30 Bananas a Day!

How much are bananas where you are?


Please provide organic and conventional prices. 

Photos are welcome. 


Here in the US they are as little as 10c a kg for conventional and 50c-2$kg organic.


When I left Australia a few months back we were paying 20$US per kg.


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I'm on the NSW Central Coast. 2 weeks ago I picked up dole organic's for .99c/kilo. Usually organic around here is $3.99/kilo atm. At the local growers market I get 13 kilos of conventional for $20. The markets are only on twice per month so in between I go to fruit shops. I'm always clearing them out of their 'over ripe' bags which are always super cheap. I've lost count of how many times I've been asked if I'm making a heap of banana bread lol. Nope, I just eat a lot. 'oh' they say...


non organic are about 1,50 €/ kg

I don't know about organic because it's not like you can get them everywhere. And I'm not going to travel for 80km everytime to buy bananas :(

I'm in West Virginia, and there is a grocery store near me that has them on sale for 27 cents a pound on Tuesdays-non-organic. Which works out to roughly $10 a 40lb box. Generally bananas around here are 54 cents a  pound for non and 64 cents for organic. 

In Texas I paid $20 for a case (40 pounds) of non-organic bananas last month. This month I paid $42 for a case of Organic Bananas. The name brand for both was Chiquita. No comparison in taste. The Organics taste AMAZING !!!

Dole (non-organic) is 38 cents per pound but they tase like crap and I even threw them away. That's how yucky they were!!

Hi Harley, 

I visited Australia last year and was shocked when I saw the prices of bananas! How come they are so expensive? 

Here in Germany I pay between 1.09 Euro and 1.99 Euro for a kilo of conventional bananas, and 1.59 - 1.99 Euro for a kilo of organic ones. 



 I'm getting 80lbs(36kg I think)for $7.00. I ask the produce guy if he has any over ripe bananas(which to them means when there's no green on them practically)and he usually brings me out two cases.  They don't even donate, or compost them.  They would straight in the dumpster if I didn't come and rescue them.  That being the case.... they hook me up for super cheap.  I know DR that you probably want to reflect actual prices but I'M way to stoked about my hook up not to brag a little about it........YOU MUST SUCK UP TO YOUR PRODUCE DUDE DON'T BE AFRAID!!! You don't have to break the bank on this life style you just have to be willing to do a little "hustling"....NOW GET OUT THERE RIGHT NOW AND FIND SOME SWEEEET DEALS "SUCCA"

what store was this?  I've tried this at Whole Foods and no dice :(  BTW - wowowow on your purchase - I would be super stoked as well.

We have fairtrade organic "bad" bananas at my co-op in Decorah, Iowa, US, for .79 cents/lb.  Is this good?  Where should I buy organic bananas from in bulk if I live in the midwest, US?

$1 per pound for local organic (uncertified) bananas in St. Croix. I get a 25 cent discount for buying large quantities. Conventional bananas range from $.79 to 1.09, shipped from a Caribbean island to Miami then shipped back to our Caribbean island.

When I was in Ecuador I payed $2.50 for one whole bunch. It ended up being about 120 bananas, at least 20 kilos. They were local organic. It was common for fruit stalls to sell around 15 bananas for $1. You really get the deals when you splurge and buy $2.50 worth though.

Here in Kansas City, Missouri they are $16 for 40lb box of conventional or $20 for a 40lb box of organic bananas from Ecuador at Trader Joes. Quite a mark up from where those bananas originated.

Pictures are of the bananas in Ecuador. The gentlemen that sold them to me called them "Muy Rico!" and I'd have to agree, muy rico y dulce!

In Nova Scotia, Canada...

Conventional - 69-79cents per lb.

Organic - 89cents per lb.

Reduced(actually ripe) for either - 49-69cents per lb.



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