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Are these fruit skins or parasites in my stool? (WARNING: graphic pictures and info)

July 12, 2011 UPDATE BELOW

(links of pix below)


So for realz...I had to call my hubby into the bathroom to witness it (how's that for unconditional love???), AND I took a pic so I could figure out what type it was...Don't worry I won't post it or anything, haha


They were oval in shape and had suction cups on the bottom sides of them...seriously some weird s*&H! OMG...I'm so grossed out!!


Crazy thing is too...that I did a search on here and saw a post talking about how DATES kill parasites!!! I had like 10 dates yesterday (for the very first time) and 5 today...both times I got an intense headache afterwards! Crazy huh??


So, I'm hoping there's not more but I'm going to start downing the dates now, just to be sure...


I think I might have got 'em when I visited Venezuela ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO...my mom got them from that trip but I didn't think I did b/c I had none of the symptoms she did. No diarrhea, dry mouth, upchucking food...never happened to me.


But I am fighting breast cancer now...think this might have contributed to that???


Man, I'm just floored that this diet is healing my body on so many levels...even things I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT!!


One question I do have:  If I got them while pregnanct (I was 3 months at the time) Should I worry about my son having them too? (He's 13 months now) THANK GOD he turned out OK...and he is healthy and a vibrant, happy child.


Man, I'm just reeling from this.

Thoughts on this anyone?


Also, PLEASE DON'T SCARE ME and post some crazy stuff and be mindful that I am still processing this right now.


THANKS for the compassion! :)


UPDATE: July 12, 2011

(Click only if you want to see pix of disgusting, vile, life-sucking parasites!)

Here are the links to the 'sites I passed.

First pic -

disregard the white watermelon seed, lol


Bowl full of 'em

The red spots are mucus - part of my intestinal wall I am guessing.


And some more

You guys are a brave bunch!!

Sorry they are not better pix, my camera kinda sucks.


I have done only a few more E's (enemas) since this and have not seen anymore. I am guessing my body has shredded and passed them normally by now.

I did nothing special to get rid of these, no herbs, no special super foods. I had just eaten dates for the first time and a 100% 80-10-10 diet. A lot of people have been asking me what I did to get rid of them...just the diet.

On the other hand, I have been doing a lot of emotional work with a book called "Feelings Buried Alive...Never Die" by Karol Truman and I do a lot of emotional clearing when I am doing E's...for some reason I find it very healing to do emotional work while doing internal cleansing. The two go hand in hand in my opinion. I do not know if my emotional cleansing had anything to do with the parasites dying off...who really knows? I am just glad they were DEAD when they were passed (I found out recently that they can still be alive...and yes, they would be swimming. Gawd,can you imagine?!?...not good!)


Overall I am feeling GREAT physically...Two things I have noticed since these guys hit the road is that I am way less bloated after every meal. And two, my nails are noticeably stronger and longer already...like they grew overnight! That means now, my body is actually getting nutrients from the food I am eating! YAY! Also, I feel happier and stronger...and more vibrant and full of life! Maybe because I don't have 30-50 scavengers sucking the life out of me anymore!! Thank GOD!


My husband is still freaked out...but it's a serous wake up call for him (yay!) ...and I am hoping he adopts the 80-10-10 way soon...I'm am doing my best not too push, but to represent and be a living testimony of the power of just fruit and greens. We plan on getting stool testings for each of us and our toddler, just to be safe.


That is it for now guys. Thanks for all your support and love, and funny comments :) You're all a crazy bunch a bananas, and I'm so glad to share this space with all of you. We are all truth-seekers and willing to explore the good with the bad, the beauty with the fugly, and the poopy from the fruity.

Much love to you all,

Mango Mama


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I can also see tomato skins in the 'soup mix' too.

