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I am on day 4 of 811 diet and i am amazed at how little or no bad morning breath i have when i wake up compared to a high fat raw diet, can you guys confirm this and explain why this happens?

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Welcome to the club. :)

I would guess it's because our intestines are far longer then the intestines of a carnivore.
When a carnivore eats meat he has strong intestinal acids that digest the meat and short intestines to quickly eliminate the meat.
We don't have those strong stomach acids and far longer intestines. So meat, dairy etc. starts to rot inside our body because it stays in there too long. This creates all kinds of toxic side products and creates a nasty smell.

Maybe you have noticed going to the bathroom also smells a lot less now? Or maybe day 4 is still a bit to soon.
yes the stools smell less, I didnt eat meat before, I think the high fat diet was causing the bad breath for me
Yes! Why does this happen? Perhaps we should examine what in fresh fruit would make one's breath repugnant? I see nothing. Just another benefit of fruit!



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