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Hello everyone!

I've been reading up on barefoot running lately and it has sparked an interest in me.

It is something I would be interested in taking up but I have a few question...

I live in England (beautiful but very wet & cold), do you think it is healthy to be running outside barefoot?

Especially during the colder months.

Is this only ideal in the summer?

I don't know about your area,

but here in Wirral the pavement work can be pretty much a half arsed job,

I can imagine stomping my toe or tripping up to be super painful

(plus anyone who knows me will know how clumsy/ accident prone I am)

... do you find that you fall/ hurt yourself more/ less/ the same while running barefoot?

Where do you run barefoot?




On grass?

Any advice or stories of your personal experience would be super.

love & light :)

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Hi there!

I do minimal footwear running, so with vibram five fingers, and haven't had any probs at all here in the uk.

I run all year round and find my feet keep pretty warm whatever the weather.

It can be painful if you stub your toe really hard, but I found once you're used to being barefoot you tend to be able to place your feet instinctively so this doesn't happen very often.

I run barefoot on the beach, on roads, pavements, up mountains, on grass...everywhere really and so far it's all good :)

I would certainly give barefooting a go - it's one of those things that once you start you never look back! I actually hate wearing regular shoes now...so I end up going out to dinner in a nice dress, earings, hair up....and my vibram monkey feet! Haha ;)

Hope this helps and just ask if you have any more questions :)


I hear you about wearing shoes! I'm an in between shoe size so I hate wearing shoes, they crunch up my toes or flap off then, lol.

I'm wondering about these vibram five fingers, they look pretty expensive though!

Have you ever gone barefoot at all?

Yeah, I know what you mean - vibrams do half-sizes so might be ok for you though...they are pricey, but you can get them on sites like amazon a lot cheaper than retail price.

I'm always barefoot inside, and sometimes I do barefoot on the road when I'm in the country, but not really keen to do so in the city cos the pavements are so dirty, and there's broken glass etc.

yeah dirty floors and broken glass are my major concern.

I live in Wirral, so not in the city, but it can get messy with glass regardless.

I have a beach a 10 min walk from my house though, so I guess I could wear vibrams to the beach then try without :)

Yeah, sounds a good plan! Running barefoot on sand is the best :)

I have a question for you my little monkey!

~ what size shoes do you wear, (are they tight or lose fitting)?

~ what size VFF do you wear?

thank you :)

Hey! I'm a size 8 and I wear a 42 in the KSO sportrek :) or whatever they are called. Seems to fit perfectly :)

thank you KKK!! :O

Teehee, no worries! :)

they only go up to size 12uk! :(

I have run barefoot my entire life.  

If it is cold I wear Vibram five fingers with some merino wool toe socks from smartwool.

I run on all surfaces but flat smooth surfaces such as asphalt are very nice. Grass can have hidden gofer holes.

The beach is my favorite place to run in the soft sand.  That is where ninety percent of my running takes place.

For new barefooters, you have to transition slowly, learn to not heal strike, and run consciously and with low impact using your muscles as a spring.  Go very short distances and slowly to work on technique and build up

Good LUCK 

Thanks for the reply Justin, don't worry I plan on starting with small distances and building my way up. Just concerned with damage to my feet!



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