Here's a link to the name of them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giardia_lamblia

My only confusion on this is how big they were! I know this is the parasite it was...b/c I saw 1 or 2 even have the tentacle attached to it still!!! From the Wikipedia it says that they are "microscopic". But I went to Venezuela almost 2 years ago now...This is why I want to go to a Dr. cuz I'm not an expert on this.

Therefore, you did NOT have Giardia...
Really? You think? You know, I really WANTED this to be food! I really wanted them to be mucus or something other than friggin bugs. Oh well, all I can do is let it go and go to the Dr for more info.  There's always a chance I could be wrong, I'm open to that. But the friggin suction cup bottoms and tentacles have me thinking otherwise.
Does this thread help any: http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=481780 ? (look at all of the photos)
here is an interesting picture

Undigested whole rambutans? ;)


Is there more info with this pic?

Mango Mama, your pics looked exactly like this one, in my opinion....


Fasciolopsis Buski



Yes!! That is them!!!! Thank you Hylas - this is a better picture than the other liver fluke one...I'm 100% positive they looked exactly like this!


Dr. Morse's book came today!! Right on time, b/c I've been feeling really uneasy and uncomfortable with all this - I knew not to question my self tho...I know what I saw. In The Detox Miracle Source Book Dr Morse writes:


Parasite, Good or Bad??


"To understand the parasite's function better, let's look at what happens if shoot a deer. (This is an example only.) Flies are the first creatures attracted. Their work is to lay eggs, which become maggots. What is the job of a maggot? The same as other proteus (protein -splitting) types of parasites - to eliminate the dead carcass of the deer. This si the way nature cleans itself. Otherwise, the bodies of all dead animals would still be here. Nature is constantly changing from one form into another."

And it goes on...

"An example of how we can accumulate parasites within our physical body was seen in a case involving a 19 year old female. She came to me undernourished and thin from malabsorbion of her foods. She was tired all the time, and was never feeling as good as she could be. She had muscle aches and digestive problems. As I started her on my detoxification program she began to eliminate a lot of mucus (this happened to me too!) which is standard. She also began to notice "weird-looking creatures" in her stools. She drew me a picture of what she saw; pictures which even astounded me. Two were tapeworms- one a beef tapeworm, and the other a common tapeworm. She saw roundworms and pinworms, flukes ("jelly-fish" looking creatures), and other unidentifiable parasites. She panicked and went to the ER where the Dr. told her there was "not such thing as parasites in Americans". The young lady had her stool tested and it was full of parasites."

And about sizes...

"We are a host to many parasites, mostly microbial. However, I would guess that about 40-75% of homo sapiens have the larger ones that you can see if you look for them. There are many different types of parasites inclulding yeasts, fungi, warts, viruses, bacteria, worm of all types, and flukes. (Alicia was right, they are liver flukes...geez, at least I know now.)"


I've scheduled testing with a Dr. for myself and my son for now...we'll see how it goes. Regardless, I'm going to Dr. Morse as soon as we have the funds to do it.


Also, under Cancer he states this: "Parasites and mutations are almost always involved with both types of cancer (degenerative and tumors). Parasites do not feed on healthy tissue, only tissue that has become weakened or is dying. The definitely breed in toxic waste dumps in lymph and lymph nodes. These viruses and parasites cause cells to mutate in response to invaders." DANG!


Thanks for the info guys!! :)

Hey Mango Mama,


Wow. That is really something. You know, I have seen many parasites in my life, human and otherwise, and I don't doubt that you know what you saw (Sucks about the camera...).

This must be alarming to you, but also so rewarding and relieving, and such a proof that you're on the right track. I look forward to a similar horrible experience.... If I had them in my childhood and did nothing to change the situation until now, I don't suppose they have vacated the premises.


How long have you been hcrv? I am only threeish months in and experiencing plenty of healing developments and as I said, suspect that a similar one to yours may be in my future. How great to face reality.

Omg I got a date with some dates today lol. Glad your healing well.

I noticed some weird red stuff in my stool since I started eating Lots of fruit. Is that normal???



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