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This story requires some explanation:

My roommate's boyfriend has a brother with autism. She told me about when she went to visit him, all his mother would give him was junk food and mountain dew (I don't know if mountain dew is sold in other countries, but it is a soda with one of the highest sugar and caffeine contents).

We (my roommate, the boyfriend, and I) were talking about his brother in the car on the way to a movie. I believe that most health problems can be fixed or at least made better through this lifestyle, because I've seen it occur in numerous other people, including myself. I asked my roommate's boyfriend if his family had tried fixing his diet to make him better. He immediately said, "no, there is no cure to autism" (with a VERY angry tone). I said, "well, i've seen a family make it almost go away in their son...". but again, he cut me off and said "no, that's not true". Like he knew what i had seen and researched.

Then later he started texting me and telling me that i was a "disrespectful bitch" and that i was a "worthless sack of shit", "worthless cuntbag", and a million other very uncreative insults. I tried to figure out what was wrong but eventually gave up. What's scary is that this guy is WAY bigger than me or my roommate (he's six foot two and weighs about 240) and that I'm concerned for my personal safety with the way he was talking. My roommate would never pick a side-and I wouldn't ever force her to), but it concerns me greatly.

It confuses me why he would grow so angry with me and start attacking me when i had done nothing wrong. I wasn't trying to be offensive and I wasn't forcing anything upon him. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any advice? Luckily I have a deadbolt lock on my bedroom door, but it still concerns me to have him around. What can i do to prevent this from happening again?

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Almasy, first, you just killed any strength your point may have had by telling the OP to "kill herself".  Not cool! 

Ashley, people get really sensitive about subjects like this.  They feel insulted that we may offer some sort of solution that to them seems ridiculous, almost as if we were mocking them.  I don't dare mention some relatives' heart problems, etc. to them even though I am certain it's diet-related.  I did once, years ago, and now "vegan" is the "v word" that you just don't say around them.  Unwanted advice is just as it sounds...unwanted.  If you offer it, be prepared for the reaction.  The reaction you got was extreme, though, and because it's gotten to that point, if you honestly feel threatened, document absolutely every interaction you have with he boyfriend.  Keep the texts, save the voice messages, etc., and if he does threaten you in writing or vocally, you'll have proof to take to the police should you need a restraining order.  Not fair, but that's the way the system works.  Good luck with this! 

yea you want to go the mother and tell her about how she could have eaten differently DURRIng the pregnancy or teach other mothers about healthy eating and legal rights not to immunize with those heavy metals.

You were not wrong, but maybe for your own safety and well-being, you could just apologize?

Honestly, I would probably avoid hanging out with her boyfriend.  This goes way beyond raw foods.  He's obviously not great being diplomatic and mature.  "You hurt my feelings" is one thing but name calling, using foul language and putting someone down is quite another.  I would just avoid this person completely as well as any events with him or his family.   

Please do not apologize.  Whether you insulted him or not, you couldn't have known he was that sensitive and his response was out of line.  Apologizing would only reinforce his erratic behavior and suggest that he can continue to treat you, as well as anyone else who may unintentionally have insulted him, this way.  

Well, it might decrease the risk of any physical violence.  There's a time to stand by your beliefs and be sincere, and there's a time to consider the practicalities.

Raw beliefs? = Raw Facts!

Ha! Agreed!

personally I would contact the police if your worried about your safety. Your room mate has obviously got a screw loose, probally due to the crap he eats. If it's at all possible i`d think about moving out.

Difficult situation  and your heart is in right place : ).

Sometimes I share info merely words on diet to an overweight sad eater that I love and then feel lousy after they respond in unfriendly ways both in body language and words. 

I learn to speak when asked and invited for my own well being.

If a person does not ask of me to say something on diet so i was a know - it all by bring it un asked

In most all cases out of respect for my own well being I follow powerful wisdom called

"Minding my own business " ( though it could be argued it is my business another's health ? not so its an individual's job not another,

Health is not for everyone it seems difficult to accept sometimes but that is as it is and more and more esp when you see a 12 year old obese or the case you wrote about and many many more.

its hard to decide not to offer something helpful but helpful to our own well being to say nothing.

this has been my experience.



It sounds to me as if you may have a dysfunctional roommate, dating an abusive alcoholic.  I would detach from these people ASAP.  By that I mean just be polite; say very little, and start looking for a better place to live and a more supportive friend.



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