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Those are overpriced and not labeled well. If you want something cheap go for the cyanocobalamin or if you want  the best b12 you can get, go for the methylcobalamin http://www.trimnutrition.com/vitamin-injections.html

B12 injections designed to boost energy levels and aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism. Its true.

Surely there is a fruitarian website that sells high quality b12 shots? Why is it only meat eating websites that sell b12 shots? ;)

I met an owner of a weight loss clinic last year in Brisbane. He was a runner and giving me grief about 'b12 deficiency is a serious issue for vegans!'. I asked him if he had heard of weight loss clinics giving b12 injections tot their meat eating clients. He said 'yes'. I asked him if he gave his clients b12 shots for weight loss! He said 'yes'. I asked him if he was a vegan. He said 'no, I believe were were designed to eat meat'. I then said 'do you do b12 injections yourself?' His face went red and he said 'yeah but but...'.


Its not really fair cos I already know the same stupid questions people will ask me so I always have answers to any question those dummies will ask. Where is my ipod video camera when I need it most lol! 

Im a bit dubious of buying b12 online unless its from a good source. It must be kept cold vs getting hot in the back of a truck which is ironic cos all the meat heads cook their meat and say  'its a good source of b12..'.

You want pharmacutical grade vs cheap stuff.

Harley the hydroxy doesn't need to be kept cold.

Thanks guys!

I could never inject myself.

How do I know that site is vegan? lol I don't see anything about that.

What about under the tongue?

I know I can find these answers if I search, I just don't have time, it's finals week haha

I paid $11 for 3 from my local chemist.  I take one into my local surgery when I need and get the nurse to do it.  Too easy :)



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