30 Bananas a Day!

I am 99% sure that we were meant to eat this way.

There is however the other 1%

I have doubt, I am skeptical because of this 1 reason & I was hoping somebody could please enlighten because its driving me mad

I ran out of dates and bananas a few days so I have been in a new phase that I have not been in before and things are getting a bit ridiculous. The amount of fruit that I am going through... It just doesnt seem right that god wanted us to eat all the fruit from several trees everyday just to survive????

Am I missing something?? I am not even exercising and I need so much!!!! the only thing I can think of is that fruit in the beginning of time used to to packed with 5 times more sugar than the poor quality fruit we eat today?

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All animals do is eat, sleep, poop, and drink. They spend most of their energy looking for food. If you ask me it's pretty unnatural for humans to try to live on so little. Everyone around us is dying from nutritional deficiencies, and yet I don't even catch a cold. (And all of my supposed "allergies" disappeared as well.) Hmm... I wonder why. ;) Perhaps it has to do with what we eat? =]

Naughty jony :-D

go under any fruit tree (with fruits on it) and you will see why.. I've been eating lunch and dinner from a single fig tree for 3 week and the tree provides more them i need...

I am currently at the woodstock fruit fest, and yesterday I listened to a fantastic lecture by Anne Osborne about addressing individual needs on a fruit diet. The talk will probably go up online after the festival, but some tidbits that might apply to you I will include here:

The way our bodies digest food and respond to our world have all be determined by the genes handed down from our ancestors, which are determined by the diet and lifestyles that they lived. You have different ancestors who lived in different places that required different diets to survive in, different that mine, which shaped your genes a bit different then mine. A fruit diet is no doubt the best diet for human beings, but that does mean that we all the react the same to it. Giving blanket advice to people telling to eat x volume no matter what doesn't take into account that different people assimilate different percentages of their food.

Person A may have grew up in a family who ate junk, with his ancestors doing largely the same thing. He may eat 3000 calories of fruit per day, but only absorb 50% of it (1500 net)-- his intestines cannot get all the nutrition from it's food and must therefore eat more. Person B may come from long line of whole-food vegetarians. She eats 2000 calories but absorbs 90% of it, so she is actually getting 1800 calories net-- MORE than person A!

Anne told her own story-- she used to have to eat huge amount to maintain her body weight. But over the 20+ years she has eaten raw, her body has improved it's assimilation and she needs to consume much less to get adequate calories and nutrition.

5th or 6th generation raw vegans will most likely have very healthy bodies that absorb nutrition very efficiently-- they won't need three fruit trees!  Also, they would need to eat even less if we continued to improve the soils mineral content and upping out foods nutrition. If look at this time of having to eat a ton as temporary in the larger scheme of things, it makes much more sense. 

okay i get it now thanks Peter.

So to sum it up for anyone who didnt have enough time to read everything.

We never used to eat so much in the past but it is essential now because we are way more stressed and because of the way we, our parents and their parents thrashed our body with cooked junk, this led to developing a poor digestive system with only partial assimilation of fruit

No matter what the view, whether god created humans in the garden of Eden, or that humans evolved from primates, both theories involve consumption of fruits and greens.  

And, some primates might eat 33 or more pounds of food a day!  

So yes, we were meant to eat this kind of volume.  A high volume of fruit and lettuce is less calorie dense than animal products and or starchy foods, and yet much more nutrient dense than most of those foods. We have to throw away our old paradigms of volume and calories when wrapping our heads around this new way of life.   

Peace, PK

I wondered about this as well starting out...but came to the rationalization that today we have mineral deficient soil and it impacts the nutritional value of the produce grown nowadays. Less nutrients in our fruits n veggies = less satiation, therefore leading to "stuff your face" syndrome. At least that's how I make sense of it.

I love this diet.. but lets be honest.. no way in hell people were finding this much fruit daily (eating 3000-3500) calories in fruit/veggies a day.. it just didn't work like that. lol

If raw fruits and veggies are the most nutrient dense foods (and I believe they are), then doesn't it stand to reason that we would need the same amount of calories or less calories than what we were eating before coming to this lifestyle?  We should be getting more nutrition per calorie.  I know I wasn't eating 3,000 calories per day on a cooked food diet.  So why would I need 3,000 calories on this lifestyle?  Unless I dramatically increased my physical activity... which I haven't.  I still have a very sedentary job.  Sorry to be the doubter.  :)

All I know is I spend all day eating on this diet.. 

you need to give it time and learn and wait until your body can adapt to eating bigger meals. i can take in 3000 calories in 3 meals, and during date season i can do it in 1 and a half meals. you have to learn that taking time to eat is a part of your life now that you are not stuffing your face with calorie dense foods. Learn to embrace and enjoy your time eating.

try it and you know why

only way to know this is is to try it

and to do it is to be open to reexamine beliefs .  




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