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I can't get out in the sun very often, usually not at all because it's so cold ouside so I was wondering if I should be supplementing with D3?

Also when I became vegan I heard that I should take B12. I started taking it and began breaking out horribly! I also noticed that whenever I did use nutritional yeast (I don't anymore, 100% raw) a good source of B12 even in small amounts I'd also break out! I'm a very small, petite person with small bone structure (5'6" and 102-5ish lbs) and was wondering if the problem was too high a dosage or if I just shouldn't take it at all because even small doses of nutritionl yeast resulted in horrible breakouts.

Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

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I'm guessing that the "wonders" of your high doses are more from the steroidal effects than the D precursors. Read on for my rational.

Do you have any links to info about D3 toxicity? 

I doubt that injecting 1ml of NaCl solution per month is going to do any harm. That's a tiny, tiny amount.

Some people, like me, are super sensitive to sodium chloride in any amounts.  So taking injections, which I have done did not work for me.  My body had severe edema.  It wasn't comfortable or pretty-could have become life-threatening.  So, I found something else.  It's not perfect either.  What I am trying to say is please educate yourselves about your options, consider all sides.  In the world of supplementation there are NO perfect answers, so carefully weigh your options.  Find the one that works for you. 

Some links to D3 toxicity:



Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corticosteroid#Side-effects


If you understood that both D3 and D2 have steroidal properties and that by their very natural that cause constipation in every cell of your body among many other things, you would not see them as "healthy" alternatives to vitamin D deficiency.  The only healthy ways I have found to get you Vitamin D needs meet is with healthy amount of natural sunlight exposure especially when UVB rays are most active.  If that is not possible, especially during winter months at certain latitudes I would recommend  using professional tanning beds with  UVB in moderate amounts, taking care in all instants not to burn. 

Nathan, What Vitamin D test did you have to determine your insufficiency?

B12 is the largest vitamin. The misconception is that vegans don't get enough of it because we supplement. The truth is, many of us choose B12 as our only supplement because we are smart and understand how important it is, but once we detoxify and heal, we will not need supplements, whereas people on cooked/animal products will inevitably need to supplement.

perhaps true in time, and I have heard that it's possible to produce our own internally, but there are also folks who lack the intrinsic factor necessary to assimilate b-12 from diet, which makes maintaining healthy levels more challenging.  That's why its good to have ongoing tests to ensure adequate levels. 

Being able to access Vitamin B 12 from the diet in today's world is more about your ability to pick your food fresh out of your own garden grown in healthy soil.  Vitamin B12 only remains in produce for a short time after the produce has been harvested.  Because most of us today rely on obtaining our food from the supermarkets, green grocery stores, etc. where the produce has been harvested a week or more before we eat it, there is no or not enough b12 in our food UNLESS we supplement.  It is our food delivery system in our modern world which is at fault not our bodies.  Until we can grow our own food in healthy organic soil and pick what we need fresh daily, we will all need to supplement no matter how health we otherwise are-detoxing or not.

I don't use the mayo clinic for information. 

The mayo clinic also recommends you get from 20-35% of your calories from fat.


I've read a lot of info regarding Vitamin D on this site:


And have watched a lot of talks and lectures about it.

I would love not to have to supplement at all. For me the benefits seem to outweigh the bad right now. Then again, I will know more when I retest this month. 

I, too, don't agree with a lot of what Mayo Clinic says or stands for.  However, the reason I thought they had relevance to this discussion is they are an esteemed medical establishment and are very knowledgeable in the medical model of human biology.  They are a research center and understand drugs and toxicity levels.  So, I think their options have some weight when discussing upper limit toxicity levels of vitamin D3.

I found some interesting comments from Dr. Mercola on the subject of Vitamin D:


Why Eating Vitamin D Fortified Foods Won’t Do You Much Good

As described in the article above, vitamin D fortified foods will not give you the vitamin D you need, for two reasons:

  1. Most foods are fortified with synthetic vitamin D

  2. Fortified foods may contain either more or less than stated on the label, so you don’t know how much you’re actually getting

In addition, although vitamin D2—the synthetic form of vitamin D—is less potent than the natural vitamin D3, it becomes toxic in your body at far lower levels than the natural form.

As with most nutrients and compounds, it is always best to get them from their natural sources, and vitamin D is no exception.

Interestingly, the only vitamin not found in breast milk is vitamin D. To me that’s a giant clue that we were NOT designed to swallow vitamin D. Newborn infants, just like you, were designed to produce it by exposing their skin to natural sunlight.

Without question, the best way to get the right amount of vitamin D is to spend some time in the sun. The problem arises during the wintertime, when, depending on where you live, of course, sunshine is too scarce.

One alternative is to use a safe tanning bed that is shielded from harmful emissions, or by using a high-quality vitamin D supplement.

What You Need to Know About Vitamin D Supplements

The vitamin D that’s added to milk is the synthetic and highly inferior vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). Only vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), the type of vitamin D found naturally in foods such as eggs, organ meats, animal fat, and cod liver oil is appropriate for supplementation.

Studies have concluded that vitamin D2 should no longer be regarded as a nutrient appropriate f... or fortification of foods, yet no changes have been made within the food industry and it continues to be used!

The term ‘buyer beware’ definitely applies to fortified foods...

Perhaps the most important aspect of vitamin D supplementation is the need for regular testing.

Do not embark on a supplementation program without first checking your vitamin D levels, and getting tested regularly to make sure you’re within a healthy range. Whereas you cannot overdose on vitamin D from the sun, you definitely run that risk when you’re taking supplements."




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