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Hey, banana eaters and fruit munchers!

Desperately in need of your advise! The thing is, a couple of time I have been starting the high carb "diet". I was eating only fruit for 2 weeks or so and then I got back on the junckie "bad" food. I guess, I lose my motivation or I'm strongly addicted to the cooked non-vegan food. Do you reckon, after a sertain time eating fruit will make me "forget" about other stuff? How long should I eat ONLY high carb raw vegan to feel satisfied? The "21 day" rule, perhaps?

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I am new to eating raw (just so you know), but in January we became vegan and gave up meat and dairy completely. It was really hard because dairy products were some of my favorite foods and the foods that had lots of cheese were on the top of the list. Our family of four ate about 10 pounds of cheeses a month.

So...here are my tips for changing your lifestyle.

-Change how you think. You really need to think of the bad foods and then think of what they do to your body. How bad they are for you. Kind of like changing "good cookies" into "cookies of death".

-You need to set in your mind what you are striving for. I want to be healthy, to raise a healthy family, to live a long life that is of high quality, and to enjoy life more. Those things require that I eat better than I did this time last year. In fact, the better that I eat the better that my life will be and the more likely I can meet all of those goals. I would also like to avoid cancer because both of my paternal grandparents died of cancer when my dad was a teenager, my aunt died of cancer in 1994 and my dad in 2004. A lot of family history to overcome there.

-Setting goals can help. The longer you stick with it, the harder it will be to go back. Additionally you will add to the list, "eating x will make me feel like crap". Which will be true. The longer you eat healthy the harder it is to go back. So start with making it through a day (if it's really hard), then a week, then a month, and so forth. Just make sure that the goal feels doable.

-Seek someone to do it with. It seems that there are a lot of people here doing 30 day challenges and such. Having someone to help hold you accountable can be helpful. Someone who will say, "Hey, have you been eating right?"

You can do this!

Just wanted to say you have some great tips for her and everyone else!

If you don't eat enough, you will crave foods that are high in calories. You could be raw for 10 years straight with 0 hiccups but then you happen to be in a situation where you simply cannot eat enough calories, and if you don't eat something, you will crave stuff that you really shouldn't eat. Eat more fruit, and if you simply can't get enough calories because there is no ripe fruit, go for stuff like fruit juice/dried fruits. And if you can't get that either(or if the quality of the juice/dried fruits is just horrible) then go for cooked starches.

My tip is to not just eat fruit. Eat fruit for the morning and throughout the day with water in-between fruit snack sessions. A decent size mono-meal in the morning also helps. Eat less as the day goes on and finish in the evening with a huge salad. Put a lot in there (variety) and include some seeds, like hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds. Dont eat too late in the evening (my goal is 7 p.m.) and try to go to bed early. I have found that staying up late makes me grab for anything (usually dates, because I dont have any 'junk' in my house anymore)-but even dates are bad at night because then I have a huge boost of energy. It's best, if you are up late and feel like you need something, make some tea (no caffeine! I usually do a root tea like yellow dock root) or drink a few glasses of water. It's really good to drink water before bed and when you wake up too. Also, a BIG tip: GET THE BAD STUFF OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! :D And go on a run or walk if you get a craving to 'go out to eat' or something like that. Good luck! I've bounced back & fourth, but I think I'm solid now.. 100% woop woop! Remember, fruit=bursts of energy (morning/daytime stuff). You need more variety...and vegetables!! xxoo

That's REALLY awesome! Super cool, how you came to raw-ness! (:

Terrific!  You are one in a million...or maybe one in ten million!  However, as an alcoholic ex-member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I can tell you that addictive people are typically black and white thinkers, who go to extremes, make big changes and flip-flop back and forth between radical ideas.  So, I am taking nothing away from your tremendous achievements--but I'm warning that 40 days, a couple of months--even a year--are not necessarily signs of a permanent life-style change.

I've seen alcoholics quit drinking for a year; 5, 10, 15, 20+ years...and then pick up a drink and be as bad off as ever!

