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I have from time to time   a case of  organic bananas with black tint  more or less dark...  It keeps this black tint even at last stage of ripening with those special batch. This black tint stays stable during ripening.... 

It's not the same thing  with too much ripened bananas with black spot or bruise.... In my case  an entire banana case has black tint  at early stage of banana ripening.. If I would not have the banana green at beginning, I think I could see the black tint at that time.

Do you know  what is the reason or cause ?

did you already get banana like this ?


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Any idea?

No black lines .....

it is like black tint that cover all the bananas in one case.
no line , no spot,, ... just like cloudy black tint that covers all the bananas in the case.
it happens from time to time. but Im not sure what is the cause.
I notice this cloudy black tint very early in ripening stage... and it stays stable till end of ripening.. The bananas continue to ripen but they keep this back tint on entire surface of the bananas till last ripening stage.
contrary to normal yellow tint.

Thank you
this makes little sense, try explaining it better lol
Finally I found the most likely cause...

Chilling will occur if the fruit is subject to temperatures below 56°F (13°C) for several hours. It causes the peel to have a smoky, dull gray appearance. This may not show up for 18 to 24 hours after chilling occurs.

That's what  guessed and maybe already heard about.

I don't like their taste when they have this appearance (smoky, dull gray explains it pretty good to me).

If possible I'd not take them / return them and get a good batch instead.

After all, we are the banana experts and best banana customers around, so we want the good ones. :-D

Ohh ok i understand now that sorta makes sense too

Ive noticed the same thing too. The bananas have a black tint that remains constant as the banana ripens from green to yellow. And yeh its always the whole box.
ha..its from chilling...interesting. Thats a good description 'smoky, dull grey appearance'. I think ppl would know what u mean if they had seen it, i knew straight away what u were describing - even just from the title
i cant remember if they taste worse, ill pay more attention to them next time and see
i get a box like this every 1 out of every 10 maybe



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