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Athletic Performance on 811/955 (contribute your stories)

All I can say is WOW.

For those of you familiar with my raw journey it's been marked with a lot of backsteps because I went from SAD to highfat raw and then within 3 months to 811rv. However for the last week and a half i've been strict 955rv and it is AWESOME.

I'm a rock climber through and through (3 times a week MINIMUM) and I mountainbike occasionally but decided to go on my college's cycling team's midnight rides which are only about 5 miles (2.5 down hill 2.5 uphill). The local highway is empty and becomes a 4 lane 1 way racetrack for the 10 of us bikers. I was able to borrow a pretty sweet cannondale roadbike and was AMAZED when I was able to hang out front with the captain of the team and even burned him on a few uphills. This was my first time ever on a roadbike.

I'm an athletic guy in general but performance like this just blew me away. The phenomenal mental clarity has also made finals/final projects much easier than I could hope for.

w00t w00t for raw. I actually bought an avocado yesterday even though I've had no overts in my diet and I'm nervous about what I will sacrifice by eating overts. Opinions on this? DR?

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I like to read good results like yours. I have been eating fish for the mental clarity and still feel I might do. Glad you don't need to kill another creature to be healthy. Howmuch Omega 3 do you have, and does it worry you if you had low levels?
umm...no idea to be honest.I eat my leafy greens as much as I want and those have the proper ratios of omega 3's to 6's....it's not something I worry about. Back when I was SAD I took flax oil and Udo's Oil blend and didn't notice a marked difference in my clarity though.

I figure if I'm low on omega 3's in particular (not sure why that would happen) then i will start craving my leafy greens,strawberries,blueberries,rock melon, cherries,black berries,etc. and other whole foods with omega 3's.
I'm with you on the no supplements approach. I used to take loads of vitamins, oils, powders, herbs and tonics. Looking back i can't say with certainty that they ever really did anything positive. In fact I think they were detrimental. Are supplements not a chemist's idea of nutrition anyway? I'd like to know how they can say what is in a particular food item. Do they look in a microscope, pick out a particular molecule, call it X or Y and then determine its effect on the body? This strikes me as a compartmentalized approach. For all we know, you need to take X with all the other molecules found in a food item for them to be assimilated properly. It makes no sense to me to be born into a world where we have to have so much concern for all kinds of obscure micro-nutrients and ratios and that we need to supplement through manufactured nutrients and oils. Since 811rv and zero supplements I've never felt better! Truly. It's hard not to feel like this is the 'way' for us to eat and thrive, and in so doing, our needs are met. This is my belief, but my experience is bearing it out. When you talk to longtime 811ers they seem to be thriving continually also. Constantin: I'm having similar surprises. My energy seems to be going through the roof. I hadn't been on a bike in awhile and a friend convinced me to ride out to a distant park. So I went for it not realizing it was 90K there and back! I made it, but not without some pain, but the crazy thing was that the next day I felt almost zero soreness. I seem to need less sleep also. I better cut this off before it gets to long.
Thanks, calling Adam!

811, tick the box then.

Seems to me that we make the omega 3 to meet our requirement, but that scientist say they are low(?), do they mean lower than meat-eaters? Also I've read the idea that some peoples like Irish, Eskimo, do not have the enzyme and are therefore 'obligate carnivores'. It's on the WestonPrice Foundation site.

Sorry to hijack the thread.
eat cantaloupe/rockmellon. Its loaded with omega 3's.
with fish we get

negative karma
adrenaline to thrash our adrenal system
heavy metals
death stench in the bowels
death stench in the morning mouth
eating fear
rancid fats (animals fats become rancid upon death due to enzyme activity)
putrfying proteins that are proven carcinogen
1 less fishy friend to say hello too. :(

people dont eat animals for nutrition, rather we eat them to fit in amongst our peer group.

if humans needed fish for health, the smell at the fish market would be bottled and sold by channel. no body likes to be called fish face, fish breath, fish colon or fishy in character.

we are what we eat. we can block our bowels with fiber less death foods, but we will never experience true health and human potential.
my ancestors didn't have your sensibilities, i suspect they were barbarian celts and now my body might not function on plant food?

what if I am genetically an 'obligate carnivore' and adapted to eat fish? all I want is the scientific proof or am I just to accept it's true because a PHD at Westonprice says so

do you think an eskimo would succeed on a raw diet?
technically, an Eskimo (although I believe Inuit is the appropriate term) IS on a raw diet - primarily raw fish and blubber, and seasonal berries and leaves. they also have fermented fish - fish buried in the ground with leaves and herbs and allowed to rot until they eat it. but that's not really the point. Inuits on traditional diets have an exceptionally short life span and an incredibly high suicide rate.

all this proves to me is that the human digestive system is remarkably adaptable. yes, you can live the rest of your life on meat and processed foods. but will you be at maximum performance? maximum health? maximum happiness? ideal body weight? total integrity with your beliefs? minimal environmental impact? no human is an "obligate carnivore," whatever that means. we can all eat meat and live to tell the tale, but that doesn't mean that meat is our ideal food source. if we lived in the arctic and no other food supply was available, raw fish and blubber would get us through, but we'd be so happy to see some fresh fruit when spring and summer rolled around!

why look for proof from science? like maggie said, just do without meat for awhile and see what happens. be your own proof, be your own scientist.
Well I'm dieting now, I'm worrying less about my nutrition. It will be to my interest to find out if the diet works for me, after the next 5mths. I'm taking flax, hate to have to eat fish.

So you think Inuits can be vegan, and wouldn't react badly to it because of genetic factors?
I try just to read pro sites and be all lovey dovey. OK, but the fact is that some people don't have the D6D desaturase enzyme. I wonder if it is made up, since deficiencies are b12, or D, not omega 3, and you all sound to have healthy brains.
why is dieting separate from nutrition? that's what this whole website and discussion is about - that the best nutrition also equals the ideal body weight, and this particular thread, maximum, incredible athletic performance. if you're dieting without regards for nutrition, then you are actively, forcibly, and intentionally putting yourself into a toxic state of nutritional deficiency. why would anyone who knew better want to do such a thing? don't diet, live-it and eat 100% raw fruits and vegetables with a few nuts and seeds tossed in for fun, and you'll be amazed at the results.

Nobody has to eat flax, nobody has to eat fish. eat happy food - fruit!

And yes, I think anybody can be a vegan and not react badly to it. it's more remarkable, by far, that anybody can be an omnivore and not react badly to it. we are genetically much more similar than different, and we have the same digestive systems. the biggest difference is in our minds, not our bodies or our genetics.
Good reply, the genetic thing has worried me.

Calorie deficit dieting is what has worked for me before, 100% raw is something I would try now, except alot of cheap food is bread and I've gone crazy on peanut butter to replace a chocolate addiction I had. I love bread and biscuits and only eat 1 fruit a day. I do like salad though. Is meusli part of the raw scene? If it is I could quite easily go high raw, and won't be as expensive as I think if I have raw cabbage.



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