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i have a hard time hanging out with old friends due to the way i look now :(

acne everywhere

greasy hair no matter what i do to it

chubby face, double chin, fat

UGH :(

i hate staying home alone on my computer all day when im not at work but i just cant stand to even look at myself in the mirror let alone be with people

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Hey Geena Marie, if that's you on your profile picture,then you are gorgeous! We each have very different battles to fight, maybe we don't all face the same challenges but as a human beings, we all go through painful situation and often times it can feel like the end of the world. The other day I was just obsessing about something I have been dealing with for a while and then I turn around and see a lady with a prostatic leg all happy and just excited to be alive. I worked a few more blocks and saw some other guy covered with sores and boils on his face and he was smiling. I felt so ungrateful, like a spoilt brat. The moral of the story is that if you think you have it bad, you'll be moved to tears when you see what other people have to live with every day of their lives. 

And this not to belittle your struggle in any way, I had ibs in my sophomore year, going from life of the party to total homebody. In hindsight, I always wish I had just done my thing in spite of everything that was happening because I now realize that a lot of it was in my head and nobody cared about the specifics of my situation, if anything they were sympathetic. It was me who had a hard time accepting myself/symptoms.  

Sending hugs your way Marie. Here's hoping your situation changes very soon. Also, books really help you change your state. . .If you enjoy reading you can try the power of now by Eckhart Tolle and Awaken the Giant within by Tony Robbins if you haven't already read them. 

And also it would be a shame if you hoard your awesome personality. Imagine the smiles you'll be putting on people's faces by giving them a piece of you daily. 

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr Seuss

That's another awesome one. Dr Seuss totally rocks.

It's really sad how many people base their entire identity on their looks.  You've completely absorbed yourself in ego, as a Zen would say your living unconscious.  I saw one of Freeley's videos and she said how she does this to look good, pretty much in vain, and if she didnt look good she would be sad and depressed.  Thats terrible.. that means she has a false happiness.  If she reads this I would say evolve past that.. you have to, or else your bound to be unhappy.  Looks are temporary.. you have to understand your not your body.  That is an illusion.. anyone whos has a spiritual awakening/ outside the body experience usually wakes up to this.. and they change for life.  Having an ego death.  

Have to learn to let go.  Ever notice how people really don't care about looks when it comes down to it.. what really matters is your personality.  No one cares to spend time with a good looking person who is hollow on the inside.  But yeah for more about what Im talking about I would suggest Eckhart Tolle books or some good buddhist books.. could seriously help you in your struggle.. Power of Now is an amazing book.  

Inextricably tied is something your ego is telling you.  Controlling your thoughts, telling you that cannot be happy until this happens, constantly stealing your now and looking to the future.  Your right our modern society is very unconscious, we've lost our way very deeply.  Almost everyone living through their pain body controlled by their thoughts.  Literally unconscious robots, just going through the motions.  

It's the exact same for men and women.  Maybe hard to see that, but as a man myself Im well aware of this.  Just as many men on this planet are self conscious as women.  Both sexes want to be approved by their same sex and the opposite.  It's really because so many people are no where near self mastery.  Our society has extremely low levels of emotional intelligence.  Just turn on the news, radio or TV to see how insane people really are today.  What is now considered sane is completely insane.. lol.  This all may make very little sense to you and like I said the books will help.  To really change requires "awakenings" or life expereinces that are unique to certain people..  which usually involves psychological suffering where either a person is broken or enlightened.. Im someone who believes everything happens for a reason and it either does or doesnt happen to you.

To go back to freelee when I watch her vids I see the humble in her, a person who has been broken down and rebuilt.  Usually its those people who are the most real in this world.  She has a totally loveable awesome personality but still has her vanity with looks.  Usually its past where such and such happened and hurt her ego, so now her ego tells her she must look like this in order to be happy.  If you ever have an outside of body experience you realize how hilariously delusional this is, and yes many many people in this world are hilariously delusional.  Like I said your not your body, free yourself from that mindset and you will always be happy regardless or situation.. beginning steps to enlightenment and self mastery.  Life will always have ups and downs, you cannot control that, but you CAN control how you react to them.  

And as a last note Ive been in your exact shoes, had severe acne and was very self conscious lost my confidence and it was through some very deep spiritual awakenings out of body experiences that completely changed my outlook on myself and life.  Not that Im completely healed, no one ever is as any wise man will tell you.. life is a journey and we take it day by day.  Peace and love :)

Well said :)

Hey, I know how you feel. I'm going through the same thing because I still struggle with my eating disorder. The thing I would say that has helped me the most is just leaving the house to go for a walk, even if it's only 10 minutes. I think environment has a huge effect on mood, so a change of scenery can be helpful. If you ever want to talk to anyone, feel free to email, PM or text me! <3 Unfortunately this is one of those things where you have to remind yourself that ALL feelings are temporary and to just keep going.

you'll get rid of the acne

you'll find a solution to the hair problem

you'll definately lose weight if your eating fruits and veggies


i used to have the same problem with acne, instead of greasy hair i had dry hair and dandruff, so both those two things made me not really want anyone to see lol, never had an issue with weight though.


you have to be more positive:) just start making friends that you can be comfortable around:D dont hang around with the girls that mow down chicken nuggets and cake on makeup everyday. thats my opinion:)

I have no friends on here, so yes :(

What is wrong with washing your hair?

nothins wrong bruce, its just not as necessarily as we are all lead to believe. if you want really good hair and skin then try it, if you're perfectly indifferent then don't. its amazing what the body can do, i actually feel cleaner when i don't shower. its really liberating thats awll :)

Chubbiness is cute! I know you are probably being wayyy harder on yourself than anybody else would be to you, I know you are not ugly because it was beautiful of you to be so honest with how you feel :) 

You know the quote "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.." dr. Seuss. If you make true friends who care about you for your heart and just being you they won't even think about how you look. Sometimes we must sacrifice friendships and relationships because something better is coming to us, so maybe new friends are being attracted into your life right now and you just need some patience.. I know it can be difficult and we are all here for you. I used to wear makeup, dye straighten and wash my hair all the time and I don't do any of those things and my appearance has definitely improved.  At first though I was definitely self conscious because people knew me as the 'girl with red hair' or 'scene' but those labels were not me and I stopped letting others define me. You should try using just a tiny bit of Dr. Bronner's for your hair. I do that about once a month or longer and it really makes my hair soft and light and smooth afterwards and I just let it air dry. 

Babygirl you gotta be gentle with yourself and not call yourself things like that. Just break your mirrors if you have to because they're a waste of time and emotions. Just remember there are people who love you despite your appearance :) Peace and carb up!

roald dahl everybody



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