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Hey everyone

I've been having a lot of acne, bloating, tiredness, teeth sensitivity, and other issues lately after incorporating more high carb low fat cooked vegan dinners into my routine, so I decided to do banana island to get back on track with high carb raw vegan. Unfortunately, I am on my first day of the island and I can't take anymore bananas. It's 4pm where I am, and I've only eaten 13 bananas. I'm so hungry and have plenty more bananas that I could eat, but I'd rather just not eat anything than eat more bananas.

Does anyone know why I can't take doing banana island? I did it once before for 3 days when I first started hcrv, but I had to force myself to eat them and I hated it, but was still do hungry.

I wish I could do it because I want to jump start healing again, but my body just hates bananas in large quantities. I am fine with a 10 banana nice cream or a smoothie mixed with a few dates, but not whole bananas or plain banana smoothies.

Please help! <3

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Your metabolism isn't suited to it yet.  If you keep eating raw, just for a few more days, you should be able to double that 13. 

I have been doing raw for almost 8 months and just recently (3 weeks ago) incorporated some cooked foods about once or twice a week, so it's nothing to do with metabolism especially since I can eat many other fruits in large quantities with no problem

maybe its just psychological then.  Like you said, you can eat 10 bananas if they're blended or whatever, but the look/texture of whole bananas doesn't suit you.  Why not just mono on a different fruit?

It might be, but monoing on another fruit is hard due to finances unfortunately which is why is was trying to figure out why I was having banana issues.

I'm a very big believer in listening to your body. Honestly, you should never force your body into something that doesn't bring you pleasure.

For me, Bananas aren't my favourite fruit either - and my body agrees. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I cannot eat more than 10* or so in a meal without feeling a bit gaggy by the end. However, Mangoes, I can eat 15+ of in one meal and still be salivating. So, I'll eat as many Bananas as I enjoy in a meal (about 6), and then switch to something else when my body tells me to (8 mangoes).

*This is when eating Bananas whole. Blended, I can have about 20 in a meal.

Find the fruits that make you, and your body, happy. If you're not happy and enjoying your experience, you'll be more inclined to fail.

Good luck!

@Kane: you're right. I love mangoes as well, but sometimes their outer skin makes me itch! And sometimes my throat gets itchy too. So strange!

Mangoes are related to poison ivy so the itching is likely a reaction to the oils on the skin of the mango. 

I know this isn't related so much to your post, but can you explain what banana island is or link me a forum that I have missed?  I see it referenced a lot.. I still have a lot to learn, thanks!

A banana island or any fruit island is where you eat only one type of fruit for an extended period of time usually 1 week up to 30 days you could do longer then 30 days if you want but you shouldn't do it any longer then 6 months.  I actually just started a banana island on Tuesday and I am having banana ripening issues so I probably have to break the island today unfortunately so I can let my bananas ripen up.  I plan to go for 30 days so I will break the island tonight and get back on probably in 4 days and then I will do my 30 days. 

I also have issues sometimes with eating bananas. Lately I have been eating them with coconut sugar (unrefined, organic, low glycemic) This really seems to help!

I think just eating a mono meal of another fruit (whatever fruit you want that is ripe) would be way better than not eating or eating cooked food. It's really not going to harm you and it'll get you over this hump. Then, tomorrow you can see if you can get the 30+ bananas in...? I dunno. Mono meals work great for me and it'll still help you heal from the cooked food you've been eating. It's not like bananas (if eaten mono) are the end-all be-all fruit. If you do mono meals or another island (grape island? watermelon island? mango island?) you'll still see tons of results

When you say your "body hates bananas in large quantities", are you experiencing digestion issues or some kind of reaction, or is it a taste/texture thing?

If it's a taste issue, you could try adding some organic coconut sugar or refined brown sugar to give it a little bit different flavour. You could also add SweetLeaf Sweet Drops flavoured Stevia (like Freelee often uses) which come in a wide variety of flavours. There are lots of ways to alter the taste.



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