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I have been a vegetarian for 6.5 years, a vegan for 5 years, raw for 2.5 years and 80-10-10 for exactly two years now, so I thought it was time to check my blood levels again. It's not a very extensive test, but the results were fine except for two values: b12 and folic acid. 


B12 values were really low: 86 pmol/L, compared with 0.30 nmol/L (which is I believe 300pmol/L) almost exactly two years ago. The reference range here in the Netherlands is 130 - 700. Even though the value is clearly on the very low side, my doctor wasn't worried. According to her, the absorption of b12 in the cells was fine. I don't know how she came to this conclusion, since I did not speak to her personally.


Folic acid was 33.2 nmol/L, which is outside of the reference range of  5.1 to 31.1 here in The Netherlands.


The other values were all within normal range. My iron had actually improved a lot compared with my earlier test.


My own feelings about the folic acid and b12:

-I'm not going to worry about the folic acid, since I'm not taking any supplements. I guess the folic acid must be coming from all the fruits and veggies. 

-I'm going to worry about the b12 though. I will ask for b12 injections.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Japan has a lower limit of 550 approx for b12. So when people get tested and their doctors say 'oh, you eat meat and your level is 300 then your PERFECTLY fine!'. Thats when people go undetected and can run into some serious issues that often involve big court pay outs and disabilities. Yeah its rare but it does happen.


Id get on the b12 shots. Learn how to do em yourself if its a hassle with doctors. Do your own homework on dosage protocol etc.


I just gave another NON vegan friend of mine a b12 shot in the 'alley of b12' that is behind my mates fruit shop. He keeps getting staph infections and I told him that my theory is that Ive only seen staph infections in people with low b12. 

Hm, I'm prone to staph infections myself :( haven't had any since I have been raw, but guess this means I will get back on the B-complex... I have no idea how to get shots here in the Czech Republic :) My issue is that I hate buying big pharma, though, and the b-12 sold in pharmacies is from bayer...ew.

Yeah you hate big pharma but big pharma will save your life if you have an accident and have lost so much blood that you need a transfusion to survive... Its like not shopping at the only market in town cos they sell dead animals..you still gotta eat! lol!


Get on the injections. All my raw meat eating friends have had staph the worst BTW and they all have had low b12 levels.

Hey hylas


Take a sublingual supplement. You don't need injections. That way you wouldn't have to fund pharmacies. You can get B12 shipped in from other countries. I use a liquid sublingual by a company called Biocare (not a pharmaceutical company) called vitasorb b12 in the UK. I am sure you can get it sent to czech.


Take care


Adam x

Vitasorb B12 from UK shipping to Czech republic should be £2.95 :-)

how long 15ml will last?

Hey Mates


If you are just using it as a maintenance dose then one month, if you are using it therapeutically (correcting a proven deficiency) then you will need 3 bottles per month for 2-3 months.


Take care


Adam x

Dont worry :-) i will not use it just like that because someone said its good. I am going to do blood/urine tests and we will see. However I think I get rid of a lot of factors which could be detrimental in my way to better skin and performance :-) Now its more like its up to time or that damn B12 ... And i would like to say that i suffered many symptoms when i was omnivorous( fatigue, bad memory, numbness in my fingers, and few more strange things - i am not throwing everything on B12 but i dont want to live in ignorance anymore :-) Take care Mates
Will think about the injections, but am a bit more worried about sudden drop in iron. Blood value was almost halved and is now below the recommended minimum. Only major things i changed in last three months is the b12 tablets and eating peas in quite large amounts. Any suggestions?
Hmm, ok, not sure how I will convince my doctor to give me b-12 shots.... he thinks my b-12 levels are fine :) Will keep on the pills for now and look into it. Thank you!

Do em yourself. Its not brain surgery. ;) Look it up on youtube. Thats how basic it is! lol!


I mean waiting for a doctor to get up to speed on b12..not sure how long you want to wait lol!


Ive had staph once and NEVER want it again! lol!

Wow, had no idea! Will look into it. I'm new to....everything :D Thanks a lot.
Iron levels can drop when b12 levels go up as the body is using iron to build more RBC's etc as the body has enough b12. Ive seen it happen in myself. If one is getting enough calories, sleep, water, etc then the body will do its thing regarding iron. B12 is another story as its absorption is way more complex and so many people have genetic issues etc.



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