30 Bananas a Day!

I am 99% sure that we were meant to eat this way.

There is however the other 1%

I have doubt, I am skeptical because of this 1 reason & I was hoping somebody could please enlighten because its driving me mad

I ran out of dates and bananas a few days so I have been in a new phase that I have not been in before and things are getting a bit ridiculous. The amount of fruit that I am going through... It just doesnt seem right that god wanted us to eat all the fruit from several trees everyday just to survive????

Am I missing something?? I am not even exercising and I need so much!!!! the only thing I can think of is that fruit in the beginning of time used to to packed with 5 times more sugar than the poor quality fruit we eat today?

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or our bodies are overloaded with bad bacteria, in the past humans used to have incredible immune systems which never allowed such growth

Very interesting Ez. The thing is though, The others here eat way more than me and they have been clean for like 10 years! So i do not think I will eat less in time, if anything, my body will want more!!!

You gave me yet another theory.. Maybe after eating junk all my life my body cannot utilise the fruit as efficiently, maybe i am only absorbing like 50% of its goodness and passing the rest out as waste.

What do you think would happen to you if you ate only the amount of calories you require as outlined in standard calorie tables for a female of your height, build and activity level?

This would probably be somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 calories daily.

Do you think you would lose weight if you followed 80/10/10 principles consuming this amount of calories?

Would you feel devoid of energy?

I tend to believe in the calories in, calories out theory.

I would like to see a study carried out on body of people following a 80/10/10 diet over a number of years where their calorie intake is monitored closely as well as their exercise levels. No such study exists and it's unlikely anyone would fund such a study any time soon.

the key thing to look at here ez is not how much volume we need to eat to survive but why.

There is something not right here. It doesnt add up. We are not meant to eat this much. When something confuses me I ignore current questionable literature and go back to the beginning of time. I live in australia and I imagine aboriginals, jungle people and I am sorry to say, I cannot see these people growing 3 trees per person per day to sustain their growth. Even bananas, I read somewhere the other day that there is only 1 bunch of bananas per tree - we eat that bunch in a day easily...there is noway tribes could have sustained this absurd consumption

you know, just yesterday a customer brought me a peckham pear and told me to try it. Normally i dont like that variety, i like the bossc type. But i swear to you, it was the most beautiful thing i have ever tasted in my life!!

It was massive and the best description i could give you is that it was very similar to custard apple in taste and texture.Not only that, but it was filling!!! it was like that 1 pear was equal to a bag of my usual pears

Which brings me to the idea, that maybe fruit in the beginning of time was the most filling, the most satisfying thing ever!!! 1 pear, or 1 banana was equal to 1 of our meals now..somewhere down the track, when we began to play with nature, it lost its magic

Recall that people moved to Australia from the tropics, the exact path is in dispute but probably from India, there is no strong evidence that Humans evolved in Australia. Also recall that most indiginous Australians were nomadic (as are many desert people) and where they did live more sedentary lives it was in the tropical places. Indigineous Australians never overpopulated the country, possibly because it was not possible given lifestyle and food availability. 125,000 - 40,000 years (depending on who you read) and the population at the time of European settlement was estimated to be between 300,000 and 1,000,000. Big difference but irrelevant as far as the point is concerned. They also ate animals and this was likely entrenched in to their culture before they arrived.


I would respectfully suggest that the bit that does not add up is that there is a plan or design.  Our brain evolved beyond all other animals, that is a game changer for the balance of the planet. We live long lives in numbers only exceeded by animals much smaller than us.


All the best

DK (in Melbourne)

1 bunch of bananas will have around 100-200 bananas or roughly 35-50kg (80-120lbs). I highly doubt you are eating 10,000-20,000 calories a day. I think you are thinking of a hand (roughly 5-20 bananas or 'fingers'). If you plant a banana circle you can get 12 banana plants in the area that commercial banana production would plant one. I would need roughly 2 bunches a week (enough for 28 bananas a day easy), or only about 100 banana plants on my farm to sustain my banana eating. If I can plant 12 bananas to one 5m in diameter circle with a surface area of 19.625 meters squared, I only need to dedicate 176.625m2 to plant 9 banana circles. If I have 1 hectare of arable land, you can have all the bananas you can eat on 200m2 and more than you could eat on 250m2. If you planted 250m2 of bananas on your 1 hectare, that leaves you with 9,750m2 left to plant other trees... A family of 5 eating this way would still have 8,750m2 left and all the bananas they could eat. Bananas sucker out and create exact clones of the mother plant, therefore you don't have to replant after the initial planting. You just have to swing a machete around every couple of months and do a bit of thinning, mulching, and bag your ripening bunch with a nylon rice sack to prevent birds from eating it. That's not much work for all the delicious bananas you will harvest. Noha has a nice video of him thining his bananas for you to get an idea.


Throw all of your banana peels in the center of your banana circle as well as random mulch, dried brush, dead/old/harvested banana plants. Pee on your bananas too, it's what the aboriginals would have done.

So very easily you can see that meeting one's own caloric needs on this diet is not very hard at all. Of course this is assuming that all of my 100 or so banana plants are going to mature perfectly as needed which is not the case so that is why I upped the original projected surface area of 176m2 to 250m2 to compensate for having more bunches of bananas ripe and ready to eat than I can at the time. Plus with all that extra room on my 1 hectare imaginary farm, I'll have loads of other things to eat such as jackfruit, starfruit, durian, caimito, canistel, sapote, cherimoya, rollinia, apples, kiwis, passion fruit, lychee, coconut, macadamia nut, papaya, figs, peppers, cherries, etc etc etc... 

