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Ate cooked food got sick. Intense stomach pain, strange digestion, "undigested fruit" what, how, why?

Last 2 years my goal has been 100% raw..extent I was able to do that varied a lot...especially as I took time to cut out all salt and fat. Gotten a lot easier now, last 3 months 100% raw with no exceptions, feeling better than ever, like a super hero.

Three days ago I was hungry, far from home, long dangerous bike ride in front of me, and it was late....stopped for some vegan indian food. Plate of potatoes, rice that had "spices", tomato-ey sauce. 

3 days later still feeling sick:

-Intense stomach pain. Sensation of a "knot" in my stomach. Feeling of being punched in the stomach

-Loss of "control". Frequent bathroom stops where either a lot more happens than expected, or nothing happens but a feeling of pressure in the stomach

-Undigested fruit. I switched to lots of water, watermelon and bananas in that order. Several days later and food is still coming out of me looking completely "undigested"

What is happening inside my body to react to cooked food like this after eating 100% raw?

How come days later even fruit isn't being "processed" like it used to?

I am trying to understand more how my body functions so if I ever find myself in a situation where I need to eat a bowl of rice I can minimize the chances that I am wrecked for days again like this.

Unlike some folks on here, fortunately, I am not a person who gets "upset stomach" much, if ever. I am usually posting from a perspective of "this food slows down my running" "this food doesn't give me the energy I need to excel at my job every hour I am there" "this food does not give me peak performance/maximum well being and I find this unacceptable". Suggestions appreciated. Thank you. 

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From: https://sites.google.com/site/delawareteasociety/yoked-to-earth-a-t...

"During the reign of Emperor Cheng of the Han, hunters in the Zhongnan Mountains saw a person who wore no clothes, his body covered with black hair. Upon seeing this person, the hunters wanted to pursue and capture him, but the person leapt over gullies and valleys as if in flight, and so could not be overtaken. [But after being surrounded and captured, it was discovered this person was a 200 plus year old woman, who had once been a concubine of Qin Emperor Ziying. When he had surrendered to the 'invaders of the east', she fled into the mountains where she learned to subside on 'the resin and nuts of pines' from an old man. Afterwards, this diet 'enabled [her] to feel neither hunger nor thirst; in winter [she] was not cold, in summer [she] was not hot.']

    The hunters took the woman back in. They offered her grain to eat. When she first smelled the stink of grain, she vomited, and only after several days could she tolerate it. After little more than two years of this [diet], her body hair fell out; she turned old and died. Had she not been caught by men, she would have become a transcendent." (Campany 2002)

You've been building up this super refined existence and suddenly thrown a spanner in the works, so to say?

With RT4 near daily there is a noticeable change in energetics/ clarity / overall efficiency between a day of raw followed by a cooked meal in the evening. My week would be like a sine wave, I feel if I went raw totally it would be exponential.

Acceleration, deceleration, acceleration, deceleration

rather than


Which would have been your last 3 months, until now. With all that momentum....

As with the woman in the story even the smell of cooked grain was enough to make her sick.

I don't know precisely though, probably wasn't much help hahaha

All the best! :)

Thank you for the eye opening post :) Yes this seems to be like what occurred. I don't care much for cooked foods, and plan to stay on a raw diet. Hopefully with some research I can figure out a better way to handle this type of situation if I find myself in a situation where I need to eat something and my best option is cooked food like rice and potatoes. 

I wonder if it was not the potatoes or rice, but more of the  "spices", tomato-ey sauce you describe.  The spices could mess up your system.  Also did you double check to make the sure the sauce had no animal products in it?

Place is a well known local vegetarian spot (with a full vegan menu), clean kitchen, good reputation, ingredients clearly listed on the menu.  Spoke explicitly with the wait staff about the "vegan menu". I pass by there everyday, the reason I never eat there is because I don't like cooked food or being around "vegetarian" food, under normal circumstances

I rarely ever get any sort of issue with specific foods like certain spices, and can't remember ever experiencing anything like this in my life as far as pain, discomfort (constipation and diarrhea at the same time, how is that even possible OMG?). I am 100% sure this was caused by eating cooked food after months and months of only raw. 

I am not suggesting that cooked foods or evil or bad, people can do whatever makes them happy, but when that day comes down the road where for some reason I have to have some cooked food again, I want to be better equipped next time to avoid a bad experience like this...

When you ingest what your body identifies as poison it will coat your stomach and intestinal lining with mucus to prevent absorption.  Your healthy wise body will also do things like vomit or expel as quickly as possible from the other end, it can also pass into your intestines without breaking down in the stomach.  The spices and salt as well as the cooked starches can cause this reaction.  Maybe you would have had less of a reaction eating plain cooked carbs, maybe not, this is why when eating a 100% raw diet it is usually best to skip a meal rather than eat something that will result in days of strong reactions.  And this is why it is so vitality important to carry a stash of dates or truly raw oil free raisins with you everywhere you go.  Your reaction to cooked is perfectly normal for eating 100% raw for a lengthy period of time. 

Hi Ednshell!

Thanks again for the advice about urgent care. I am almost 100% recovered from my bike accident...I definitely had some brain injury based on my hearing and some other things that happened that week, but overall I am happy to be back. Deleted that thread because I really needed it for the suggestions, but I don't want people using me as an excuse for why they shouldn't get outside and ride a bike since I took the worst of it and I'm already back on my bike, albeit with a bump and scar on my head.

Any suggestions of where to find raw raisins, how to tell real raisins from fake?

Yeah I will definitely avoid this in the future, or go homemade rice if need be, I was keeled over standing at the bus stop yesterday clutching my stomach from the pain. Madness.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah...it was night time and I was not near a super market....

sugar packets in water or even soda may have been easier on you, just something to get you home.

so glad you are recovering and healing nicely!  :D

raw raisins here!!! > http://www.rawfromthefarm.com/Pages/SunDriedFruit.aspx

looks like they are out of stock right now but they are amazing, get 'em when you can! 

so,how can freelee does?

your first cooked meal after eating 100% raw for a while will typically cause a strong reaction but your body quickly adapts.  same thing as smoking cigarettes, first time you cough and feel nauseous but after a few more times of smoking your body adapts.  Freelee is now used to eating cooked meals on a regular basis, she still has many 100% raw days but not long periods of no cooked.

so,how can freelee does?

didn't she follow some years fully raw?



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