30 Bananas a Day!

Title pretty much says it..... I screwed up today and ended up eating a few bites of breakfast from my brother today. My favorite spinach wrapped egg whites.... And I'm feeling soooooo beyond guilty.

I don't want to screw up again, what are some things I can do to not give in? U til I train my brain that it's not what I want.

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It's a lot like trying to quit smoking but standing outside with the smokers. It'll get easier with time, but maybe you could try distancing yourself from non-vegan foods for the first week or so. Give yourself time to cleanse your tastebuds and really appreciate the luscious flavors of fruit! And absolutely 100% stay carbed up! I know it's repeated a lot but if you legitimately get satiated on vegan foods you will NOT crave anything! Don't hold back on the fruit :) After a week or so try slowly easing back into eating with your family if you can. Many vegans don't eat meals along side of meat eaters at all (but for more ethical reasons). Of course, that can be very very difficult if you don't have vegan friends around you to enjoy your meals with. Overall, I'd just say take it slow and don't beat yourself up when you slip a little! I find it comforting to watch vlogs/vids on youtube of vegans talking about their experiences/advice while I munch on my meals :) It reminds me that I'm not alone in this beautiful journey and that I'm doing the right thing. Do everything you need to do to stay on the vegan train, good luck!

Thank you.. I can definatly see the analogy to smoking... I love the family time that comes with eating at the same table with everyone but I might want to keep away for awhile. I'm the first one in my social circle and family to even consider not eating meat or animal products.... Or hell even organic. Being from Eastern Europe, not eating animals can qualify you as a mentally unstable person. It really is a struggle.

buy variety of fruit!!!1 so it doesn't become boring... like figs, persimmons, pears, kiwi, papaya, coconut water for smoothies (it makes them awesome)... maybe vanilla or peppermint drops, carob powder to make smoothies more flavorfull!!! in a natural way, of course...

Hi Viktoriya,

If your question is how to not give into temptations of eating pieces of dead animal carcass, animal gland secretions(dairy) and chicken mentruations(eggs)... My advice is, when going vegan,  to first go vegan for others and not yourself.  The health benefits are a wonderful part of the package,and being vegan is literally mandatory for good health, but the health benefits are secondary to saving the animals from life long discomfort, pain, torture and eventual murder. Or in the case of "free range" deception, betrayal, and murder.  Additionally this frame of mind will help to prevent you from becoming trapped within the self-centered vanity and weightloss focused mindset with regards to your new diet. A mindset which I see many new vegans trapped deeply in. The intense focus on vanity and the self leaves little regard for the animals and the planet and is not a good way to live in my honest opinion. This mindset often leads to petty complaining and whining . I recomend you watch the documentary "Earthlings" as well as "The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear" by Gary Yourofsky, linked here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5hGQDLprA8

Now that we have the moral and ethical context squared away... Eat more carbs. Yup. That simple. Eat more whole fruits, vegetables, and cooked starches during the day. I challenge you to eat 30 bananas per day for a few days, and then test your "susceptability" to temptation when in the presence of cooked chicken mentruations. You will likely have no desire to eat the chicken menstruations because your body will have sufficient stored glycogen and your cells will have been receiving regular and  ample glucose/fructose. You're new to this lifestyle. That's ok. But realize that it takes a long time to learn how to buy and store enough fruit so that you have enough ripe sweet fruit on hand every single day. I recommend buying bananas by the case if you can, or at least buying a few big bunches every 2-3 days. In the meantime, as you are learning how to attain and maintain enough fruit, don't be afraid to supplement a large portion of your calories with cooked vegan foods. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice are great staples. From there just make sure to eat a few heads of organic lettuce per week and maybe some veggies that you like here and there. This is how it's done.  By staying vegan and eating this way you'll be reducing, or even negating, your risk for most cancers, heart disease, diabetes, gout, obesity, MS, arthritis, basically the entire spectrum of degenerative diseases. Feel free to hit me up on my wall or message me if you have any questions or need any help. I've been doing this a relatively long time. And for the sake of the innocent animals, please stay vegan.

Best Wishes,



I like what you said about free range deception.  

I have observed this too.  How good farmers and families raise their animals.  The animals become so trusting and even love people.  They will follow a man right up to the slaughter hook and then it is too late.  These cases make me want to cry more.  

Peace, PK

Totally agree Chris...if you are educated as to what these 'foods' are exactly, what pain and misery they caused to others...then surely they cannot be a temptation. 'Food' shouldn't bleed, scream, feel pain or be enslaved until it is brutally murdered. Food should be plucked from a tree or pulled from the ground. Food doesn't have a face or a mummy, it doesn't mourn the loss of a child or want it's eggs, flesh or skin stolen by immoral humans. Food should be guilt-free and painless. I just don't see animal derived products as 'food'. I see it as stealing, as murder, as pain and suffering and enslavement. 

These 'temptations' cannot be tempting if you truly understand. They are simply reminders of the misery inflicted on another. 

Again, thank-you for your thoughtful response Chris. <3

Very well put Georgia. I couldn't agree more. And thank you for the kind words. :) 

Compassionate people unite!!


Thank you Chris. 

The whole point of my wanting to go vegan is because of fully selfish reasons. I want to loose more weight, I want to feel healthier, I want to be happier about my body. I want to stop being dependent on caffeine, and worrying about how much I'm eating, if it is too much. Im so tired of where I'm at physically that is what drew me into researching and trying this lifestyle. 

When I started looking things up about raw till 4, forks over knives, the starch solution, and the other stuff thats bookmarked. I honestly had no idea what was going on with the livestock of this country and how they are making the food in the stores. To be honest, I still don't know a whole lot about it but thats the point of learning right. 

About staying carbed up. Totally makes sense, if I'm full and have what I need I won't want the other stuff. Right now, that is easier said than done for me at this moment. Because I'm so used to my old lifestyle than this new one. Just a learning process.

But THANK YOU! Your comment along with what everyone else has posted really helped me keep my spirits up and not guilt trip myself into oblivion. 

My pleasure Viktoriya. Please do not guilt trip yourself. It won't do you any good and you do not deserve it. The past is the past and it only exists within your mind. It can only bother you if you choose to think about it and allow it to. I advise you stay focused on the present moment and find the importance of acting in a way that is congruent with how you feel in your heart. If you wish no harm or death upon innocent animals, then act accordingly at all times. Even when no one is looking. Live your truth, be your truth. To me this is the essence of Veganism. Humans are meant to be the gardeners of planet earth, not the murderers or destructors. This is our shared truth. This claim is substantiated by the amazing physical and mental health which can be acheived through a whole foods plant based diet and vegan lifestyle. If you're here right now, you're on the right track. Be proud of that. Keep learning and keep up the good work!

Best Wishes,


Chris you are awesome. 

Schedule meals with enough calories.  You might need to take a few days of eating before everyone else does.  With a full tummy and body satisfied with nutrient dense calories, food will be repulsive.

I noticed after a few days of veg, the smell of animal products smelled bad to me.  

I concur with others about variety.  I like to promote simple meals, but eat a rainbow of fruits n foods over a period of time.  

Peace, PK


When you eat something on a regular basis you gain a "taste" for it, and it "tastes good". 

After eating a vegan diet for a # of months, animal products will taste disgusting.

Lettuce tastes better to me than steak or chicken ever did. 

Sincerely yours. Banana



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