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Check out this link and the links below the article about Angelina Jolie and the 12 year old kid.

I'm kinda scared now even after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Forks over Knives etc. and educating myself as much as possible every day since April... :(

Help me regain my confidence! I want a fully raw pregnancy and family!

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This needs to be BUMPED!!!!

So ridiculous..don't even know where to start. Bumping for exposure. Let's get this one settled, 30bad.

I think there was a case when a vegan couple weren't able to nurse their baby properly and were feeding him apple and carrot juice, and for all I know it could have been store-bought pasteurized crap.  Anyhow the baby died from malnourishment and the parents were charged.

By the way, the same thing happens when you exclusively feed a baby pasteurized cow's milk bought from the store.  The baby dies from malnourishment.

I think the more important reason the child died is that the parents refused to use traditional medicine. The baby had bronchitis and they still did not go to a doctor and only used home remedies. If they had actually been healthy and smart they would have supplemented their diet and known that you can't just expect the kid to recover on it's own. Especially when it was down to only 12 pounds. The vegan diet is just the scapegoat in this story.

I agree with you! It made my blood boil when that journalist kept mentioning how animal nutrition was the best diet for pregnant women, not!

Someone please bump this. It is misleading and could make people question this diet based on evidence that makes veganism guilty by association.

I just want to share these great comments I found following this extremely biased article, which is obviously misdirected and aimed at attacking vegans. (The author of the article has a whole slew of similarly targeted articles; obviously she has some guilt at eating dead animals and consuming their byproducts so she takes it out by writing articles to talk shit to vegans.)


Why wasn’t these parents -feeding- their baby solids? Exclusively breast fed… 11 mo’s! The usual introduction of solids is anywhere between 4-6 mo’s depending on the childs needs. Of course the baby suffered a terrible fate, it wasn’t being fed.


This is so in accurate. First look at the sources. The baby was sick before hand and the parents ignored the recommendations of their doctor. There are millions of vegan mothers that breastfeed their children without any health problems. I would be more concerned about the hundreds of millions of meat eaters that consume GMOs and processed dairy and meat. Start reading about the real problems with a animal based diet, rather than the one vegan out of multi-millions that died due to suspected malnutrition to ignorant parents!!! Check yourself people.

It could be that the entire story is a fabrication?

Aren't 40% of the US population B12 deficient? 

Yes! While i wasn't deficient at one time mine was in the 200's , that was nearly 10 year's ago when i was eating meat and dairy products and taking vitamins, I still take b12 and switched my diet to plant based and my numbers are a little over the top.

This is a more balanced article on the same topic, it tells you the whole story: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/01/joel-sergine-le-moalig...

In fact, the baby died because it had pnemonia and they were supposed to go directly to emergency but they instead treated the baby with cabbage and clay or something like that for WEEKS, if not months, while the baby got sicker and sicker. We don't know how healthy or not healthy the mom was or what issues she was carrying from her old diet, etc. Unfortunately this is an issue with the parents insisting on being scared of conventional medicine. They could have at least taken the child for blood tests instead of simply treating her with some ancient remedy, not that I'm against those when done in a sensible approach. Also they recommend starting babies on solids after 6 months but she had only been fed breast milk. People have to realize health can be more complicated than just following a book.

If an omnivore child die, it's bad luck, if a vegan child die, it's the diet.

If you want to play it safe, I think there is people specialized in raw vegan pregnancies you can talk to.

Well said.

Sad but treu



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