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I searched the net on & off for a year to figure out where to buy injections. Well I was going to buy from Trim, they were out of the kit I wanted so I found a seller called Pure Pharmasuticals..I couldnt find too much pro or con on this company. So I just went for it.I got 30mg Methyl for 99.99. When it arrived I had to sign for it.  the bottle ddnt have the same exact label that was shown online...it ddnt have the company name on it,it just said "super pure vitamin B12 1000mcg methyl " then storing & ing. list. I injected in my leg & besides the inital prick from the needle(1 1/2" 25g) I felt NOTHING. Isnt it supposed to sting a little??! Ive heard ppl say the injection area even beeing a little numb for a day or2.. Do you think I got scammed?? I asked harley on youtube but I know hes super busy & Im kindof in a rush for some input. thanks. Peace&love all~ways,Monica

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The first day I didn' t notice much. I was a little tired after the second one. Yesterday I had number three, and I never been so tired before.

The body produce more red blood cells now.

I have many pains in the body by lack of B12, I notice only a little different. Your body tries to rebuild good level in your tissue. That will take time.

Maybe you not low in B12.

Try a few shots more. I take 1 every 4 days.


I was just simply referring to no stinging sensation or anything. I think I ddnt feel anything the first time because of adrenaline!lol I  felt it day two&three because I wasent so scared of the needle anymore. My blood was def pumpin my first time so Im pretty sure that was why I ddnt feel anything. Adrenaline is a great pain killer lol. Thanks for taking the time to leave input though! I appreciate it. Peace & Love all~ways, Monica

My symptoms are similar to yours though and was curious about being a lil tired instead of energized. Ill do a lil more research, but good to know it sounds like everything is as it should be.Thanks again :)

Crossed legs by injecting. You wont feel much pain.

You cann't use the muscles when your leg is crossed (I hope you understand what I try to explane)

Injection in the upper leg.

I had the same problem as you ha ha.

I hope the energy will come.

My resting heart rate drops  from over 94 to 80 . So thats a good sign.

Give it time.

94 and 80 are both very high. That is a sure sign more red blood cells are being produced. 



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