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Here is the link to the original discussion if you are curious. 


Someone else may want to count. Since people used it as a platform for debate, it was hard to sift through for an accurate count. 

Please continue to vote! This thread would be great. Remember just your stance and a very brief (1-2 line) explanation if needed. Also your gender.

I am specifically trying to find the moral stance vegans take on abortion.



PRO LIFE, female
except in the case of medical emergencies.


So here are the results so far: 

Pro Life






Not For Legislation



Pro Boner
Pro Karezza (x3)
Pro abstinence in except in the case of procreation

Pro sentience

Pro sensible (x2)  

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TO ABORT or NOT TO ABORT is between me, my mate, and God.

In any case I am pro life for all creatures, under natural circumstances that benefit all.

Pro life! People are good - make more people! (used to be pro choice pre Vegan) (female)


Why exactly are you wanting to count these sorts of statistics? What possible use could there be for you to know such statistics?

To answer your question briefly, I am both pro life and pro choice. Personally, I am glad I am not a female as I would hate to have to make such a choice. I would never personally want to kill an unborn child, however I understand that there are some circumstances where some people feel unable to bear a child, either because they feel it would be detrimental to the child or detrimental to themselves. I do not feel it is my place to say that a person should or shouldn't make that choice. It is theirs alone to make. I don't think it could ever be an easy decision to make and I am sure that for many people, it may affect them for a long time.

I think that in an ideal world, people would practice karezza and would have sex in loving relationships, in order to avoid such difficult choices being necessary. However I understand that for many people, they do not feel they are ready to make such choices, yet still wish to connect sexually with other people.

I also don't think the subject of abortion is as simple as practicing karezza, using contraception or practicing celibacy. For example, A friend of mine had an abortion when she was 18 because she was so physically unhealthy that the doctors said that both she and the baby would be almost certain to die if she went through with the pregnancy. As she already had a child, she decided it would be irresponsible to go through with the pregnancy and risk leaving her child without a mother. I am certain that she would have had the child if it were not for the circumstances. I also have worked with a number of clients, who have chosen to have abortions because of their circumstances (eg. because they were addicted to drugs, or because they were too mentally unwell to care for the child, or because the pregnancy was as a result of rape). I have also had clients who had severely negative experiences of living in orphanages/foster placements/adopted care. And who chose to have abortions because they did not feel able to care for their child adequately and did not want to risk their unborn child being harmed by others by being given to others to care for.

I personally feel that it is a parents right to choose to prevent their unborn child experiencing unnecessary sufferring if they feel that being born would be more harmful to them than not being born at all.

So although I personally would not like to do it, and would prefer to live in an idealistic world where it was not ever considered necessary, I would not like to live in a world where people were unable to make the choice about what to do with their unborn child either.

Take care

Adam x

What he said.


Oversimplifying it to a yes or no question is something that only benefits (American) politicians.


So often I feel I have a really good reply - which after reading responses can be boiled down on this site to … yea! .. What Adam said! 

I am just trying to get an idea for myself, because I was curious and most of my vegan friends are online, so I don't know them personally... and thought the information might be interesting to others so I am sharing the data I am collecting.
I realize its not that simple, I just want to know how people feel. I am not doing a study that I want published or anything. 
Feel free to debate the matter on another thread! 

I think the ideas that Adam expresses are pretty typical for this group. 

But: at the end of the day, you have to pick sides, and for me that side is pro-choice.

Pro Life!

Pro life.

I'm against the death penalty too.

And very vegan!

Not into taking lives or other violence.

you should further your details on people to see if things like education matter, etc. for instance:

pro choice, male, 24 years old, college graduate, agnostic, democrat, single

Pro Life, Pro Protection, Pro Think of the Consequences




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