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I'm curious what age range this site ( 30bad) mainly is drawing in. So if you don't mind, state your age:)


20 years old.

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46 years old.



17 years old :)

Me too! I'm 17. :D

You work and live on your own already?

I don't live on my own. I'm in the midst of getting into another institution and have NO SCHOOL until October. I decided not to take money from my parents anymore because I find that if they don't 100% support me, I have to find a way to sustain my lifestyle, and that is to work part-time until school starts. I used to live with my parents, but my new school is nearer to my gran's so I'm staying at my gran's for these few years.


Wow, I really admire your independence!

I can only look forward to college when I'll finally get my freedom.

I know this comment is from March, but me three!

17 too:)
coming up to 31.



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