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Got my first Atlas stone yesterday, and going out to play with it today. Serious heavy ball, it is. Weighs as much as I do. But being spherical and smooth, it isn't easy to grasp, let alone lift.

Ah, a boy and his toy. I look forward to "graduating" to the next stone, which is 25Kg heavier than the one I can currently lift. So far, I haven't managed to get the 100Kg stone off the ground, at all. 2012 promises to be a very good year indeed.

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lol...i just thought i had seen someone talking about it yesterday...it was doug...then , i saw its ur post!! haha...u rock...keep living it

Shouldn't you be thinking about retirement about now?  Maybe you'd like to to see some of the hightech motorized wheelchairs they have these days.  You can't be lifting rocks as heavy as you are at your age, a friend of mine who's 10 years younger than you threw out his back while picking up a news paper and was out of work for 4 months!  (No joke)  Maybe you could play cards or "Monopoly" instead...


All kidding aside it is very inspirational to see that you show no signs of slowing down.   You are close to 30 years older than me and I certainly hope that I too will still be getting stronger and trying new things athletically 30 years from now.  Many people who are only half your age believe that since they are no longer in their 20's their best days are behind them and they simply can't do the things that they used to do athletically, and just as bad they fully expect to lose their fitness more and more as each year goes by because that's what they see happening to all of their friends and family members.  It's great to see someone like yourself who doesn't buy into that mindset and who continues the spirit of play and adventure.

Every blessing, Jared. No time to slow down just yet. Lots of leading to be done, and I prefer leading from the front.

Good Luck with that Doug! Maybe just imagine it as a bunch of bananas and you'll have it up in no time :)

A lil 100kg stone got you down?


How hard could it be?? ;)  (Rock on, Doc!)



And when you finally do graduate, careful how you get the darn thing home:

Great to see you posting Doug! Will check out the ball too.
One day we may see your handsome face rather than the fruit heart ;-)
This will be Doug by the end of 2012... ;-D

Thanks for all your supportive comments, friends.

I'm working on it, Freelee.

Maybe for now I should call mine an Atlas pebble.

Maybe for now I should call mine an Atlas pebble.


haha Very cute! 



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