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I am now 95% sure that my almost 5 year old son has Aspergers. I know a vegan diet can help (looking back to when we went vegan 2.5 years ago, I can see the proof). Do any of you have experience with aspergers and raw?


If he is eating grapes and gets a tiny seed or hard part like part of the stem didn't come out, etc. He will be done with grapes for days to weeks. Will not touch even just one more.

He no longer has smoothies, because of the strawberry and raspberry seeds.

If a banana has a slightly brown spot anywhere, forget about it. Etc.


Experience and tips appreciated! I'm really wondering how much difference it could make from vegan to raw.

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Hi Patricia,

I'm an adult with Asperger's as well as schizo-affective disorder who after dabbling in raw foods for a few years, made the commitment to go 100% HCRV in late summer 2011.  

While I can offer no parenting tips as I have no children myself, I hope I can offer some insights into how raw foods have affected me. Since getting serious about raw, I have noticed that I don't experience severe sensory overload (the kind that makes me want to bang my head against the wall) as often as I did before. I still have bad days, especially when I have to deviate from my routine or deal with people I don't know very well. I have also noticed that I am less particular than I used to be when it comes to clothing and how it feels on my skin. I even managed to buy some new things and actually wear them regularly these past months. This might not sound like much to most people, but for years I used to wear only a single model of sweater from a single brand, buying a new, identical one every year. 

A major challenge has been that I only feel comfortable eating very few types of fruit and therefore have trouble achieving my nutritional targets, according to cronometer at least. It's probably much easier for me as an adult as I know I have to eat, for example, my greens even though I don't like to eat them than it would be for you to make dietary changes with your son. 

For me going raw has made a noticeable and positive difference and I'd encourage you to give it a try with your son, but I'd say to go slow and encourage rather than force as Greenmama already said.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it means quite a bit to me. I really appreciate your insight and encouragement, and I am glad you are able to cope so well. One thing that I learned from watching the movie Temple Grandin is that no matter what your ailments, you can overcome them. People are adaptable, and you do not have to be defined by your "condition." While some people would just accept it and live as though they are their condition, Temple Grandin learned ways that she could improve her life and did not accept people telling her what she can and can't do. Truly an inspiration.

Actually, after reading through your posts, I truly believe that your son has snesory processing disorder.  My son has it too and it IS linked to the autism spectrum of disorders including Aspergers.  This can be a very misunderstood condition.  My son's school tested him, maybe yours could too.  I have read all the top rated books for this and your son's refusal to eat certain textures sounds like he is very over sensitive in oral stimulation, my son is exactly the opposite. 

I guess I would just go with whatever his current favorite is and let him have as much as he wants of that.  Maybe try to let him choose in the grocery store. 

You might find the following link helpful: http://www.davisautism.com/

My son just completed a Davis dyslexia correction program and many of the same methods are used for Aspergers. 


just a quick thought, will he eat frozen berries?  texture's quite a bit different.

I'm not sure I haven't tried. I got him to try popsicles that I made again finally but didn't like it. He loves carrots with and without hummus, and started eating grapes again (yay!).

Hi Patricia, I have no idea what dealing with this sort of issue must be like but I were in the same situation I would def. get some detox foods into his diet. Check out globalhealingcenter.com they have some wonderful products that are safe and very effective. You can email them as I don't know how one would detox a child as these products are used mainly by adults. Good luck. 

 I always wonder why those parents who say their kid will only eat hotdogs gave them hotdogs to began with.

 I had a friend she said her son will only eat fries and hotdogs but what if she never buys them. 

I hope you find something your son likes.

I was wondering if any parents on here who have children with this disorder had ever taken anti-depressents?

Hi, here are some ideas from me that you can try, if you haven't already tried it..

I hope your son will like it. And that he will thrive and be very happy with lots of fruits!!

I just made this really fantastic date and berry ice cream for my kids to lunch. I guess if you strain the berry ice through a very finely meshed strainer, and push the ice through the strainer with a very large spoon, then it is quickly done.

I used 230 grams of soft pitted dates, and just a little water to make a thick date purée, then add frozen berries. I used raspberry and strawberry, I think it was around 300 grams. But taste the ice to get the flavour you want. Then present it to your son like a ice cream, maybe put it back in the freezer for a while to be more frozen. Kids really love ice cream. You can also make banana ice cream and give him both banana ice cream and berry ice cream for food.

(My 2 1/2 year old ate 500 kcal in only ice cream. :-)

Or you could use the melted berry ice cream as a sauce to chopped bananas, or a mix of chopped fruits. Kids eat more if the fruit is presented chopped and with vibrant colours.

You can also make a fruit spear, with or without date or a berry sauce.

For breakfast my kids got their fruit salad in each of the halves from the honeydew melon, that was in the salad. Along with 2 apples, 1 pear, 3 really ripe bananas, some chopped dates, and a date sauce poured over the salad. The sauce is just dates and water.

If your sons asperger symptoms doesn't get better with 811, I would try to remove toxins from his body. There are doctors that treat autism and asperger, when they remove heavy metals from the body and remove refined sugar, gluten and casein from the diet. If he doesn't improve from that either, I would read up on how to remove as much radiation from his environment as possible.

There are some docs who did what I mentioned above here, with some kids that had autism, everyone but one boy got a lot better. They took hair analysis, and they could see how the body removed a lot of toxins. But with the one boy who didn't improved the hair didn't show any removals of heavy metals. So they removed radiation, and then suddenly his body too began to remove heavy metals. But after more trials with removals of radiation in other kids, they found out that to get the effect they wanted, the body removing heavy metals. One doesn't have to be out of radiation 24/7.  I think it was only 30 min every day, or even once a week gave an effect. I don't remember exactly unfortunately. BUT I remember that it wasn't very much. I read this in a food&health magazine 2 years ago.

The little boy I mentioned here, had severe autism. He was 10 years old and had no language. After his treatment he began to speak. So autism and asperger IS treatable, that is the negative symptoms of it.

These children are very special and a great fortune for the world. So lets treat them nicely because they are very sensitive. All my children are in each way very special and posses great skills, but they are also very sensitive in very different ways too.

I have luckily not given vaccines to my two youngest, and the oldest have only got the three first. That is three too many, but I didn't know better then.

I hope for the best for you all.


Thanks I'll have to try the ice cream angle. He won't eat them if I cut them up or with sauces but he's making better choices everyday towards raw. :D

two things, one can anyone give me details of what aspergers is- as my friend has it and I want to know what he has to face daily - as I'm showing him 811 but he needs a little more persuasion :op

secondly, what is the radiation? - I know about 'electricity' and cell phones but I would like to know more

sorry to hear your sons suffering

Oh, I meant EMF radiation, like electricity, and cell phones. :-)

It stress the cells to close down and keep every toxins inside the cell.



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