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I have been a vegetarian for 6.5 years, a vegan for 5 years, raw for 2.5 years and 80-10-10 for exactly two years now, so I thought it was time to check my blood levels again. It's not a very extensive test, but the results were fine except for two values: b12 and folic acid. 


B12 values were really low: 86 pmol/L, compared with 0.30 nmol/L (which is I believe 300pmol/L) almost exactly two years ago. The reference range here in the Netherlands is 130 - 700. Even though the value is clearly on the very low side, my doctor wasn't worried. According to her, the absorption of b12 in the cells was fine. I don't know how she came to this conclusion, since I did not speak to her personally.


Folic acid was 33.2 nmol/L, which is outside of the reference range of  5.1 to 31.1 here in The Netherlands.


The other values were all within normal range. My iron had actually improved a lot compared with my earlier test.


My own feelings about the folic acid and b12:

-I'm not going to worry about the folic acid, since I'm not taking any supplements. I guess the folic acid must be coming from all the fruits and veggies. 

-I'm going to worry about the b12 though. I will ask for b12 injections.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Speak to your doctor first, on why she thinks b12 is not a concern? I guess the 130-700 has safety features built into it to account for more unhealthy peeps?
Yes, planning to make an appointment with her tomorrow.
The thing is, I have never been as strong or fit as now. Already broke my 5k running time and my all time pushups record. Curious to see if improved b12 will result in even better performance.
I won the South Australian 24hr solo xc champs with a similar b12 serum value. A doctor friend said 'You would have won it better if you had higher levels I suspect'.
It's always great to perform better than fantastic.
Broke my pushup record big time now: 102. Not bad for an old man of 39. Did it with the help of hundredpushups.com
I have the same B12 level.  116 pg/ml which is about 86 pmol/L. Homocystine level was high, just above the normal range which tends to confirm a B12 problem.   For the last 4 months since the test I've been taking B12 sublinqual.  I'll get another test soon.   I don't think I have any deficiency symptoms and don't feel like anything has changed from taking the sublingual.
I have been taking sublinguals as well, but clearly it wasnt enough. The nurses at the doctor's office said that sublinguals did not work, so guess I will not have any issues getting shots. I am a bit worried about the low level, since symptoms and problems will happen gradually.
Yes, I saw some angry comments on dutch forums too. I would prefer not to inject myself, but lets see! Maybe my doc is very openminded. She has more nutritional knowledge than most doctors I know.
I've just had another B12 test and am now 350 pg/ml.   The methylcobalamin sublinquals and sprays appear to work for me. Homocysteine  dropped from 18.5 to 11.1.  The previous test did not measure MMAu but it is now low at 6.5.
Very good. I will do a test soon again, will let you know.

So went to the doctor again, to ask her about my low level of b12. Turned out she was quite knowledgeable. She said they get regular briefings from a medical specialist on b12 issues. She told me: yes, b12 level was low, but when looking at the other blood values (like hemoglobin, M.C.V., M.C.H. and others) she wasn't worried. Any issues would be reflected in these other values. And they all were very good. She actually said that my diet seemed to work very well for me.


We agreed it would be wise to supplement with b12 (sublingual), and have another test in three months. I can live with this. As already said before, I'm really feeling very great. Broke my pushups record again this week! 63 now, beating my previous record of 50 when I was 25.



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