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Bananas are disaccharide sugars and grow with mold....?

I was listening to an interview on oneradionetwork.com with Dr. David Jubb... At 50min in a caller called in and starting asking about bananas, could have been a member from this site lol, and Dr Jubb had some things to say about bananas not really being an optimal food since disaccharide sugars are not managed by the liver...Give it a listen, I would like to hear what everyone thinks about this..http://www.oneradionetwork.com/health/dr-david-jubb-sticky-mucus-po...

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Hey That's nonsense, firstly, most of the sugars in bananas are in the form of simple sugars - glucose and fructose (ie. mono-saccharides). Some of the sugars do come from sucrose (a disaccharide, which is just glucose and fructose molecules), which can be easily separated in the process of digestion using sucrase. ALL carbohydrates that are not completely in the form of mono-saccharides (there are very few of these that contain no disaccharides or polysaccharides) must be broken down in the digestive system.


Fructose, which is a monosaccharides, not a disaccharide, is not processed well by the liver - WHEN and only when, it is not bound to its natural fibre (with the exception of a very rare number of people on the planet who have trouble metaboling all fructose very well). Most of this idea comes from taking research done by Robert Lustig (who by the way thinks that there is no problems for the liver with eating as many as 30 bananas per day - Search for Keenan McCrarys post on this, where he posts email correspondance with Professor Lustig), who has demonstrated that when fibre is separated from food and there is an extracted refined product (like cane sugar, syrups, juices) the liver is unable to process the fructose content properly, since we did not evolve to experience fructose in its refined state, we evolved to expect to consume whole foods with fibre intact and other nutrients to work synergistically. Consequently it gets metabolised like alcohol and stores as fat in the liver.


People are just misrepresenting Robert Lustigs work by drawing "logical" conclusions that all foods containing fructose (Which includes most carbohyrates, including many starches), are processed in the same way by the liver. Yet Lustig has tested the effects of whole fruits and veggies versus refined versions and is clear that whole foods do not represent a problem in any capacity, since the fibre content not only ensures it will be metabolised appropriate and at an appropriate rate, but also that the body will be physically incapable of overconsuming fructose in a single day, since fibre and water limit how much food we can fit into the stomach.


When asked by Keenan whether he thought 30 bananas a day was too much fructose, he responded very clearly. No. There is no unsafe amount of whole fruits and veggies in terms of fructose metabolism. He would only anticipate problems when fibre was removed, eg. with juicing fruits.


Take care


Adam x

Good reply :)



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