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I am very interested in people views of how diet can aid "mental health" disorders like aspergers. I have read a couple of books which point to the fact that all the issues are caused by gut damage and yeast over growth. Also lots of refrences to how grains in autisic people is like morphine. One book in particular the gaps diet looks at healing the gut and repoluating the gut flora. It's main focus is on grass fed meat and eggs with no gluten or dairy. This diet has helped many people with aspergers and autism.

I wonder if any body here has seen anyone with these same issues benifit from 80-10-10? Or whether they feel this way of rating can be helpful for someone who lives with aspergers.

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It really comes down to listening to your body, and seeing how foods and other things react with it - and how you feel emotionally as well. The gut/brain connection is really important for sure. I did do avocados for a time and they felt good, but then they became too congestive. They are the only fats I have tolerated well.

It is a challenge to heal the gut, but it also regenerates rather quickly - once you find out what you need to do. I also think monthly hormones can throw off digestion, and of course any stress too.

I learned to intuit or do a reading on foods and other things, which really helps me fine tune everthing I do.

Currently I am having an increase in digestive trouble, so I am going to eat much lighter at the end of the day, do more smoothies, and maybe eliminate some foods and focus on others. The cold weather seems to be contributing to this.

I have to work to keep my gut and brain relaxed.

I'm really glad you have been able to stay off of meds, but I'm sure you have struggled. I like now knowing what is going on, and when it clears. When you are on meds, it's hard to tell what is really happening.
Wow, such a journey. Thank you SO much for sharing. I can't even begin to imagine detoxing from that many drugs, just getting three out of my system almost killed me.

Medications are unfortunate in the way that they don't cure the problem, like you said, they just kind of change the positions of the players in the game. I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt that way. What I really don't understand about depression meds are a lot of the side effects make the patient actually feel worse then they started. How does that even make sense?! It's like if someone handed you a pill claiming it will cure your headache, but oh, by the way, it may cause a migraine.

Where did your learn about herbs and homeopathy? Its something that has always interested me but I don't even know where to start.

Jnanda your story really is inspiring to me. I've never met anyone so confidant and knowledgeable in this area, it's quite refreshing.
Peach - I agree, my story is pretty inspiring - and sometimes I can't believe it myself. Hah and LOL!

All drugs have a side effect as the body tries to rebalance itself....and they all alter the body in some way, that isn't natural. It's pretty nuts and does not make sense - but it's like people being stuck on the SAD, it's all they know. Yeah, I always love the side effects that cause the ailment that you are trying to rid yourself of. That's bizarre. I always had side effects that were supposed to be rare too. My body never liked drugs from the get go.

I learned about herbs and homeopathy mostly on my own. I did go to India three times, and took a homeopathy course and came back with a kit. The Ayurvedic medicine and study I did by acquiring all the text books I could on it, and also borrowing someone's home study course. I also know Western herbs well, and some Chinese, and of course the ones from India, Ayurvedic herbs. My induction into Ayurvedic medicine was when I collapsed at an ashram and was taken to a nearby hospital where I refused allopathic treatment. My husband then tucked me into a taxi, and we went off to visit an Ayurvedic clinic instead.

I started learning this after my first recover in 1996, because I felt I was never supposed to go back to allopathic medicine again, and at the same time I became vegan. Because of my near death experience and other experiences while lingering at death's door, I had an opening into the spiritual realm and Higher knowing......all which I had never been exposed to before in this lifetime. Eventually I started seeing clients, and did work with people full time for about ten years, until my health started to slide and I quit the work four years ago....only to end of on my death bed again. That was a shock, but it took me to an even deeper place the 2nd time around, and then I came back again from death's door, stronger, more connected, intuitive, and aware of Life's purpose.....and another huge leap in conciousness. It's been a wild and exciting ride.

Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy were challenging to learn, but I have enjoyed them both. There are principles in Ayurvedic medicine that define medicine and the body in ways nothing else does, and even with 30BAD, I still can apply some of the same teachings about food to what I follow now. I have never had a problem with side effects from herbs or homeopathy. You can get some reaction if taken too much or the wrong herb, but it is usually limited. I believe herbs are here for this reason, and homeopathy is just pure delight and magic and can work wonders when you get it dialed in.

I do prefer to use homeopathy mostly, as this is treatment on the subtle level without gross physical substances, but I still do and will use herbs when needed.

BTW, Dr. G. is down on Ayurvedic medicine, doshas, etc. I saw a reply on this topic by him on Vegsource. I don't want to disrespect him or his work here, so am adding that info. I'm not sure what his depth of knowledge and exposure to it has been. I have found it really useful in working with myself and clients, as it considers the elements of the earth as present in us and everything, and knowing this information about specific food and herbs can really help you fine tune your healing approach. For example some herbs are cooling versus heating......and sometimes one is better than the other depending on what element is out of balance in someone's body. I have found it to be much more detailed than western naturopathic medicine, and it also prerdates TCM. Ayurveda is the most ancient study of medicine there is.

Yeah, I jumped right in to studying all this and it consumed me for a long time - but I had the fortune of helping many people and myself. And it does take self confidence, but I knew staying in allopathic medicine would never get me well, and could honestly kill me. Some people can float along in it nicely, but my body was too sensitive for drugs and procedures.
I believe 811 could reverse these disorders. My ex-boyfriend has Asperger's and I've done a little research.

I tried not to view Asperger's as negative, but I would of loved to see if some of his symptoms went away on a allergen-free more natural diet. He was never very willing or interested though.
I don't think its a coicidence that he had digestive issues. He was clearly lactose intolerant, but kept eating high amounts of cheese and milk. (the gas was terrible!). His mom raised him on hot dogs, mac and cheese and ice cream... all of which he still loves to eat.
The paradox of Asperger's is they tend to have senstive tastebuds and be picky eaters. My ex also couldnt handle eat large amounts of fruit. He just couldn't handle the sweetness. I don't imagine he'll ever give up his dairy and gluten and horrific meat products, but mostly because he doesn't believe it would change him (or that he needs to change/heal).
But, I have faith that the autism and asperger's improvements from just "better" on a allergern free diet, to great with 811.



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