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No!!!! Someone fix it!!
it is called an end to mass producing of the cavendish variety :) not an end to bananas. they try to monocrop thousands of acres of bananas with pesticides and think that they can do that forever raping the land. nope. live someplace where you can grow bananas and you'll find that cavendish are probably a 5 on the scale of 1-10. try lady finger, silk fig, namwah, cuban red, green red, iholena, puerto rican plantain, tu'u gia, maoli, hap'ie, apple, brazillian apple, and many many many more. bananas will reign supreme :)
happy to hear
So are only Cavendish affected by the fungus?

. " Some banana varieties, like the Cavendish types, are more readily infected with the virus, but no variety of banana is resistant. Banana plants that show symptoms rarely bear fruit, and because they are reservoirs of the virus, they must be destroyed. "

Here's a link to more info:


Not looking forward to gmo'd bananas.  We need a giant input of ladybugs to eat the aphids! 



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