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I am very interested in people views of how diet can aid "mental health" disorders like aspergers. I have read a couple of books which point to the fact that all the issues are caused by gut damage and yeast over growth. Also lots of refrences to how grains in autisic people is like morphine. One book in particular the gaps diet looks at healing the gut and repoluating the gut flora. It's main focus is on grass fed meat and eggs with no gluten or dairy. This diet has helped many people with aspergers and autism.

I wonder if any body here has seen anyone with these same issues benifit from 80-10-10? Or whether they feel this way of rating can be helpful for someone who lives with aspergers.

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Great question. I unfortunately cannot help you, but am hopeful someone can.
I don't view aspergers, autism or OCD as mental illnesses, since I believe these are biologically based, although there certainly can be emotional and mental components to these disorders. I definitely think 811 could help in the recovery of any of these disorders. The SAD is full of neuro excitotoxins which aggravate symptoms in all three disorders you mention. They aggravate the brain and the gut. Meat is very difficult to digest and I cannot see how this would be helpful. Eggs are high in lecithin and even though I personally wouldn't eat them - I don't know how well they would be tolerated in general by people with these disorders, certainly eggs can be a high allergen food.

I don't have any of these illnesses, but I am recovering from different neurological diseases and am very knowledgeble in many areas regarding non conventional approaches. I have a history of chronic seizures, MS, Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction, Depression/Bi-Polar, Chronic Pain in the form of RSD, and Endrocrine problems, MCS, Food Allergies, and EMF sensitivities.

I have had substantial recovery already from determining food intolerances and eating raw foods. When I was trying to understand my illnesses, I turned to the Autism community for answers as their clinical picture and symptoms overall best matched my situation. Many find gluten/dairy free diets to be helpful. I just don't think there is enough info out there yet about raw diets, except there is growing interest among the epileptic community in regards to eating raw. I saw the biggest improvement in my seizures after going raw.

I do have some problems with eating a lot of fruit at one sitting, which seems to be too stimulating to the nervous system, but I am starting to see better tolerance of the fruit sugars. There is so much belief and emphasis in healthy fats among these disorders, and I think that would be a hard thing for many, in embracing the 811. I expect I will hear more comments directed personally in concern for the lack of fats in my diet, but I feel best not eating overt fats......so that is enough proof for me.

I had chronic candida for many years, but have not had any signs of it since eating 811. I am sure Dr. G is correct about fats and sugars.

One of the biggest contributors to my illnesses and neuro problems has been mercury in the form of amalgam dental fillings. They are all now removed as of two weeks ago, and I am feeling an incredible change from this alone. Heavy metal poisoning through diet, chemical exposure, drugs, vaccines and dental fillings is a huge problem, and this must also be addressed.

I am doing very well these days, and planning to make a full recovery.
Wonderful information. I am sure you will make a full recovery. Thank you for sharing this.
Hi Jnanda,
I am glad to hear you are recovering. I have been 811 for almost 5 months. I am trying to heal candida, leaky gut, chronic bacterial vaginosis, rosecea. I have not had much overt fat, but slipped a few times. I still have symptoms. I am wondering besides no overts, what else you are doing that has helped? Also, how long did it take to be symptom free? I want to be sure I am doing everything right toward a complete recovery.

Thanks so much for sharing your story.
Johanna - Hi! I am not symptom free from everything yet, but working towards that. I still have some digestion issues, and forgot to mention that I also had Gastroparesis, which is paralysis of the digestive track. It's kind of like extreme IBS. I am still experiencing some sluggish digestion now - and for a long time it did the opposite........so I think I am going to be doing more smoothies and perhaps juices to help give the digestion a break. I don't do well with fasting as it seems to set me up for more seizures. I think the main key is learning to tune into your body and life. I learned to intuit my food allergies many years ago, and also to work on healing stressors in my life. Everything we take in through our senses impact us......food is just one of these things - there are many other types of "food." A lot of my healing has occured on a spiritual/emotional level, especially healing subconscious patterns.

On another level, I have used some herbs and homeopathy to assist my recovery. I believe organic or wildcrafted herbs can be very useful, and I definitely do well with homeopathy, which is able to balance at the gross physical level as well as the subtle energetic levels. I think there are times where these measures are needed, although some might oppose that thinking on this forum. I have however not done any prescription medicines for about 15 years, except for a time when my adrenals had stopped working, and I took a compounded hydrocortisone rerplacement made from wild yams. Now my adrenals are fine, but thryoid is still sluggish.

I feel now with the amalgam removal, that this has cleared the way for further recovery.

I think many with chronic conditions are highly sensitive people, and very reactive to life around them.......it can be a job to learn how to live in this world when you are so inclined. This has been the underlined key challenge for me, to stay in balance and secure.

You are always welcome to PM me with anything else...I don't know if I answered you well or not.
I am very glad this is working for you. I do know someone who has several of the conditions you were suffering from. She has no amalgams but was exposed to chemicals. She said 811 didn't work for her.
Rating gut flora? I haven't seen anyone with aspergers try 811.
Hi Phoenix,

I used 811 to detox from my bipolar 1 meds back in August. Having gone unmedicated, to medicated, and back, I can honestly say it is not the cure all for my disorder. I still very much experience mood-cycling.

That being said, it puts me in a much much better position to deal with the cycling. I am much more in tune with my body and can monitor myself in a way I never could on my poor vegetarian and (later vegan) diet.

With my meds it was like I was always in a room of mirrors. I wasn't sure if I was depressed from the side effects or if they were even side effects. It was a never ending guessing game. Off them, I know exactly what I am dealing with.

