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i have recently read dr g 811 and fred p's raw secrets. both of them recommend at least 1 pound of greens per day. and so does nutridiary if i want to satisfy the calcium/iron there.

i've weighed 1 pound of greens... its alot!

so.... are you all drinking green smoothies? eating au naturel? salads?
or just not getting those greens?

fruitbatanne seems to manage fine without. i'm a bit nervous about the deficiencies showing up on my nutridiary entries. as i've had problems with deficiencies in the past.

i'm loving the simplicity of just eating fruit. no cleaning the blender. easy. maybe i should go back to blending though, so i get my greens. i'm not craving them much if at all.

what do you do?


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thats cool
do you weigh your greens? i like a large salad, but ... 1 lb of greens is ALOT ... a large salad for me would be about a quarter of that
sigh... not only am i working on expanding my stomach for all this fruit, but now have to expand it even more for those greens ;-)
How much is 1 lb of greens exactly? Like how many cups would that be?
I haven't had a green smoothie in a few days and I feel the difference. Tomorrow I will go back to having one for lunch. I also miss my salads at dinner. i have found eating a bit of fruit with my salad works well FOR ME AT MY stage right now.

Listen to UR body. It's key. My friend in a more tropical climate does better than I do with LFRV (without greens I mean). I think greens are alkalizing and essential. Starting tomorrow I will be back to my lb a day!! And some all fruity days will be fine once you have all ur greens stablized in ur body!
I usually blend bananas with celery or sometimes lettuce or baby spinach. Otherwise I just eat celery as is.
i try making a big shake in the afternoon out of 3/4 lb or 3/4 a head of red lettuce, 4 bananas, and 1/3 of a papaya (its soooo good =D) the rest of the day whenever i feel like eating greens i continue eating the 1/4 of a pound thats left. Sunflower sprouts are also great to snack on! it seems that greens really do good for the teeth =D
I feel my best doing it along this route too, I am temporarily without juicer but will get back, to it, and more green smoothies, but healing digestive issues I like to keep it simple on my gut, and am unsure about how much I will be adding, but I like to do some in juice, and some greens/cellery/veggie fruits as a meal, but perhaps without fruit, or just mono. Last time I went travelling, I ate 1/2 lbs of spinach mono, and even a whole lb at once, local organic, and it wwent fine. Eating lots of celery, cuke, and dates would always ferment in my tummy though. There were more factors at play however. When I ate, sleep, excercise, etc. I still have to work on those links. As it is now, I haven't had many greens lately, but have had celery some juice, and had some romaine juice too last week.
I wonder if fruit used to have more vitamins/minerals/EFA's/amino acids at one point? or if it does in very high quality soil, in a pristine environment, great air, water, symbiosis with all around it, animals, etc. The resulting fruit would have more everything, including vital energy, prana, EM, vibration, etc.

I believe so, and it seems to make sense. I feel this is different than the "hybdrized" vs wild fruit issue, but there are relations.

I;ve been wanting to post that for a while, in regards to whether we had such high quality fruit we didn't eat many greens previously, or need to, or as much.
Dr. D said part of it is the way commercial fruits are being selected for sweetness or other market qualities, and I just read of another study showing that fruits & veggies have less minerals now (due to soil depletion, I believe).
I eat a huge salad every day, sometimes I eat 2. I go through phase with green smoothies some weeks it's 5 or 6 times, other weeks its 1 to 3 times. I love my greens I rarely miss a day.
For those struggling to get all the greens in try:

Splitting the pound of greens up between meals. Eat 6-10 romaine leaves and/or some celery with your sweet smoothie for lunch. I find it also makes it easier to eat more sweet fruit for lunch if I eat some greens with my sweet fruit. Then come dinner time you don't have to eat a whole pound of greens in a sitting and it doesn't seem as daunting.
Reread Dr. Grahams book a little closer - Dr. Graham recommends in his book 3-6% of calories from green leafy vegetables and/or celery and has stated on line as low as 2% is adequate. Sooooooo, depending on your calorie in take it can be under a pound of greens. And he doesn't say you must eat greens everyday either.

Far as Calcium and Iron - You are looking at tables for SAD eaters and what they need, thus being a RAW fooder doesn't make sense to follow those tables does it?? Besides, Dr. Graham suggests nutridiary mainly for calories and ratios for carb/fat/protein not nutrient calculations.

I've gone for extended periods without them. In addition cucumber, tomato, pepper, broccoli are adequate also. Don't assume what you hear on the net is always correct ;O)
Eat your romaine with bananas, it's delicious! Or, get a gigantic bag of spring greens mix and chow down with a large pile of huge, juicy tomatoes!



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