the reds
> and wallaroos, with an annual number placed on the cull of each
> species every year. The numbers to be killed are not based on any
> credible method of counting how many animals exist in any given area,
> rather on how much money the government wants to make that year. We
> are quite aware that to acquire a roo shooter's permit, there doesn't
> have to be a count on how many roos are actually in the area where the
> shooter says it is a necessity. There is no account of how many
> macropods are killed in fires or floods, nor how many survive the
> droughts. It is easier in Australia to get a permit to shoot macropods
> than it is to save them!
> There are now areas areas where roo shooters cannot survive since
> there are no roos left to shoot. Not only are the large macropods in
> some areas locally extinct, but wallaby species are also shot,
> either by out of control red-necks or else by farmers to feed their
> dogs! The smaller macropod species have become locally extinct in many
> parts of their original habitats.
> Our country is the only country who encourages the killing and eating
> of the two animals (kangaroo and emu) on our national emblem and
> unfortunately holds the title for the largest annual wildlife
> slaughter on the planet.
> Ted, do you want to be part of the demise of these unique and
> beautiful animals? Surely there are so many alternatives than using
> kangaroo leather?
> I urge you to watch this video and make a judgment for yourself,
> whether you want to be part of the extinction of kangaroos.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUZrKj6ClBg
> Lynda Staker
> 'The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods'
> www.lyndastaker.com
> http://lyndastaker.hainsnet.com
> http://books.google.com/
> Question the law, the person, and the practice that denies justice
> toward nature and the voiceless."



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