Coconuts and macadamias can also be planted in clumps/circles to drastically increase yield per sq meter.

100-150 banana plants is not that big of a deal. Getting your greens will be more work. You will harvest 1-3 heads of lettuce a day that's anywhere from 365-1000+ heads of lettuce a year to plant, nurture, harvest. Where as with bananas you plant you initial 100-150, wait 6 mo, go in and thin them, choosing your next suckers to take the place of your current cropping bananas, then 6 mo later, you harvest, do a bit of mulching/whacking with the machete, then hang up your bunch or 2 or 3 of nans for the week and pick off nans as you need them. Your greens will be more intensive and frequent work than managing your bananas.

I do not believe that you can eat the fruit from 3 trees in one day. For example, a durian tree can reach 80M in height, and yield 100 fruits each year easily. Now I can see two clear ways that would make it impossible for you to eat all of the fruit from just this one tree in one day.

1. Not all the durians will be ripe on the same day, that's just nature.

2. You couldn't eat 100 durians in one day even if you tried. Only durianrider can do that. Ha!

Another example, Apples. According to wiki they yield 40-200kg per year on average. Even if it was a bad year and only yielded 40kg of apples from your one apple tree, you couldn't eat 40kg of apples in one day. 

So lets take 3 trees and estimate how much you could or would eat from it in one day. 

You pick and eat 5kg of apples YUM! There's 2,600 calories according to chron-o-meter and you can still pick the same amount from your one tree 7 more times if the tree had a bad year, 39 more times if it had a good year.

You pick a bunch of bananas but only eat 2kg. Yum! there's 1780 calories. You still have roughly 30kg or more of bananas left.

You eat 2 durians that you found ripe on the ground under your durian tree. Yum! There's 1769.9 calories. 98 more durians to go.

So far you are at 6,149 calories. You must have ran an ultra-marathon to eat like that! I can only imagine what you would have to do to eat the entire bounty of all 3 trees! And you still need to eat your greens at this point! Chron-o-meter is still showing that you need some vitamins, minerals, and protein. At this point the ratio is 86-3-12 due to the durian consumption.

If I add in chron-o-meter the total average yield for each tree (150 bananas, 100 durians, and 100kg of apples) it is a total of 156,247 calories. If I divide that by 3,500 calories (daily consumption) I get 44. Therefore, the 3 trees can sustain a diet of 3,500 calories daily for 44 days. At that rate you need only a mere 25 mature trees to support one person per year. If you want variety however, that number increases. But based on these figures, roughly 25 trees for the whole year as opposed to your 3 trees a day, 1095 trees a year figure. Everyone should have 1095 trees though, why not, who is it hurting? Your neighbor might get a belly ache from all the fruit you inflict on him since you have more than your family could ever eat.

If land is expensive where you live, learn spanish and move to south america. In Ecuador you can get land for $1k an acre, $2.5k a hectare, if you know the right way to look for it. That's where I'm going.

Hope this helps you clarify how perfectly normal and easy it is to eat massive quantities of fruit from a wide variety and number of trees.

I doubt you are going through all that much fruit, just more than you are use to. Fruits are lower calories and you need to eat more to get the same amount. Imagine the amount of fruit that people like Doug Graham, Harley, Arnstein, etc. are eating when they work out. Is that normal? Yes, cause otherwise they'd starve themselves and then go binge every few days. There is no reason of being scared of sugar if its in fruit, its just that society has been saying sugar is the root cause of making people obese, but thats just insane.

i am not scared of sugar Robert, its just hard to keep up, I hate carrying a boot full of fruit home and to work everyday, i hate having to shop every single day, I hate how i have to spend 250 dollars a week just on fruit...

Wendy, if this helps I'm 3 weeks into 811rv and had trouble w/ the calorie thing the first week. I was used to eating several small meals through out the day and found myself constantly bloated. I switched to less meals with banana or date smoothies being the savior. I do a 1000-1400cal smoothie for lunch drinking it over the course of 30-40min. Usually 8-12 Bananas w/ 24oz water or 15-20 medjool dates, or sometimes a mix of the two. Hope this helps.

Try searching for similar animals and their intake for a guide. I doubt you intake what an adult male gorilla does in a day (up to 20kg of fruit veg and some caterpillas and termites). "

Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei):

This subspecies consumes parts of at least 142 plant species and only 3 types of fruit (there is hardly any fruit available due to the high altitude. About 86% of their diet is leaves, shoots, and stems, 7% is roots, 3% is flowers, 2% is fruit, and 2% ants, snails, and grubs."  http://www.seaworld.org/animal-info/info-books/gorilla/diet.htm

I do not know how reliable the source is but it does not matter to some extent.

Our brain allowed us to do many things, move, live in inhospitable locations, build, sustain life where it would not be possible, cultivate plants and animals for our own purposes, invent deities etc. Most other animals have no such capacity. It is reasonable to assume that without our brain and the ability to use tools and technology we would still live in much smaller populations; near the tropics and consume much more leaf (by bulk) and fruit when it was available.

To answer your interesting question it would be important to try to imagine a world without any of the modern conveniences, starting with clothes and basic tools.

I suppose you are right Daniel.

Maybe we were not meant to do anything but graze all day long like sheep and gorillas.

much like ants, all they ever seem to do is gather food for their colony



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