People say that someone with bipolar 1 should never be allowed off they're medication and I have to admit, I kind of agree. They're a danger to themselves and to the people around them. But if you're willing to take the time and effort to go raw, stay raw, and keep up with your mental health through meditation, yoga, art, etc., I think it is more than possible.

My meds actually made me suicidal--something I had never experienced before. I knew that they weren't for me as soon as I hit that low and basically told my psychiatrist to "shove it" on the phone. I hung up and went raw and no looking back :) Well, definitely not easy, but I guess you can say I was scared into being raw haha

I'm not sure how much help that is. I'm not familiar with either Aspergers or Autisim at all, but maybe some other 30BADers are.
Peach - Hi. I can relate to how meds and side effects can be their own version of misery. I was on lots of meds from my late teens until mid thirties for depression and bi-polar. Over time I forgot what I really felt like and who I was, and ultimately they did end up really harming my liver and probably leading to my chemical sensitivities.......but it was all I knew at the time, and I was pretty desperate for help. I did end up realizing that I was having seizure activity that went misdiagnosed as a mental disorder, and also that I had MS.......but all these are illnesses of the brain. It's taken a lot of years to learn about all of this from a level of causation instead of just trying to control the symptoms......and I'm still learning. It's a rough road, I also did shock treatment at one point. Having been really physically sick after these years and almost dying twice.......I still think the depression was one of the hardest things to deal with. I have been free of depression now for 14 years and am so grateful for that. I wish you continued healing and recovery, and feel for your pain.
Thank you so much for your heartfelt response. I don't know anyone who believes in being off medication so your words were definitely heard and appreciated.

It's amazing, really. People emphatically push one type of treatment on you (with the best intentions) and in the end, it can cause quite more harm then good. Try to get off the path or claim that you're not doing well and you're warned to stay on it because it's the "only way". I think that's what frightened me the most. There's never one way. I can't believe I actually nodded my head in agreement (my parents as well) when I was told I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life.

I'm glad that I decided to go against everyone's recommendations now, looking back, and follow my heart. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of troubles did you come across with your liver/chemical sensitivities? I understand if you don't want to go into it, ignore me if that's the case, I'm just curious. They're really potent drugs. I was on a medication that is also used to treat epilepsy and told I could potentially seize if I forgot to take them.

I'm so glad to hear that you've been free of depression for 14 years, that is a major major feat. Did you use anything besides raw to cope with the lows?

Thanks again for the reply :)
Peach - Hi! You can ask anything about my experiences. I was on a lot of different meds from the age of 17 until 37 - mostly for depression, and later on for MS and pain. I was on very heavy narcotics at the end of my ordeal with MS in 1996. They were doing palliative care and not expecting me to survive, so my liver had lots of clean up work afterwards.....since I did survive thankfully.

The one med for depression and seizures that took a toll was Depakote. But remember I was on way more stuff than that, over many years......and I also drank too much for some of those years - self medicating.

I took myself off all meds in 1996, and I was on 13 at the time. Depakote and Morphine were two of them, along with meds for blood pressure, anxiety, muscle spasms, NSAIDs, etc. I did go into the hospital for detox, but did really well getting off of everything. Then the psychiatrist wanted to restart Depakote, and I politely refused. I haven't taken any meds for anything since then, except as mentioned before some compounded hydrocortisone for a time when my adrenals had failed.

I am treating my seizures without meds now also. They are not gone, but I know they will get better and better - they already have a lot. I am very confident in my knowledge and skills about herbs, homeopathy, and nutrition and diet. I know my body better than any one else or any doctor. I am always open to learning more - I also know that I don't know everything, which is really important.

So the MCS came from years of abuse to my liver, mostly not self induced, but following the only way I knew at the time through the medical system. I am way better now with the MCS than I was. I no longer need to wear a mask in public or use oxygen, and can be around almost anything for a limited amount of time......but I try not to.

The thing with the meds.......they really never made me feel any better. Of course the pain pills did because I was in severe physical pain, but didn't take me completely out of pain at even high doses. The anxiety meds helped, but they don't cure the cause. The meds for depression never helped really - and then I had to deal with horrible side effects, not feeling like myself - and that made me as desperate as the symptoms themselves.

I'm so happy to be in control of my own body and life....and decide what I want to do to get well. At this point, no one really argues with me about any of it, because I am twice a medical miracle, which had nothing to do with medical intervention......it was all my spiritual/mental/emotional healing and awakening allowing my body to be healed, and the support of natural medicine which I continue to use so I can be as close to 100% as possible.

Good luck and just know you can be well and have the life and peace you desire.
Some amazing replys here jnanda its seems you have been through a really rough ride in your life it must feel amazing to be on the road to recovery. Ive never really been down the med path choosing to sit with my pain, anxiety, depression e.t.c its been horrid and hard

Reading another post on vegsource it seems a man cured his Schizophrenia though the 80-10-10 all these mental health problems do seem connected to the gut thats for sure. Im not sure any other healing modalities will even come close unless this is first sorted. But how to heal the gut? I am also confused about meat being the major source of healing the gut as going on the atkins diet caused me to go into a constant suicidal mode. However there does seem to be a huge empitsise on health fats in healing "mental disorders" which of course the 80-10-10 lacks.

I really don't want to make the wrong decision to start any diet as i kept perceiving with the atkins thinking it was detox and wound up seriously on the brink. Your story has certianly given me hope jnanda



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