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Hello everyone!


Ironically, this is my first post on this site (of hopefully many), and the subject title might seem at odds with the site title!


I was diagnosed with MS last year, and I'm on a mission to heal my body from whatever caused it to develop this disease.

I have a friend who also has MS and is absolutely convinced that bananas are the devil as far as MS is concerned.  I've asked him to send me info on where he found this information, but he has yet to send me anything.

Performing my own research, other than the troublesome political-economic nastiness associated with much of the worlds banana production, I can't find anything glaringly negative about banana consumption and multiple sclerosis?  Quite the opposite, it would seem that they are a very good fruit for people with MS.....high in essential nutrients and have a 'cooling effect' on the body, which is important for folks with MS who have trouble regulating body temps.


So, can anyone provide definitive information on whether I should indeed give up one of my favorite fruits, or if this is just codswallop?

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since your friend is making the claim seems the burden of proof is on him.


saturated animal fat is the thing you want to avoid. I've never heard anything bad about bananas and MS, if they work for you i say enjoy 'em.

Anyone that thinks bananas are unhealthy has serious health issues. No wonder.


Someone said to me today 'I hate eating vegan stuff!' and I said 'Yeah I can tell just by looking at you!' ;)

I think part of the problem is that people don't realize the importance of ripeness. Bananas do cause problems if they are not ripe.

Banana's are basically all starch before they are ripe, and starch is extremely hard to digest. Once they are ripe the starches turn to simple sugars which are the most easy thing to digest.

Every time I hear someone diss bananas I explain this to them and they show a look of 'ahh yes, I understand now'

Thats why these people are fat, sick, diabetic etc..COS THEY ARE AFRAID OF FRUIT!


Its like a drowning person being afraid of life jackets cos they are made of plastic. Population control I guess.

thanks to everyone for the replies.....especially tereza for your encouragement! i'm dedicated to NOT letting this messed up disease screw with my mojo. I hope my 80/10/10 book turns up soon!
On the subject of fruit, I was also told by a neurologist who also has ms, that iI cannot eat citrus fruits as they can trigger worsening of the disease? yet my reading suggests oranges are very good anti inflammatory fruits.....its so hard to know who is right/wrong, and stopping disease progression is my number 1 focus. comments?

Are you saying that you think it's ok to eat citrus fruits if a person has MS?

Are you also suggesting that I engage in fasting practices to help heal the nerves, or was it the other way around?



I don't eat citrus fruits because I have a sensitivity to them.  I didn't realize this until I started eating mono meals of oranges a few years back.  It took several mono meals over the course of a couple weeks when I started developing rashes on my shins.  A year later tried them again and same problem.  Love the taste- but they dont' love me.  While I can't speak for your individual case, I've read that a lot of autoimmune diseases are actually caused by food allergies or sensitivites (often to gluten or dairy products) that develop into something more severe.  Citrus also happens to be a high allergy food.

Thanks Terri!

This confirms what I was told by a neuro who himself has MS.  In addition to avoiding Dairy, Red Meat, Chocolate, Caffeine...he also avoids citrus fruit.

The thing with allergies is that I've never had an allergy to any food, so I often wonder if eating citrus fruit would be ok for me?  But of course there's the belief that because my immune system is wacky from the MS, that I may now be allergic to foods that never bothered me before.

I've thought about just eating oranges, but am scared that even if I don't have an obvious reaction (like a rash), that it can trigger a flare up of my symptoms or worse, create a new symptom as a result of disease progression.....that's why until now I've just avoided anything that 'could' be a problem, but it makes my diet pretty limited.

Crazy to think that a simple orange could be as dangerous as poison for me......

I understand the hestitancy to test out the oranges.  It does make it difficult as winter is prime for citrus, and lacking in many other sweet fruits.  However, I do get by just fine with other fruits - eating tons of apples, bananas, and dates for higher calorie foods (persimmons and pomegrantates up until a week ago).  I also eat blueberries and kiwis (which are a great replacement for citrus), and occasionally splurge on tropcial fruits from Florida.  Once your lfrv for a couple months, I'm sure you'll see amazing improvements in your health.  Just get plenty of calories, water, sleep, etc.  It certainly can be done without citrus :-)

No,,,dont give up bananas.,,


And did you know that MS is sometimes mistaken for a severe Vit B12 defiecency?

im sure MS is misdiagnosed many times. iI take more supplements than you can imagine (recently started nebulizing h2o2 in addition to th 20-30 other pills I take daily (including mega B-complex).
unfortunately iI have suffered permanent nerve damage which iI doubt is just a b12 thing.
MS is complicated and is probably a combination of things....

Yeah..I know...


80/10/10 and exersice...could be a cure...:)



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