30 Bananas a Day!



The beautiful Banana island for many...
Date and banana island for me  :-) Mostly consumed as smoothies


Arrive Monday 12th April, return 28th April 
(although if trip is going very well may extend)
Others may be already on the Island, we can meet them there...

Things to do on the island: (apart from lots of relaxation)

Record a daily blog on your experience here including how many bananas/or dates you have daily, water intake, exercise, sleep, sunshine and feelings...
Then we can really help eachother if some of us are undereating or dehydrated etc.

Common benefits experienced on the island...
(that may completely heal or start to...)

Chronic fatigue/Adrenal fatigue
* Acne/skin problems
* Blood sugar conditions such as diabetes and candida overgrowth
* Depression/mental disharmony
* Hormonal disturbances
* Weight problems (although focusing on this is not recommended)
* Digestive conditions
* Sinus and mucus problems
* Eating Disorders
& many more…

Extra information & important travel tips...
Get 2 boxes of bananas to start, one ripe one and one with firmish bananas that are slightly under.

Things to consider before visiting Banana island (BI) paradise...Is it the right time for this holiday??

* How you are going to eat after BI? – if you go back to unhealthy eating habits, all your old symptoms will return.
* Being stable on a Low fat raw vegan lifestyle before going on mono-fruit island will increase your chances of long term raw success because generally what peeps eat before the island will be what they eat after the island.
* I don’t advise you visit BI just for weightloss reasons because if you go back to your old way of living that caused the weightgain then the fat will return, a sustainable LFRV plan is needed.
* Make sure you always have ripe fruit or else you will get ravenous and eat whatever is closest.
* Ensure you go to nutridiary.com and work out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight and aim for this with your favourite fruit.
* Keep your water intake up, make sure your pee is always clear, this will ensure optimal results from your trip to the island.
* Start a challenge with your raw friends, get a group together and support eachother throughout your stay.
* During your trip away educate yourself on basic physiology and make sure you are reading ‘ The 80-10-10 Diet’ because this lifestyle should be the goal for when you come off the island (that’s if you want to continue feeling vital)
* Avoid telling mainstream peeps about your holiday to the island until it’s over, others opinions may affect your determination
* Plan your trip in detail before starting, write a list of your goals for going to BI, this will give your subconscious mind a clear objective goal to work towards, visualise how amazing you are going to feel, see yourself all happy and healthy in your mind’s eye.
* Factor in daily exercise, earn your meal but listen to your body if you need rest, take time out whenever needed.
* Prioritise nude sunbaking, this will speed up elimination and also sooth your soul 

Ok so lets all head to the Island together! Blogging here daily will assist many on their trip so please do it :-))

Lets embrace the banana!

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Oooh I'd love to join you guys but I just bough heaps of grapes and pineapples! My bananas are still ripening...

I'll go to mono-meal island instead =)
cool girls :-)))

Hellicat yes join in posting anyway x
You used to get excited for the first day of school? Me too! My hubby says I'm a nerd =)
haha really Apple?! Awesome you are coming to the island?? Ya know I just realised you're in Turkey! I went to Bodrum once :-) Might have to start calling you banana?
ok banana man whatever you say...:-P

I had the best figs and peaches in Boddy
Make love not war

bananas, and only bananas
you can have green smoothies, but you wouldn't be on a banana island then
Hey Dea is right but we have modified this island a bit already (& you can have a banana and greens island) so you can add your lettuce :-) Maybe for everyone (including myself who is having date & banana) remember to list down exactly what variation of banana island you are eating in your daily blog here, that way we can see what your results are in relation to what you eat X

I guess we could have a "rule" of only one ingredient outside of banana island...
yes this sounds like a grand idea. I'm hoping to go solo bananas, but if i get all vigerous with the exercise, i will perhaps add some dates.
I'm beginning tomorrow, but I still have a whole celery, so I will add that in on the first day if I can't find a human to take it on into their innards. I would prefer to be faithful to the bananas, and I have a whole 20kilos perfectly ripe currently! arrgh gotta get mowing my way through the beasts!
awesome Mica!
Newbie yet, but I might as well join the banana island for a while... due to all the inspiration and great info I've got from here. Thanks for reaching out! :-)
I've been wondering for a really long time -- where do you all get your cases of bananas?

Some of you, I'm sure, are fortunate enough to live by a food co-op or a great farm-stand, but I live in a fairly small town .... and I'm not quite sure how I would manage to buy bulk bananas....

do you just simply approach the produce manager in your local supermarket and ask him/her to sell you bananas by the case?
And, if so, how do you lift the box/case???? I'm pretty small..... and I'm not sure if I'd do too well with it...

Suggestions are appreciated! :)



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