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This is more of a rant...

No matter what I say or how much I eat... he will never believe in this life style.  Constantly  commenting on everything I ate and then not letting me eat dinner because he wanted to explain how I am "not getting enough protein" and then going on and on and on about the damages a vegan lifestyle will do.  I could not eat dinner because I too busy trying to stop myself from crying.  And the other coach (Lutz) just sat there and watched the whole thing... I looked over at him and he did not do anything (because he probably agreed with everything Krause said).  For a little while I thought I actually was stupid and was cook grain vegan for a couple days. 
Now I am back home and the official season does not start for 2 weeks so I get some time to workout on my own and not have to worry about his judgment.
I want to quite the team now, but I will not because I am his first vegan athlete and what will it say (or do) to the future vegan athletes if I quite.  I do not want them to go though the same @#$% I am going though.  I need to be the best on his team, but the closer I get the more he bullies me, and I cannot do anything about it without risking getting kicked off the team.  Right now I am probably in the top ten girls on a team of about 200 high schoolers (approximately half are girls). 
How do I get over this and how do I get better?
The sport is cross country by the way.

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he sounds like an ***. Do yourself a favor and run for you not him. Sure you can run on the team etc.. but do it for yourself not him. I dont know what you feel you need to prove. Prove to yourself that you can do well under pressure but he's frankly not worth it. Sounds like you could end up #1 on the team and he'd still hate on how your eating it could be a total waste trying to please someone so ignorant.

Oh girl I am so sorry you have to go through this!!  In all honesty, I don't think that you alone can change your coaches thinking, I think you should get an adult involved because treating you like this in front of others is not acceptable!  I used to be like this (albeit I didn't do sports, I did go on other trips where older people berated and belittled me because of my diet) and I would take it and then cry at night into the pillow.  Now I don't care, I tell them to stop bothering me and get back to eating their way to a heart attack, that usually does the trick.  If not, I have extensive vegan science knowledge accumulated throughout the years on this lifestyle to put to good use, they know nothing to back their silly claims on the other hand.  If that still doesn't work, I bluntly tell them to leave me the hell alone, and to really think about why me being vegan bothers them so much.  If I were you, I would get a parent involved.  I would have my dad or my mom call in raising hell and screaming bloody murder at the coach, something along the lines of:

"How DARE you treat my daughter this way?  If she wants to eat vegan, she can eat vegan and you have to fully support that!  She's in the top five percent of the high school as a runner and you blind bat can't see that???!!! You should be fired for the mental and moral suffering that you have caused to my child!!! If I EVER hear about this again, you will hear from me for the last time because then you would have to pack your bags and return to whatever '!@#$%^&*' you crawled out from!  UNDERSTAND???!!! 

They can't kick you off the team, I assume you paid to be on it and you have done nothing wrong, your behavior has not physically harmed anyone else nor have you been derogatory towards any other teammates so I think you should be fine.  Don't put up with this, I mean seriously, don't make yourself suffer! Ugh this makes me so mad there are idiots like that out there!  Anyways rant over, just please don't put-up with this !@#$%^&*, you deserve to be treated better, demand it!  You can do it!  

Thanks!  Your awesome!  

Right on AnnaBanana! :)

AGH!! And you're from Colorado too!!  What school does this dip work in?  

You are super cool, but I am kind of afraid you will actually call him.  Don't get me wrong.  I told my mom and she called him and since then, I has gotten better (for now any way).  But I fear if any one else gets involved it would risk me being on the team.  Thank you though.

Haha you're quite correct, I would have tried something, but that's ok, I understand where you're coming from.  Hope it works out for you! 

I'd make sure that the school administration and the teacher are made aware that he is bullying you on your lifestyle choice and that they could be subject to legal action.  It is discrimination based on your lifestyle choice pure and simple. 

+1  This will help ensure your place on the team if you feel at risk of being taken off.  Discrimination could be a major law suit.  You could be eating vegan for religious reasons, he doesn't know and should not be making fun of you or telling you what to eat.

I do not like Krause at all... in fact I hate him.  But not enough to get the man fired. His kids (Emma and Jackson) are not bad.  
I understand what your saying though.  It is not his place and I should not have to put up with it.  Thanks for your support!

they would not fire him, they'd just let him know that he cannot harass you like that.

I see.  Alright, next time he does this I will go to the school administration.  I want to see if he will stop now that my mom has called him.  He has not said anything since, but last October when this same thing happened and my parents got involved, he laid off till, well last week.  October was the end of the season though, and this time the season just begun, so I have no idea how long it will last.



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