30 Bananas a Day!

Are you number 11 and getting hammered by your friends/family?

This is a great link Im sure everyone can relate too. It puts things in massive perspective.


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Thanks DR. Awesome link.


Makes a lot of sense with my interactions.

absolutely a great presentation of the logistics of persistence.


when talking about veg, what many well-intentioned people don't realize is the importance of repetition. a person may need to hear the same message many times before it clicks in. this is why junk mailers say you need to hit at least seven times before you get noticed (this was in the days before email of course ... with email, the trash can is a little more convenient to use).


dr just pmed me a moment ago. his persistence today was doing what he called 100km of ar (animal rights) wearing his veg gear and smashing the other cyclists going up the big hill. then he went down again to help the stragglers by pushing them "with my hand on their back"! how's that for repetition!!


we're going to change the way things are done on this planet and it's going to happen because some of us here, on 30bad (and elsewhere) will never quit. we will go back down that hill and push the stragglers. we will keep hammering away until the chains of oppression and cruelty are broken asunder.


in friendship,


what many well-intentioned people don't realize is the importance of repetition. a person may need to hear the same message many times before it clicks in.

this is such an important truth to keep in mind!

Wow so true Prad! Ur post was my #50 to buy my first vegan T-shirt to help spread the message. Thanks :D


Thanks important message.


Take Care,

This article is fantastic!!!


I liked this comment below the article:

One more thing - when someone tells you that you should respect his or her personal choices - I find it useful to remind him or her that that theory is fine in most cases but in the case of eating animals there happens to be an innocent third party who cannot speak for themselves. So their 'personal choice' isn't exactly 'personal' since the animals are hardly volunteering to be slaughtered.

There aren't any specific arguments, just that over your lifetime, up until the point you become vegan, it seems to take 50 times of hearing the message about why it's good to be vegetarian or vegan before you make the change.


So if you are telling someone about why they should be vegan, it might be their first time ever hearing about it, or maybe their 10th time and sometimes you get to be the 50th time, but every time someone hears the message, it's one step further towards making the change.

after recently moving back in with my parents and being subjected to the smell of bacon every single morning i've started to try and numb myself to the pain being inflicted (of course that doesn't work), shutting myself off to what my dad is contributing to and what he's doing to himself.


this article is a great reminder to never give up the fight. i've talked about veganism for years with my parents, and my mom is slowly starting to come around (recently said :  'deb and i were talking, and we both agreed we could go vegetarian. #47) i HAVE to be that 50th person for both of them.

It only takes one strong conviction to go for true vegetarianism, and some time to wrap your head around the whole idea.  It took me a little more than 12 years from that decisive day I heard what I thought was a better feeling to go after.  But then I had to do the math to find a strange new twist with the Mobius band to convince me it is really a fruitarianism perspective.



The link that was requested, 50 ways to leave YOUR lover  (Not the peta list).

Great article. Cheers for posting Harls
Best part of the article:

When I talk with people about the suffering caused by meat, dairy, and egg production, I can often tell from their responses how many repetitions they've heard:

"But we have to eat meat, milk, and eggs to be healthy." (Number three.)
"I'm going to order an extra steak to make up for you vegan idiots." (Number 18.)
"I respect your right to be a vegan. Why don't you respect my personal choices?" (Number 32.)
"I don't eat much meat at home, and I only order free-range organic meat at restaurants." (Number 45.)

It can be frustrating to be someone's number 18 and get a hostile or defensive response. But every once in a while you get to be number 50. Recently, I was dining out with some friends and answered a few questions about the abuses endured by animals on factory farms. I didn't think I'd had much of an impact, but I heard later that the woman who'd asked the questions had decided to go vegetarian.



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