The only thing that works is a complete and permanent lifestyle change.  When I have a good day, or a good month, I try not to pat myself on the back so hard that it hurts my arm!

For the record.  I quit drinking, smoking, drugs, prescription medications 5 1/2 years ago.  For the last 4 years I've been doing dietary experiments.  For the last 6 months I've been trying to get 30 days as a 100% LFRV.  My best effort is 25 days; and today is my Day Four after a 3-day slip.

My message to you would be that this complete and permanent lifestyle change is not easy.  The mind is tricky.  Sometimes we think that we have done so good that we need to go out and celebrate!!!!  Then it's back to Step One!


Dude that a bit harsh to be calling people weak pathetic parasite to society. Would be the same as me making an assumption from a post that you are a myopic arrogant elitist fool. I am not here to start an argument but there is no need for these type of things to be said.

I know exactly how you feel Lele! I have been a vegan for a long time, but the biggest challenge has been to stay raw. Like you, I'm seriously crazy for vegan, crap foods like bread and canned foods. But a week ago, I realised something. Unless you loom the part, you are NEVER going to convince people that vegan is the only way. I realised that in order to save lives, I have to look happy, healthy, fit and vibrant because otherwise, people are just going to continue to look the other way. When you have what other people want, then they listen. If you're overweight, lethargic, unfit, have terrible skin or you are anything less than the shining example you should be, people are going to keep eating animals and causing pain and misery to all of our beautiful, helpless animal friends. It's been a week today, 100% fully raw, high carb, low fat and I feel amazing. I know that doing this not only benefits me, it benefits the lives of so many thinking, feeling, sentient creatures that need our help. 

When you put things into perspective, you realise that in not doing this, being vegan means zilch. You are just as selfish as you were before. You can keep looking for motivation, or you can take responsibility for yourself and say "no. Not aanymore". 

@Jack - well done on your HUGE success of the last 40 days. You've done what many couldn't do before and the benefits are going to be amazing. I'm delighted to hear you decided on making the move to Hawaii in the end. I hope all goes well for you over there. Work hard to play hard champ! :)

It took a month for me to get over my cravings.  One strict month, then I was on my way as a total raw vegan.  I'd say stock up on dates, so when ever you get cravings, you can just dive bomb for them instead of the junk.  Now, when ever my body is needing something, I just crave some fresh dates!  Make sure you at least get 2,500 cals, that'll really help.    In a month, or a little over, you should start to feel that "full" effect off of fruit.

I have to say I agree with you Jack, it can have a seriously negative affect on other people's motivations seeing something like that. But I'm sure Lee didn't mean any harm. We're all on a journey after all. 

I heartly THANK EVERY PERSON who responded to my post! All of your answers have helped me to make a following dicision:

There is no such a thing like "craving for bad food" - it is just a banal hunger that needs to be satisfied with the RIGHT food in particular = FRUIT. We are not able to choice whether to be hungry or not, but it is OUR choice what kind of food we "fuel" our bodies with for healthy cells and active life!

I feel so relieved now! I desire to hug the whole world! 

What is really helping me, after 6 weeks, is to not let myself get hungry or feel weak at any time. Cravings are a non-issue if I do this. 

Always prepare and have a backup plan. When I go to work I take a carrier bag full of food for the day, and keep a pack of dates there in case I run low. Before going out for the evening I first stuff myself silly and take a little something to nibble on, and if I screw up and start feeling hungry I know there will always be somewhere selling steamed rice/veggies etc.

For example, last night was our monthly poker night and I fuelled up beforehand on a massive meal and took along a box of fresh orange and a few nuts. Even though most of the guys there where eating less than healthful food I easily fended off any desire to weaken.

It was interesting to note that 2 of the guys there reported having constant low energy, 1 was getting over an eating disorder caused by stress (he could only eat liquids!) 2 had colds and 1 was getting over a six week chest infection. I hope my constant high energy and robust health gave them 'food' for thought!

By the way, all these guys are in their late twenties, early thirties!



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