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Hey guys,

The temperature has dropped like CRAZY here in Tennesee and I feel a sore throat coming on...

BUT the thing is, I have climbing REGIONALS on SATURDAY and i CAN NOT BE SICK on this day. It will determine if I make it to nationals!

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding a sore throat?

Do you know if citrus irritates sore throats? What about sweet fruit like bananas or dates?

I am thinking about drinking orange juice and grapefruits tomorrow for breakfast and then maybe just banana smoothies for lunch and dinner (for ease of digestion, so that my body can focus on healing?) but I'm still not sure about if citrus or sweet fruits irritate sore throats?

If you have any tips, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! THANKS.

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MAXIMUS! thank you!

I feel like if i eat something too dense, that it will hide the symptoms but not help the cause... but as well all know, "Cure the cause and there are no symptoms!" or something like that... so... i dont know!?

I might fast tomorrow. I feel like if anything, I will drink OJ or grapefruit... and / or "banana milk" (milk blended with water)

I just think that if all the energy doesn't go to digestion, it can help go to the healing of my throat!? This is what i gather from what i know about natural hygeine.

and I'm so glad i inspired you to climb!!! Go for it, man! You know you want to. ITS AMAZING! =)
hmmmm you're right. Maybe if i eat lots of greens tomorrow then it will go away?

man...... now i really dont know what to do!
lol i was JUST thinking about that vid he posted (wait was that a vid? I dont remember but i keep imagining him saying that same quote)

I def. carbo load usually... so thats why im kinda freakin out a little.

maybe i should go to sleep.
oh my gosh... you're totally right... thanks for reminding me!

"I am healing! My throat feels perfect! I feel fantastic, well rested, and full of energy!" I will just keep saying it over and over and FEEL the FEELINGS of achievement. Thanks for the reminder! Its easy to forget to think in this way sometimes!

I am a live in this beautiful world. I am at peak performance. I am going to climb the best I have ever climbed. I CAN DO THIS!
Go and rest babe, allow your body to build its healing energy. Fasting on water is a good idea but if you are not up for that i would recommend just smoothies until it is gone or monofruit island. The more you simplify the work for your digestion the more energy can go towards healing your throat.
Rest as much as possible, lots of clean water, some suntime and visualisation of a healthy happy throat!
sore throat can be a lot of things. if your concerned, just up your rest and sleep. its that simple. we give our body the recovery it needs for breakthrough performance. or we dont give the body the rest and sleep it needs and we breakdown..

dates can irritate my throat sometimes. but not every time..
Thanks DR. =)
hahaha... good one. =)
OK so i'm doing "banana milk" with just really ripe bananas and lots of water blended up.... its working like a charm! I already feel the soreness going away!



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