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Banana Mono Diet: Too much potassium and not enough sodium?

I know I'm doing a lot of banana posts but this is something I'd really like to clear up, especially since a lot of us are doing [the best we can on] the banana mono diet.

A friend sent this to me earlier today:

"If the sodium gets to low and the potassium too high, it throws off the human electrolyte system, and can cause problems from mild gastrointestinal problems to kidney problems, to severe cardiac problems (cardiac arrest-death if) if the NA (sodium) gets too low (below 120 for too long) and the K+ (potassium) gets too high. (above 7-7.5)."

Any and all feedback appreciated, thanks family:)

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oh yeah Angus I love the juicy ones...right now I'm trying to determine whether it's really safe to mono on bananas to let my body heal the colitis. So many people have done it on here successfully...I just wanted to check;)

thx for your reply:)
we need to concentrate on getting enough calories and then we will get sufficient living amino acids to provide renal health instead of renal failure.

all fruit is starchy if not ripe. its one reason a banana is hard to open when its starchy. when bananas are ripe, they fall to the ground. and they will be covered in spots to let us know.

bananas are typically 75% water.
medical textbooks typically say the body is 50- 70% water.
store bought nuts and seeds are typically 1% water.
sultanas and dates, around 15%
Our bodies are equipt (& designed) with the ability to consume large quantities of fresh fruits. I don't see the potassium/sodium issue as a factor at all especially because modern science which has 'discovered' and named the various minerals & vitamins etc don't even know a smidge of what else is actually in the humble banana!!....That's right! We don't actually know! What we do know is minute.... How do we know we are not getting an overdose of the mineral - Hydrocieudhltlfdls.....? We don't know but if we stick to natures design as closely as possible then our chances of attaining vibrant health is almost assured.
Your body will take care of regulating itself, it knows what to do with a banana....much more than any science can ever make sense of....whole foods are where its at.....the body has amazing wisdom if we treat it right
Fear against fruit is common place otherwise it might encourage self-sustainability & individual growth...
I was feeling fine actually until I read that, and then I immediately attributed any odd feelings to it. What's that called again...oh yeah: PARANOIA...lol (which I think carried over from my heavy partying days.)

If I swallowed a sugar pill and then you told me I took poison and would die within the hour, I bet you I'd keel over for real. Just from stress lol. I would pace and sweat and blabber my way into a coma.

So...as I suspected before my minor panic attack...I can keep eating as many narnas as I want and I'm okay right? I gotta heal girlllll;)
Yeah munch em down man!!! But not with anything else ok?!?!? Because this will surely cause issues....but is it the humble narnas fault?......No. I understand your concern and love these questions, please if anyone has queries like this, post them because we're all here to get healthy & glow together! Its good you are questioning, just searching for more certainty...it helps with the motivation factor big time hey? :-)) Give the body the chance it needs & you will heal.
'fFear against fruit is common place otherwise it might encourage self-sustainability...'

im gonna use this one! lol!
Don't steel my words man, i don't want this to get ugly....
its true, you could kill a person by giving them a banana..a PERSON WITH HYPERKALEMIA THAT IS ON A DRIP IN HOSPITAL WITH RENAL FAILURE...

but it wouldnt be the banana's fault but would get the blame anyway..lol! whats to blame? the individuals lifestyle. the fact that they have consumed so much sodium and lack of potassium in their life that now they have lost the ability for basic kidney function.

i got my potassium levels checked recently. they are in the 'normal' range. how is that possible? ive been eating over 70 bananas average a week since 2002 when i learned how to make 'banana cream milk' (bananas pulsed in the blender with an inch of water).

its funny, society freaks about fruit and i get this all the time and im cool with it cos it just provides me an opportunity to contribute. last time someone told me about bananas was this dude that was eating a sandwich. he clearly had heart issues and the sodium in the bread wasnt helping. he told me to 'watch your monkey diet and watch them bananas..' this person was sincere, but SINCERELY WRONG! lol!

number 1 selling drug in australia? HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS.
number 1 food condiment in any supermarket in the world? SALT.
main deficiency that is found in cancer patients according to dr max gerson? POTASSIUM
has anyone ever heard of a 811er that solidified their heart from too many bananas? NO.
is it possible? NO.

im an ultra endurance athlete. did 3 hours HARD in the hills this morning. its 30celcius and 41c this tuesday they reckon.
I DO NOT EAT SALT OR SEAWEED. 100% clean of these 2 since sept 07. so how am i thriving on such a low sodium diet? we just do. its natures design.

i will be training with tour de france teams this week. the best riders in the world. we will ride over 40 hours this week. those riders have team doctors following us when we go training. can you imagine why they need a doctor to follow when they go cycling? lol!
they ALL go back to their hotel rooms and stick a drip in their arm after training. i just go back home and stick a bunch of fruits and greens into me.

if sodium was an issue, id be the first to find out..why? cos nobody in the raw movement does the endurance hours i do on the road. nobody is winning state champ 24 solo xc races. heck i dont even know cooked crew that can do it without drugs. im glad all my mates go so hard on the drugs in racing and training, cos otherwise id have no one to race against..lol!

this is a good question crabby and one that i had initially..
excellent...you guys are re-instilling my confidence in eating just bananas until I heal. thx for all the info. I'm sure others will benefit from it so I hope they come look too.
FREELEA i think i have a Hydrocieudhltlfdls defiency. ;)

This is a great question! I asked it a few months ago on another site and got some great answers! but everyone got ya covered with the answers!!!
haha! You got the spelling right!
Its a rare condition babe....I recommend you dont rest, eat up lots of cooked foods,throw your water bottle away and take Rionblastubulshit supplement to conteract the GetrealsoprjWe;kf symptoms that you may experience from not having adequate levels of Hyrdocieudhltlfdls .....got it!!!! Doctors orders ok??!?!

p.s- this is a poke at the pharmaceutical industry incase you are lost by this :-D
We simply weren't meant to have much sodium at all in our system, it's toxic to us. This is from my bio class at uni:

Sodium Potassium Pump in nerve cells (antiport)
o Maintains LOWER concentration of Na+ & Ca 2+ INSIDE the cell.
o Maintains HIGHER concentration of K+ INSIDE the cell.

o Na+ transported OUT
o K+ transported IN
o 3 Na+ OUT for 2K+ IN for each mole of ATP used.
Pumping is accomplished by transport protein (TP) with 2 configurations.

So, in short, there's not supposed to be a balance of sodium and potassium. In fact, you'll be saving your body a lot of work by not taking in so much sodium in the first place.



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