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so ive been giving raw foods a go for 2 years now. the first yr I was 50% hcrv. yr 2 ive been 95% hcrv but always vegan. last summer my period stopped n began again in the fall. since then my cramps have been getting really bad. it has gotten so bad that ive begun to throwing up every month from the pain n nausea. Its becoming like clock work now. for 5 months straight now ive found myself throwing up in the middle of the night. I never used to throw up from my period b4 I went raw. the good news is it passes quickly. im only in pain for the 1st day n my period is gone after 2 days. I keep telling myself this must be more detox and it will get easier soon. I really hope so because im completely useless for that day im sick and the pain is crippling n I don't take "medicine". What do u guys think is happening? has anyone else experienced something similar?

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No I'm sorry I have not found my periods worse on raw food or through detox. So I can't relate but I thought I should reply so you have some idea of other people's experience. I have found them lighter and less painful generally.

Your experience sounds awful. When I was a teenager I used to throw up with the pain too. How are you feeling at other times of the month? Hopefully better than before you were raw?

goodluck getting better

Maybe it would be helpful to know what variety of foods you are eating and in what quantity/frequency. Also, what foods comprise the 5% not raw? How is your exercise and sleep? And how much water are you drinking, especially right before your period?

gooood questions. my diet is very limited right now. datorade all day n a big salad at night. I eat 1-2 avocados a day. im in Pennsylvania so winter isn't helping much. in the summer I eat sooooo many different fresh n juicy fruits n feel all around better. Im also not getting much exercise. just my days in general require labor so im not solidary either. I could use more sleep and water but im not severely lacking in either. about 8-9 hrs of sleep n about 2 lts of water. when I cook food its very very simple like, boiled corn, baked potatoes, and not a whole lot more. Could this all be cause im not getting enough different kinds of fruit? im looking every week to see if anything is out that I can get in my diet but I know this can b a struggle in the winter. this is really the only aspect of my health that is confusing me. especially because I lost my period for about 4-5 months n then it came back with vengeance. lol thanks for the replys guys : )

It might be because you're having too much fat with 1-2 whole avocados everyday :)

thanks Kristi. I just very recently cut back my fat and im hoping it'll help so its good 2 know it did 4 you.

Yeah, too much fat definitely makes mine worse.  I would suggest trying to get more variety too.  Can you get bananas, citrus, berries?  I have been enjoying papayas from Mexico lately too.



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