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Hello everyone!

I've been reading up on barefoot running lately and it has sparked an interest in me.

It is something I would be interested in taking up but I have a few question...

I live in England (beautiful but very wet & cold), do you think it is healthy to be running outside barefoot?

Especially during the colder months.

Is this only ideal in the summer?

I don't know about your area,

but here in Wirral the pavement work can be pretty much a half arsed job,

I can imagine stomping my toe or tripping up to be super painful

(plus anyone who knows me will know how clumsy/ accident prone I am)

... do you find that you fall/ hurt yourself more/ less/ the same while running barefoot?

Where do you run barefoot?




On grass?

Any advice or stories of your personal experience would be super.

love & light :)

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I advocate Barefoot running or 'movement'. I only wear a pair of Vibram Five fingers at a time, though I wouldn't mind have another pair to prolong the lifespan of the pair I wear. I don't have or wear any other commercialized shoes anymore and would not sell myself out in wearing them again e.g. a new job, formal events or unless circumstances arises, even though they would give me problems. Its been about 3 years or so now, which has pretty much intertwined  with me going Vegan to, ironically.

I live in the UK aswell, B'ham to be specific and it has been pretty wet, snowy and cold but that doesn't stop me. I have kinda trained my Mind and my foot to adhere the cold weather, but it isn't a problem at all if I keep on moving to generate heat and being on a HC diet, it is a lot more easier to do so. Sometimes depending on my sleep, food intake etc... It can seem quite a challenging and troublesome but its the challenges that profits my body afterwards. I do barefoot running like once every few months or so. I would love to make it more of a routine but I kinda need to get focus on my college work at the moment. It is awesome and nice to find other minimalist shoes/barefoot runners in this thread or in general. I get a lot of attention with them and I try to explain the best I can (I usually get cock-block in thought because I am either thinking or visualizing about something else, while wondering around listening to music lol and then interaction occurs :[)... But I find people fear the commitment of going to minimalist shoes, especially VFF because I say; there isn't no point in the long term to be using VFF and commercialised shoes. It is one or the other: Light or Darkness, Meat eating or Plant Eating, so on so forth. Always get predicted responses about them, while I counter it, people still never see it. As 'shoes' has been another belief system embedded in the Human race and no more shalt our power and responsibility go into them: Function over Fashion is my philosophy and way of expression.

Keep up the good work though! As everyone has stated, you need to transition, which could take up to a year to properly re-configurate your bio-mechanics. You will eventually love your feet just as much you love your hands and heart, they are a example of perfection. Crafted by non other then our intelligent architectural designers = your cells and 15 billion years of cosmic evolution! 

Hi Alix, thanks for the great reply.

I feel less confident with wearing them for occassions, I take my hat off to you for doing that though!

I get a lot of funny looks in Wirral when I wear mine. Don't think my boss would ever accept them at the office, but wearing them more in my downtime should be something I aim for. :)

Hiya, Kittykat! I was going to say, "Hi KKK" for short, but that probably doesn't look right XD

Well you do build up the confidence overtime or one could say: un-plugging from the network of fear; what will everyone will think of me?! *screams* It takes time of course and the right kind of arising situations that permits the stimulation for growth of the self. Yeah, you will do because it isn't the NORM. If VFF/Barefoot shoes were the norm, then wearing commercialized shoes would appear to be alien and have the same reaction as VFF do. As I stated above, it is the belief system, the status quo, that has infiltrated the subconscious Minds of the multitude to be programmed-predicatively, and a list of reactionary-responses based upon the stimuli. I understand asking familiar and curious questions, but trust me you notice a pattern after a while lol!

Just curious what do you do? Because you can easily neutralize their reasons for 'no VFF or shoes of its nature'. But yeah, whatever footwear or clothing you are wearing that causes uncomfortability, shouldn't be to much of a problem if you 're-fill' the deficient that was made, because the pain you are feeling at the end of the day is million of years pristine anatomical and physiological craftsmanship pushing you for your efforts! So just be mindful of your vehicle that is all :)

Thanks James, I'll have a look at that too!

Hey Alix :)

I actually went barefoot (well in socks) at my local gym two weeks ago and no-one noticed, or said a thing. If I wear my VFF's though, people tend to comment or stare, a lot!

I'm an accountant and I work on front desk too, so I'm the first person people see as they come in. I am barefoot today ... under my desk, but if someone was to come in I will need to slip my shoes back on.

I can feel my feet getting strong, it is the middle part which can be sensitive if running, I'm fine with walking though.

...also you may want to read the book , 'the pose method of running' by Dr. nicholas romanov

its a great book in the sence it gives you a platform to learn good form whilst also giving some great calisthenic exercises

his yt channel :  http://www.youtube.com/user/posetv/videos?flow=grid&view=0

Thanks James :)

Hey there Kitty :)


I have tried barefoot running a few times last year and your feet really do tend to toughen up.  I wouldn't suggest running fast on pavement if you actually go barefoot.  Have you heard of the running sandals?  Aka invisible shoes?  You can make them yourself from flip-flops and shoe laces or you can buy a pair at www.invisibleshoes.com .  I have worn them many times and they work great.  I've got rope burn between my toes a couple times but only cause the sandals weren't adjusted properly and it was only in 1 foot.  i've gone as far as 8 miles in them without a problem.  They give your toes plenty of room to move around.  And they look a bit better than the VFF's i think and your feet get to breath well.  The ones from the website have a vibram sole.  It's worth checking out if you haven't already.   :)



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