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 I know I wrote this as my blog but I really need some feedback so Im posting it 4 disscussion too...thanks 4 your time &support.


 So I go to the doc this morn 2 get b12/homocysteine levels checked. First I find out ive gained weight since going vegan..just great..but i knew that by the fittng of my clothes. Next we go to the room where the nurse asks why i want B12 tested..I tell her some of my risk factors..she says "what are your symptoms?!"..I say well fatiuge..she says.."AND" and I mention going vegan hoping she would just shut up & get me tested! she says well I cant say your vit.B12 deficiat if you dont tell me your symptoms..I say well..I never said i WAS deficiant..thats why i want testing..Im not here 4 drugs Im here 4 a vitiman and your being really snotty w/ me about this!! she then apoligised saying it wasent me it was her morning..and for the record she knows that everyone who gets B12 injections swears by them!..


Then the doctor comes in!...she was a ray of sunshine as well!..We talk about symptoms, diet and risk factors. I ask "so I know that the B12 level for the us is 200 and in China it is 500, so if my level comes out ok acording to US standard can  still request injections to see if I could benifit?"...She says "well its 500 in china because thats the level for their nationallity there"............At the time I said "oh"....I wish I would have said ,ok so If Im living in china and I get my levels tested and theyre 200 they wont recomend a supplament because IM WHITE?? or if a chinese person in america tests 250  american docs wILL put them on a regimine! GIMMIE A BREAK!


So I say trying to be polite and not sound like a rebel.."you can order this stuff on line!..wouldnt you rather help me do thins under the supervision of a doctor?" and she says "well why dont you just take a pill form?" I tell her again of reasons why I dont believe Im absorbing properly through my digestive tract. She says "well if you arent absorbing intestinally them that will show up on the B12 test!"


So I just went and got my testing and I should hear something in a coupple of days..I feel defeated and that they simply wouldnt listen because I talked to them like I knew what I wanted and NO ONE KNOWS WHATS BEST FOR THEM ACCEPT DOCTORS!! I know I need to find a diff doctor..or just order online does anyone know of a good site??http://www.goldpharma.com I found that site & its fairly cheap..but idk if I can even legally order out of US.


The part that baffles me is, we pee out any extra B12 we dont need so whats the big hang up?? She ddnt offer sublingual but Id rather not waste the $$ trying it when I know for sure injections will !


I really need advice&support on this one..I hate going to doctors its taken me months to make this appt..for the very reason I expirienced today..they treat me like Im an idiot!  thanks 4 reading!

Peace,Love&Light all~ways,Monica

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Hi.  I don't know much about B12 so I can't speak to that, however I did read your post in full.  Please don't feel hurt--maybe the expert on B12 just hasn't happened upon your post yet.  Personally, I stay away from allopathic medicine unless it is an absolute emergency which has been very rare for the last 30 years. My stance is that it's always best to stay away from them--they don't truly understand the meaning of "well," "health," "heal," "cure."

Ive always been agenst it as well..maybe I just got caught up in the hype over it,ya know. Ive always thought (dnt think im silly lol) that if "something" ever happened in the world where it was chaos everywhere 4 whatever reason..I dnt want to be worrying about getting a medication Im "dependent"on! thats why Ive never taken a majority of the things Ive been perscribed unless it was absolutley nessasary!..I guess I thought that because its "just a vitiman" it wasent a big deal..and my vanity wanted a boost in loosing a few lbs..so pros vs cons...I think my gut is telling me its not worth it..cuz if 4 some reason I get injections & am doing great, then 4 whatever reason I am unable to get them am I going to feel all run down like I need it?! 

thanks so much for your input you brought me a lil reality check(that I already knew but was ignoring i guess) take care, peace&Love,Monica :)

hi Monica Louise,

Hope you're tests come back OK,then you wont have to deal with them,we have all experienced the arrogance(or is it 'ignorance'!!!) of doctors(generally speaking).its good you stood up to them,if you need B12,just insist on an injection,then I would consider regularly taking the sublingual form.

Apparently the real test for B12 is different from the normal blood test,Don Bennett knows about it and what you need to ask for,contact him asap.Yes,maybe you need to find a different doctor.How long have you been vegan?,are you raw?


ive been vegan roughly 5 months (some slip ups with vegitarian food ), raw vegan for lil over 2months. Thanks 4 your input I will def find Don B. ! Peace all~ways,Monica

How long have you been 811rv? I would make sure to get all the other nutrients in the right amount and if the digestion works perfect by then. Just take a B12 supplement in pill form, no doctors needed that way. If you take this for a year or so after being 811rv for a few years and the blood result does comeback to low, then I would consider other extreme measures, like injections. Let the body try to do its job first.

i recently went to the doctors for a b12 shot and got the same thing

i had the so called doctor tell me b12 is a vitamin - i looked at here straight faced and said its the faeces of a combalimin bacteria - she said no its not - i said go back to your books and re-educate yourself

now are you going to give me the shot or not because my time is precious i dont know about yours.

she shut her mouth, left the room - nurse came in all quite, gave me the shot and i left.

that being said - im fairly inactive at the moment so i urinated my b12 out

like you say - if you dont need b12 youll urinate it out  and if your inactive its useless to you anyway.

see I wanted to go in and just request the shot but I had a feeling they would give me the run around! SHE ALSO SAID THAT IS IM B12 DEFICIANT I WILL ALSO BE ANEMIC! is that right??!! Ive watched a lot of DR &Freelees videos on B12 and read all discussions and Ive never heard that come up! she says they go hand in hand. I am commiting to at least an hour jog a day and Im going to try for an hr n a half.(half hr or so in the morn & hour at night(treadmill)) because Im continuing to gain instead of loose which I dnt understand&Im not comming from a cal restricted lifestyle at ALL lol..so idk. So the B12 should def benifit me then..I ddnt know about that f yr inactive the shot wont work. So thanks for your knowledge on the subject and taking the time to respond.Peace&Love all~ways,Mon!ca

Glad you got some answers, Monica.  Sometimes it just takes a bit for folks with enough expertise to feel comfortable replying to find your question.  Too bad, I'm not one of those peeps :)

But, I can recommend this book, which I've seen Harley promote:


as well as searching for B-12 both here and on Harley's YT channel:


If you're still at a loss, you can always drop Durianrider a note here, and he should get back to you within a few day, busy as he is with may emails I'm sure.

I know I know ;D I had an inpatient moment I guess.I feel silly about it.

Yea Ive seen a lot of DRs yt videos..I actually sent freelee a msg about it. I know theyre both super busy so Ill give her a coupple days n if shes too full Ill shoot DR a msg about it if he dosent find the discussion. Thanks so much! Peace&love, Monica

I believe you suggested the solution in your discussion - find a new doctor - if you have to go to one.  My doctor had no problem requesting a B12 test, I just had to pay for it myself for it was not covered by insurance. The average doctor out there does not suggest taking vitamins of any kind to anyone, there is a chance it may be healthy advice and put them out of business.  If you must have advice from a doctor,keep searching until you find one with whom you are compatible.

I had this link bookmarked.  I can't find the thread, but I believe I read somewhere that this is what Harley uses, or at least did use, at some point.




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