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I've been thinking about switching to a high carb vegan rather than a fully raw one, but I'm still hesitant because I know raw is best. I was thinking about incorporating rice noodles, rice, and potatoes, as well as steamed veggies, but I don't know if all the nutrients would be cooked up if I were to cook my food. Any advice?

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That would be good the science says that some small amounts of nutrients but is pretty insignificant.

Why have you been thinking about switching to cooked food?

Hi Olivia, OK! Raw is definately optimum in a perfect world but here in the real world where optimum fruit is hard to come bye and afford, raw til 4 is the next best thing! so, get all your nutrients during the day raw fruit, in the evening eat cooked carbs rice potatoes etc steam your veg not too long, although some nutrients will be lost steaming your veg enhances other benefits like bile binding etc Dr gregor just made a video highligting the benefits of steamed veg, also one on boiling sweet potatoes, and have raw salad Lettuce cucumber etc the cooked carbs give you the stored energy you will need for the folowing day, one thing to remember is to eat enough!! and drink enough for this to work.. give it a try it will not harm you to try for a week if you do not thrive on it go back.

Rice noodles are basically empty calories, no vitamins and barely any minerals.

Vitamins and minerals ensure your organ systems are working efficiently given the correct amounts. There's a reason why eating nothing but dates and lettuce for a whole single year, even with the "right" amount of calories, leads to some serious damage to your nervous, endocrine, and muscular/skeletal system.

I've figured what you've meant Alexis, thank you very kindly for clarifying. Consuming the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, in the right ratios, is much more feasibly accomplished given fruits and vegetables. That's a point which is rather difficult to refute.  

Yes, exclusively for 60 days! Just enough to wait before something happens! The body really is a calculator by nature isn't it?! Forget eating all your needed vitamins/minerals, that stuff sounds bogus! (-;

I think rice noodles are great, but I'd recommend eating them with more nutrient rich veggies as well.

I eat noodles on occasion but I don't consider them optimal. If you need a cooked alternative I would stick with potatoes or brown rice, and add lots of fresh veggies to the dish if you can. I save a lot of money eating lots of potatoes and I feel pretty damn good. 

No they aren't healthy, I know this goes against the raw till 4ers but all starches are mucus forming. Mucus = sickness.Starch was used as a glue back in the day, that's not what you want in the body. 

there are tribes in the amazon rain forrest who find ingenius ways of exracting starch from plants and have been doing so for millenia it ends up after many processes looking like wallpaper paste, but they need it in their diet, they eat it in its raw form so your argument is incorrect, if they had rice they would eat it but they can't get rice, probably don't know what it is! but they know how to extract and process starch from their natural habitat!!



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