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I use it everyday after every meal so this concerns me a bit. I swish it in my mouth and than spit it out + no rinsing after that. 

Any thoughts?? 

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I went to the dentist one time and they told me not to use baking soda...for one thing it doesn't have flouride and it scratches your enamel. But you know what? I think all of that is a bunch of hog wash because the ppl who are against that stuff are for conventional toothpastes with harmful flouride and sulfates that actually cause the very thing it is suppose to prevent which is cavities...and most ppl want to blame it on citrus and sugary fruits that cause cavities and that's just wrong also...so keep cleaning with baking soda it makes your teeth really white from my experience.

I think baking soda can be harsh if you're brushing your teeth with it unless you dissolve it in water. As far as I know the baking soda will neutralize acids. I have had a dentist tell me that it was actually good to use it but more as a swish. You can take equal amounts of Baking Soda and sea salt put in a jar with water. Cover and keep in your bathroom. Use it as a mouth rinse. I feel it has been beneficial. 


I usually put some baking soda in my mouth and swish it with my saliva. I do this because it's really easy, but i'll probably mix it with something untill i'm really sure about it.:) 

When talking about acidic and alkaline substances damaging teeth, people too often speak about different substances in absolute terms.  Like "acidic is bad", "baking soda is bad", "baking soda is a chemical", and so on.  I think it should be pointed out that the positive or negative effects of alkaline substances change with the strength of the solution.  This is a matter of gradation, not of absolutes.  Yes, both acids and bases eat through stuff very easily if they're highly concentrated.  But in proper concentration, both acids and bases can range from totally harmless to totally indispensable.  Just as one example, hydrochloric acid is known to be a very dangerous substance.  But our bodies make it and pump it into our stomach on a daily basis.  It would be wrong to make a blanket statement "HCL is unnatural and dangerous to humans.  Similarly with baking soda:  Yes, in high concentrations, it might be damaging (especially if you're brushing with the stuff in powder form).  But dissolved in water, baking soda splits into sodium ions and bicarb ions.  And guess what your body naturally puts into every drop of saliva that it makes.  Sodium and bicarb ions.  Yup, your saliva is naturally (among other things) a baking soda solution. Your body uses this stuff as a buffer.  So, without quantifying the concentration (the pH) of a baking soda solution, making any sort of blanket statements about its use as an oral rinse is a bit short sighted.

Yes! I'm also reading those books right now. Really valuable information. 

Personally, I think it is much more dangerous to walk into a dentist's office--for any reason--than to brush my teeth with baking soda.  I'm 69 y/o and the dentists I've had were all scam artists!  They were in business to make money!  They were not in business to help me have healthy teeth--they were in business to sabotage and slowly destroy my teeth--and thereby make more money for themselves! 

For example, I once went to a dentist for a check-up.  I had no pain and no known problems in my mouth at the time.  So this "dentist" shoots X-rays at my head; takes them back into a dark room, and comes out with the smiling declaration that I had two cavities!  The "cavities" were too small to see with the naked eye, so he had to use a X-ray machine to "locate them." 

Then he drilled away 1/2 of each of two teeth and filled both teeth with mercury amalgam.  Twenty years later, the filling became loose--according to another scam artist--er, dentist--and had to be replaced--because germs had entered my tooth through the loose filling and made another cavity under the existing mercury filling!  So the second scam artist loosened the existing filling with a small, hand-held, jack hammer (luckily, he didn't crack the whole tooth) and drilled deeper into my tooth--actually, he was apparently trying to strike the nerve--so he could sell me a root canal and crown--and thereby make lots more money!  Now it's 40 years later and I need to find another scam artist to remove the mercury amalgam in my teeth--so I don't get some kind of dementia from the heavy metal poisoning in my mouth--that didn't need to be there in the first place!

Fact is, I've never had a cavity or a problem in my mouth--that was not caused by a dentist!  If a dentist tells me not to brush with baking soda--I'm going to do exactly that--because a dentist is apparently a liar and a scam artist, who will do and say anything to keep me from taking care of my teeth--so he can make more money!

Your English is quite good.  Great job!

Lee that makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &^&%^&%^%*^*^* i hate what this world has become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR


That's a good question, Wendy.  I was born in 1943 and most of my contemporaries, my peers, have had these experiences with their dentists.  We don't have socialized medicine--or dentistry--here in the USA.  What we have is "for profit" medicine--and "for profit" dentistry.  That means that our healthcare providers are in business to make money.  They're not too interested in my health--or anybody elses' health.  They're interested in money.

In fact, we have this problem almost everywhere except the public sector, in my opinion.  That's what the political fight is about these days.  The Republican Party is "on the take" from the upper 2% of the special interests:  banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers.  These "special interests" oppose any government growth or regulation that would limit the amount of money they can make from these kinds of scams.

Personally, I believe the entire USA is in trouble.  I believe that everybody has been lied to, cheated, and scammed by the special interests we've got in this country.  In fact, it was worse 100 years ago: J. P. Morgan, Jay Gould, the Rockefeller family...the Tories, the Teapot dome scandal...we've had Presidents, Senators, Congressmen on the take...and they don't want it to change.  They want to keep making "easy money" from scams.

I've been brushing my teeth with baking soda or baking soda/salt for... sevenish years with no problems.  I brush pretty much every day at least once with it.  I also use H2O2 and plain water and brush at least twice a day with one of the three.

I have found a french company specialized in selling baking soda. They have a very very fine baking soda to use on your teeth. It´s less abrasive than normal baking soda. But even then, they say that we should use it on our teeth no more than 2 or 3 times a week! otherwise, it will ruin your enamel. So, I would be carefull...

If it hasn't ruined my enamel after 7 years, I'm not too worried.



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